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Star Teacher Award Summer 2019 nominations


“She is amazing and so patient! She makes the classes so fun and enjoyable. It wasn’t the same when she was off”. Lauren (Toby’s Mum)

“Great with the babies, teaches really well, makes the class so relaxed and everyone feel welcome”. Alison (Vinny’s Mum)

“Victoria has gone above and beyond with Eli, paying special attention to him and showing a great understanding towards his nature and what he requires to feel comfortable. After having a real fear of being separated from me as well as going under the water, he has just graduated to little dippers and couldn’t have done better leaping into the water from standing and completing other aspects of the class he was previously worried about. This is all down to Victoria’s patience, understanding and kind demeanour towards all of the children. Thank you so much for being an excellent teacher and helping Eli come on so much”. Philip (Eli’s Dad)


“Ava was terrified of the water before starting Sunday lessons. Nadine is very bubbly & very patient. This has made Ava feel very comfortable. She can now jump into the pool & has achieved her 5m. She is so close to passing level 1 within weeks”. Ann (Ava’s Mum)

“Nadine is a fantastic teacher. She is so bubbly and both our girls love her lessons. She is always cheerful and encouraging which has enabled the girls to trust her and engage with her. Nadine always makes lessons fun which is what they should be. She comes across as someone who loves her job and is happy to be there!” Trish (Cynthia & Evelyn’s Mum)

“Nadine is just amazing; she is a fantastic teacher, a lovely person and I really feel that she deserves recognition. The last few months have been difficult for our family and we have struggled to make every class which has affected my daughter's confidence in the water. Nadine has been incredible at accommodating her wavering confidence and helping to build it back up again. She has dealt with the situation incredibly, has been kind and adjustable with her approaches. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her swimming lessons and I have no doubt that Nadine is responsible for her continued love of it”. Sarra (Sophia’s Mum)

“Nadine’s has been brilliant since the first lesson. She has made Francesca more confident and is always lovely with her when she gets distressed”. Ben (Francesca’s Dad)

“She is an amazing teacher with excellent teaching technique .She has been very supportive to my son and every other children in the pool and give them a great confidence to be better swimmers”. Soheila (Dilan’s Mum)

“We recently moved into the area and started George at Puddle Ducks. He was quite nervous at his first lesson, however Nadine made him feel relaxed and at ease. He is now much more confident in the water, and loves his lessons with Nadine! She is a great teacher, and it wouldn’t be the same without her”. Rachael (George’s Mum)

Nicola & Sam

“Annabelle is always so excited to go to swim academy on Saturdays. Nicola & Sam are fantastic with all the swimmers, knowing every child’s strengths along with things they may need extra help with. They always praise their swimmers and focus on the positives of any skills they struggle with. Not only building on swimming skills but also water safety and self-esteem”. Kelly (Annabelle’s Mum)


“My daughter recently moved back into Nicolas class and she loves it. Nicola is very encouraging and has so much time for every child in her class. She smiles throughout every lesson and that helps a first time parent like me as it makes me more confident in the pool”. Craig (Maggie’s Dad)

“She has taken Finlay who was a late talker to having no confidence and Finlay absolutely thrives in her care. Thanks “Niki” we love you although Finlay may love his new goggles more xxxx” Rachel (Finlay’s Mum)

She’s friendly, caring and excellent at encouraging the little ones! Alex (Aella’s Mum)


“We love Sarah. Thomas really looks forward to his lessons and seeing Sarah. She is great at explaining why we are doing certain things and has really helped Thomas to become confident in the water. Sarah is clear when explaining activities and Thomas has responded well to her approach, he is able to listen to the instructions and carry them out independently as he really responds to Sarah. Thomas also attends another swimming lesson at a local pool (as he is able to go in at the same time as his sister) and he shows none of the skills that he is readily able to do for Sarah”. Nicola (Thomas’ Mum)

“Sarah has made swimming fun for Alice again; she makes her feel at ease in her lessons and has supported Alice to regain her confidence in the water. Sarah always takes time to listen to the children and share herself around the class, offers support to us as parents as well as being patient, bright and cheerful with the children. Alice loves her!” Emma (Alice’s Mum)

“Sarah is beyond amazing. Her love for the job shines through and also her love for each little swimmer. Sarah has the best personality and is perfect in this role. Putting you at ease and encouraging each child to succeed is a huge deal for me. I can’t say enough about this lady. After a rocky start on our first lesson Rosie is now at complete ease in the water and I’m beyond proud of how far she has come at the age of 8 months old. And that is all down to Sarah and all her hard work and dedication. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done. Needless to say we are team Sarah all the way!!!! Sarah you so deserve this xxxx” Caroline (Rosie’s Mum)

