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Star Teacher Award Nominations Autumn 2019

As you all know, Rachael was the winner of our Star Teacher Award for Autumn 2019. We also received many more nominations for our other teachers which have have shared with you all here. Thank you to all the customers who took the time to submit a nomination for their Puddle Ducks teacher, it really means a lot to us!


“If you have ever spent time with my daughter, you would describe her as a whirlwind. For this alone, Lisa deserves to win best teacher for teaching her week on week! However, she is brilliant with Amelia. She manages to get her to focus and has done since she was 6 months old (she is 3 now). Lisa really engages Amelia and she is fast becoming an incredibly able swimmer. For Amelia, swimming with Lisa is one of the highlights of her week! Thank you so much, Lisa.” Sarah (Amelia’s Mum)


 “We just really really like Lisa! She’s consistently warm and welcoming in addition with being professional. She always remembers the children’s names and at courtesy classes, nobody has ever matched being as good as her!” Vicky (Heidi’s Mum)


 “Lisa is an amazing teacher, my little girl absolutely loves her lessons and we feel in totally safe hands with Lisa.” Laura (Rosie’s Mum)


 “Lisa is so good with all of the babies/toddlers. She really takes the time to get to know each child and is aware of each child’s ability and confidence levels. She really encourages the children and praises them when they do well and makes the lessons fun at the same time.” Jade (Chloe’s Mum)


“Lisa is a brilliant teacher, not just to Alfie but with all the other kids in her lessons, she (in Alfie's words) "is sooooo fun!!" Alfie lost his confidence after a spell of not being at lessons but Lisa was quickly able to teach Alfie what he needed to do and made it fun for him to do it, Alfie looks forward to his lessons and always has a great time when he's there so, thanks Lisa!!!” Craig (Alfie’s Dad)


 “Always encourages my child and builds up confidence. Also, does the same with parents and this helps us in the water.” Richy (Hope’s Dad)


 “Lisa has been our instructor since Innes was teeny, and has been so understanding, considerate and helpful. She's made the experience fun for both Innes and his parents, quite different from the nervous first lesson. Lisa is teaching vital skills, but is fun, and will be quick to suggest alternative options if Innes is restless in class. Thank you Lisa.” Isabel (Innes’ Mum)


 “She has brought Jay on leaps and bounds... she is SO patient and very good at explaining and showing the kids exactly what she wants them to do.” Craig (Jay’s Dad)


 “Jay is SO at ease in the pool with Lisa... he is quite shy and Lisa has stuck by him and makes sure he gets told when he has done good as he needs praise it brings him out his shell. She is very calm and patient and very precise in her actions and explanations.” Karen (Jay’s Mum)




 “Sam has helped Rosie so much. Whilst she still struggles with putting her face in the water Sam works around this and helps her build her confidence in other ways and always with a smile on their face.” Nicola (Rosie’s Mum)


 “For being enthusiastic every lesson and helping Lucas progress so much he loves swimming with Sam and looks forward to it every week because of her.” Gemma (Lucas’ Mum)


 “Because she cares, she’s an amazing teacher and my son loves and respects her.” Debbie (Bailey’s Mum)


 “Sam and Kimberly have worked with Madeline since she was only a few weeks old. They’ve gotten her through the crying and refusing anything stage and into a happy, determined little swimmer who is making great progress each week and chatters happily about her lessons and looks forward to the next one.” Sara (Madeline’s Mum)




 “Victoria is so good with the babies, she remembers theirs names on first lesson, remembers the bits they don’t like doing, and is friendly and very knowledgeable. Just all round a great teacher and nice person.” Alison (Vinny’s Mum)


 “Because she is a Puddleducks superstar and Grayson loves Victoria! She makes my son very calm and at ease in the water and he is so happy during the lesson. He loves attending Puddleducks and can't wait to go each week. Thank you Victoria!” Matthew (Grayson’s Dad)


 “She is amazing! She is really patient and supportive and my little boy loves his classes with Victoria.” Lauren (Toby’s Mum)


“Noah loves his lessons.” Heather (Noah’s Mum)


 “Victoria should win this award as she goes above and beyond for everyone. She nurtures each child’s confidence and treats every child as an individual, developing their strengths. Her enthusiasm is second to none. Thank you Victoria for always making Elliott and I feel so welcome in your classes.” Rachael (Elliott’s Mum)


