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Star teacher award nominations Spring 2020


 “Really helps make the twins feel comfortable in the class. Very understanding of being a twin parent and the extra demands that entails when trying to attend to a swimming class.” Sally (Maisie & Elodie’s Mum)


 “Lisa has been excellent for Isabella.
Isabella struggled initially in the pool, but Lisa made both me and my daughter a lot more comfortable and allowed us to get used to it in our own time.
We appreciate her patience.” Alison (Isabella’s Mum)


 “Lisa is always so welcoming. She always makes every session fun and excited. I love how she remembers everyone’s names which I think is a great personal touch. Teddy always looks forward to his class on a Saturday with Lisa. I have recommended not only Puddle Ducks to friends but also telling them about how good Lisa is!” Louise (Teddy’s Mum)


 “Lisa is fantastic at making sure every activity is accessible to Seren, whether there are two or ten of us in our class. Since moving into Little Dippers Seren has grown so much in confidence and we look forward to our swim every week!” Laura (Seren’s Mum)


 “Lisa is a brilliant teacher who gives both of our children confidence with their swimming. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, has the trust of all of the children and the classes run punctually. Without Lisa I'm not sure Charlotte or Oliver would be progressing as they are.” Aaron (Charlotte & Oliver’s Dad)


“She is a real star!” (Tibor’s Mum)



 “Sam is so patient with all of the kids in her class, but more so with Isaac. We’ve had a few teachers throughout our Puddle Ducks journey and Isaac doesn’t trust easily and lacks confidence in and out of the pool, but with Sam’s patience and confidence in him and his abilities, Isaac has come so far!” Michelle (Isaac’s Mum)


 “Swimming is Noah's favourite part of the weekend. He asks to go swimming with Sam on a daily basis! As much as he can be stubborn, not wait his turn and want to just have a chat with Sam during demonstrations (oh how we love the terrible 2s!), his progress is clear week to week! His confidence is great, exactly the reason we wanted to start swimming lessons in the first place and Sam has helped him achieve this.” Natalie (Noah’s Mum)


 “Sam always goes above and beyond, knows her children really well, has amazing & bonds with them which allows them to overcome all obstacles they have. Sam is also amazing at supporting the parents in these difficult times #teamSam!” Alison (Matthew’s Mum)




 “Emelye has been fantastic with Brandon since his first session. We find her to be confident, welcoming and reassuring. Brandon has come to love his swim time and his Puddle Ducks sessions, led by Emelye, are why.” Paul (Brandon’s Dad)




“Nadine has been Olivia’s teacher since she started at 12 weeks old and now she’s nearly 3. I moved venues just so we could have Nadine- that in itself says it all” Donna (Olivia’s Mum)


“She goes out of her way to encourage Isla to participate in lessons and try her best” Sarah (Isla’s Mum)


“Nadine is an amazing the confidence she’s given Bani from when she started is fab! She’s very hands on gives a lot of love to all the kids. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t of persisted on bringing Bani but we have come a long way from a girl that cried being in the pool.” Manjot (Bani’s Mum)


“My little girl has just started Swim Academy, but has had no problems. Not daunted by being in the pool without her parents as she has such trust and support from her teachers.” Sally (Robyn’s Mum)


“My son has come on so much since starting Puddle Ducks thanks to the amazing instructors. So I would like to nominate Nadine.” Vicky (Harry’s Mum)


“Nadine is just fab! She’s so friendly and a great teacher to the babies! I always looked forward to swimming, not just for Oskar’s sake, but also because I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to Nadine!
I’ve recently finished my maternity leave, so my partner now attends the classes every week instead. Even though it means I can no longer attend on a weekly basis, I would rather we remain at that class than change to a weekend class, because we really enjoy having Nadine as a teacher.
Thank you to her for being so great!!” Gabriella (Oskar’s Mum)




“We love how Nicola is firm yet fair. This is reinforcing correct behaviour in the pool along side making lessons fun and building confidence.” Sarah (Sophie’s Mum)


“Archie has been petrified of getting his face wet and learning to swim however Nicola has supported him completely and he is now gaining the confidence to participate in everything she asks of him” Chelsea (Archie’s Mum)


“My little girl has just started Swim Academy, but has had no problems. Not daunted by being in the pool without her parents as she has such trust and support from her teachers.” Sally (Robyn’s Mum)


“Every week the boys look forward to swimming with Nicola. She encourages them, reassures them, and also challenges them to go that bit further! The boys’ relationship with Nicola is lovely to see - Nicola knows exactly how to motivate them too. We are extremely lucky to have her!” Rachel (Noah & Jensen’s Mum)


“Nicola is the most encouraging teacher we have come across. She has the most gentle but encouraging approach which gives confidence to both child & parent” Victoria (Reuben’s Mum)




“Julie is amazing and knows with great ease which way to develop my children. She provides a fun safe environment for them to be their best.
I can't wait to see how they develop and move forward. I can't thank her enough. Thank you Julie” Alan (Heidi & Oscar’s Dad)



“Marni feels really comfortable with Rachael. We struggle to get Marni to engage in a lot of activities but she loves coming to her swimming lesson and I think Rachael has played a big part in it.” Emily (Marni’s Mum)




“Zac isn’t keen on new people so often won’t go to new people, Susan has realised this and now does small things to encourage her to come to him, she is really patient with attempting to gain his trust. He still won’t often go to her but talks about her all the time so is definitely getting there.” Rebecca (Zac’s Mum)


“Lovely with the babies and really helpful demonstrations.” Becky (Teddy’s Mum)


“Susan is such a bubbly and enthusiastic teacher. My little girl gets so excited each week when we attend class and she sees Susan. Susan has given me confidence in the water with my little girl. My little girl has also grown in confidence and I am amazed by the skills she is learning at such a young age, thanks to a fabulous teacher.” Tracy (Charlotte’s Mum)




“Kimberly is such a positive & friendly teacher who makes everyone feel welcome. She has always been fantastic with George but particularly over the past four weeks Kimberly has supported George (& Mam & Dad) through the class change to Little Dippers which has been challenging & very different to what we’ve been used to, but he starting to settle in & enjoy it. Thank you” Brooke (George’s Mum)


“Kimberley has always been tuned right into what sort of mood Grace is in. Lately Grace has been very firm-minded and reluctant to do what she’s meant to but Kimberley knows how to encourage her to have a go.” Sian (Grace’s Mum)


“Kimberley is a fab teacher to Ivy. She knows Ivy’s mood as soon as she sets foot on the poolside. On her cheeky days, Kimberley is full of fun and on days when Ivy isn’t feeling so sure, she is supportive and reassuring. She always goes out of her way to make sure that we get the most out of her lessons.” Kathryn (Ivy’s Mum)


“Evelyn has come along in her swimming so much with Kimberley. Kimberley encourages Evelyn and knows what she is capable of and pushes her when she needs it. Evelyn is now so confident in her lessons she is ready to move up to swim academy. She will miss Kimberley but we can’t thank her enough for how well Evelyn is doing and we would love for her to win the star teacher award.” Kerry (Evelyn’s Mum)




“I’d definitely like to nominate Victoria - Olivia has really turned the corner with be swimming and I honestly believe that Victoria’s patience and supportive comments have helped her to gain confidence and believe in herself. Olivia has gone from an uncertain swimmer to a confident little mermaid!” (Olivia’s Mum)


“Victoria is a great teacher. She is very patient with the babies. She makes the classes enjoyable for both babies and parents.” Alison (Vinny’s Mum)

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