“She has helped Sebastian loads with his swimming and is always patient even when he doesn’t listen! She is so ace that our youngest has started swimming with her as well”. Emlyn (Sebastian’s Mum)

“Sarah's friendly nature and enthusiasm really make the difference to our little girl, she really looks forward not only to swimming but to speak with Sarah and show or tell her latest news, Sarah always shows an interest and engages perfectly. Sophie has gone from being a reticent participant of the class to now putting her hand up to volunteer to demonstrate the next activity with Sarah, something she had never done previously. Sophie has gained lots of confidence and her swimming has improved immensely as a result, thanks Sarah!” Nick (Sophie’s Dad)


“My son loves Sam and he enjoys every single lesson with her”. Debbie (Bailey’s Mum)

“Sam is very engaging and brilliant with all of the kids. She is approachable and supports all the adults to help the kids learn new skills. All the children in her class have a great bond with her as she always makes the classes fun”. Carla (Keavy’s Mum)

“Sam is great with both Lola and Alba and the girls have come on loads since having their lessons in such a short space of time”. Daisy (Lola and Alba’s Mum)


“Because she’s great, Sebastian loves his lessons with her”. Ashley (Sebastian’s Mum)

“Amazing teacher and really brings the confidence out of the kids”. Richy (Hope’s Dad)

“Mia has been swimming with Lisa since she was three months old. She’s almost two now and Puddle Ducks has been something we all look forward to at the weekend. Lisa has got Mia through some difficult stages, with patience and encouragement and continues to develop Mia’s skills each week. She offers reassurance and confidence to Mia’s daddy, making swimming enjoyable for the whole family”. Jonathan (Mia’s Dad)

“Lisa has helped both Charlotte and our son Oliver a tremendous amount since we started at Puddle Ducks. Charlotte especially has gained a lot of confidence in the water now at 2 and half which is great to see. Lisa is always very positive and has an approachable and calming demeanor which relaxes the parents and children alike. She is always organised and punctual making double lessons with our two children in different classes much more manageable”. Aaron (Charlotte’s Dad)

“She’s the most fantastic teacher - patient, kind, caring, friendly, and passionate about her job and my girls LOVE her - she makes each lesson amazing and the girls love every second. She also the amazing ability to get the kids to respect her also – I think she is a hero!” Kathryn (Matilda and Charlotte’s Mum)


“Rachael is always very calm, patient, clear in her instructions and extremely encouraging of all children in her classes. Rachel's enthusiasm really comes across in every lesson”. Tracy (Jake’s Mum)

“She always goes above and beyond to make my son feel like he can achieve anything he puts his mind to especially on the days he’s feeling less confident. Thank you Rachael for making Puddle Ducks so fantastic”. Ashley (Bobby’s Mum)

“She is a professional, excellent tutor for not only Isla but my other daughter who she taught for a while. She communicates so well with the children and takes time to ensure that all children are managing and achieving what they should be! Lovely person as well!!” Anneka (Isla’s Mum)


“Kimberley has been supportive of Ivy from her very first pool session. She’s very patient with her and recognises instantly when she’s having an off day. I’m just a few weeks with Kimberley, Ivy has learnt to blow bubbles and hold onto the pool unaided. Swimming is the highlight of our week”. Kathryn (Ivy’s Mum)

“Kimberley’s always very positive and spends time getting to know each individual child. It’s been nice having a constant teacher as well for the past few months!” Karla (Ariana’s Mum)

“Max has grown in confidence so much over the last few months. We had tried for a while to get Max to complete his 5 meters. Kym came along during one of the lessons and he aced it first time!” Suzie (Max’s Mum)

“Kimberley is great with the kids, she is very patient when they don’t always want to do the routine, and her general attitude is always very positive”. Maryana (Daniel’s Mum)

“She makes a massive fuss of the kids. She remembers all of their names. Quinn loves his swimming lessons”. Mark (Quinn’s Dad)


“Julie has unending patience and is great at remembering everyone’s name and making sure that everyone is able to participate equally”. Vicky (Sophia’s Mum)

“Julie is 100% focused on every class, across the individual needs and areas of development of EVERY child”. Linda (Isabella’s Mum)

“Isabella loves Julie & she always pushes her to get her through her confidence issues”. Kristine (Isabella’s Mum)

“For showing utmost patience and great encouragement. Caileigh has made amazing progress lately and we can thank Julie for that!” Anne (Caileigh’s Mum)

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