 “Because of her patience and her good humour.” Sue (Lily & Alfie’s Nana)




 “Nadine has been my daughter’s teacher since she started her lessons. She’s pushed her when she knew she could do something that she may not have believed she could herself. She’s built her confidence up in the water; she’s got her LOVING swimming. My daughter is absolutely thriving in her lessons thanks to Nadine. Nadine is very bubbly, great with the kids & engages my daughter really well.
We couldn’t thank Nadine enough.” Ann (Ava’s Mum)


 “She's so friendly and great with the babies, she's helped us feel very comfortable and safe in the water from day one.” Kate (Max’s Mum)


“Nadine has a very bubbly personality she’s definitely the right teacher for us. She’s been amazing with getting Bani used to the water.” Majot (Bani’s Mum)


 “Nadine by Henry (age 5) -
N-ever gets cross
A-lways makes me laugh
D-oes really fun lessons
I-s the best teacher ever
N-oone else is as nice as her
E-xcellent at everything

Nadine by Henry’s mam -
N-atural... clearly loves what she does
A-pproachable... always willing to talk through any questions, concerns or wobbles
D-edicated.... and determined every child will succeed
I-ntelligent... knows what ‘tricks’ to use to get the best out of the lesson
(k)-N-ows every child individually... caters for exactly what they need
E-xcellent in every way!” Carrie (Henry’s Mum)




 “The patience she has with the kids nothing seems too much trouble.” Karen (Isla’s Mum)




 “Ellie has really flourished since Julie became her swim teacher; she has whizzed through level 3 and is doing brilliantly at level 4. Julie is very good at explaining what is required of the children and making sure they have understood which is particularly good for Ellie as she sometimes struggles with her hearing when she has a cold. Julie is also very diligent at recording the milestones Ellie has met which helps us as parents to know where she is at and what we need to practice when we take her swimming. Thank you Julie!” Fiona (Ellie’s Mum)


 “Julie has instilled confidence in Isabella & we think that she is coming on leaps & bounds. She helps all of the children with their individual needs. We like Julie's no nonsense attitude!” Kristine (Isabella’s Mum)


 “Julie is a truly committed professional who is totally at the top of her game when it comes to skills, knowledge and understanding of each child. I particularly appreciate how she makes sure every child gets individual feedback each lesson ensuring they all get the most they can out of the lesson. The fact that our child has achieved her 100m badge at the age of 5 speaks volumes about the quality of teaching she has received from ALL her Puddle Ducks teachers over the years so a huge thank you to the whole team.” Caroline (Sophie’s Mum)




 “Kimberley always goes the extra mile. She has worked tirelessly to build my daughters confidence in the water. My little girl started classes very shy and reluctant to participate often just cuddling in to me. Kimberley never gave up on her and now she’s a ball of energy in the pool who is thriving at all of the different skills.” Kathryn (Ivy’s Mum)


“Sam and Kimberly have worked with Madeline since she was only a few weeks old. They’ve gotten her through the crying and refusing anything stage and into a happy, determined little swimmer who is making great progress each week and chatters happily about her lessons and looks forward to the next one.” Sara (Madeline’s Mum)


 “Kimberley is always lovely and patient, she knows each child individually and it's an absolute pleasure to have my daughter's first swimming lessons with her.” Abbi (Phoebe’s Mum)


 “We’ve been with Kimberley since Grace was 8 weeks old and a Floatie. Kimberley’s always attentive to Grace’s mood and just knows when she doesn’t want to do a submersion or any other activity. She’s lots of fun and Grace loves her classes. She looks forward to swimming all week. Good luck Kimberley!” Sian (Grace’s Mum)




 “All the teachers at Puddle Ducks have been fantastic but Rachel has been outstanding. She explains all instructions and reasons for the activities in a very clear way. She has encouraged and pushed Maylàigh Rose (and us) in an appropriate and challenging way which has gotten the best out of our daughter and hugely built her confidence. Maylàigh Rose looks forward to her swimming lessons every week and us progressing so much thanks to Rachel.” Karen (Maylaigh’s Mum)


 “Rachael is calm and inspires confidence to all swimmers regardless of their ability. Jake has only had 3 Swim Academy lessons to date. But Rachael has really gone out of her way to explain steps needed for activities during lessons. Rachael has a great relationship with the class and is sensitive and firm when needed. We couldn't ask for a better swimming teacher.” Tracy (Jake’s Mum)

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