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Katie and bump

Read the latest update from our aquanatal blogger, Katie!

"Suddenly in the past 3 or 4 weeks I’ve felt a million times more pregnant some how.

 Around 24 weeks my hormones went a little crazy – that week was an emotional rollercoaster. I even cried over a photo of a baby toy as the baby looked so cute.

I'm into the third trimester officially....28 weeks plus a couple of days!  I’ve noticed things have started to get a little more uncomfortable. Like bending down to pick things off the floor, turning over in bed is harder than ever, and I’m being kicked in the ribs on a regular basis.

Bump is now totally unmistakable. Strangers in shops stop me to ask how long I have left  (another change that I noticed around 24 weeks was people started asking how long I have left rather than how far along I am!)… there are of course some perks of this. Being offered comfy seats, free water, being encouraged to the front of the queue at the ladies. People are generally so lovely!

I have been going to the Puddle Ducks aquanatal classes for a few weeks now at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and it is great. As well as the actual class, getting to meet other pregnant ladies and chat is brilliant. We’ve had some real laughs and shared some tips and funny stories in the changing room. The classes fly over… wish they were just a little longer as I am really enjoying them! The class actually feels like a little bit of a treat as the pool is so lovely and everyone is friendly. When I’m in the water it doesn’t feel like hard exercise, but when I get out I realise that it’s definitely given me a work out. I definitely have the best nights sleep after an aqua natal class.

Another recent change is I’m really feeling the nesting urge. Baby’s wardrobe has been sorted out, everything packed neatly with cute little hangers, all in size order. I am generally not the most tidy person but I have taken much pride in organising for baby. I think I’ve got a bit of the mama bear instinct in me, as I get a little irrational and over protective over anything that’s going to belong to my baby.

A funny story this week was I went to visit some family in France, and later my parents bumped into someone who happened to be on the same flight as me on the way over. They mentioned that their daughter was on the plane and that I was pregnant. They remembered me! So, was it my glowing complexion or beautiful bump that made me so memorable…?? Nope, it was the fact I had to sheepishly request a seatbelt extension for the first time in my life. I struggled to maintain my composure through my laugher and embarrassment, when I realised there was no way bump was fitting into Ryanair’s seatbelt offerings any longer."


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