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Teacher of the term nominations Autumn 2017

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination!

Thank you to all of our customers who nominated their teacher for the teacher of the term award! As we know, Cara was the overall winner but we have absolutely loved reading your kind words about the whole team.

Thank you again for taking the time to submit a nomination, we really appreciate it! Read all of the nominations in full below:


"Rachael is extremely patient with every child and their carers and she makes the sessions so much fun. She has a wonderful nature that each child feels secure and relaxed around her. We love her classes." Ashley & Bobby

"Rachael keeps cool and always provides encouragement when Sophie is nervous." Sarah & Sophie


"Julie has been Alex's teacher for a long time now and she has nurtured him and encouraged him to go from strength to strength. She knows exactly how to deal with any uncertainties he might have and is so calm and lovely with him. He talks about her all the time away from swimming classes! Alex has now moved to Swim Academy but I am sure he has only been able to do this so quickly due to Julie's expert guidance and nurturing. It has been amazing to see him grow as a swimmer and to see his confidence soar." Melanie & Alex

"Oscar has always loved Julie and often refers to her as his Julie. He takes direction from her well and even when he had a wobble when changing from baby and pre-school classes to swim academy she helped and maintained the level of attentiveness to ensure he was happy. Now he is fine back to his normal swimming self. The Puddle Ducks difference is having a distance swimming badge before you even start school: high five!" Alan & Oscar


"Nadine has the patience of a saint. She thoroughly deserves to win for smiling through the excitement of teaching hyper 5/6 year olds. She smiles and shows such encouragement and care. Well deserved." Emma & Georgie

"William has been attending swimming lessons since he was five weeks old. As a new mother, I was quite nervous about him swimming but Nadine instantly put us both at ease. She is uber professional yet extremely engaging with William and the other children. Her manner and style has ensured that William has become very relaxed and confident in the water and it's to her credit." Nicola & William

“Nadine has been excellent with Olivia who has Down’s Syndrome. She’s shown empathy and tailored exercises where necessary. She does not just do this with Olivia though, I’ve noticed she does this with all children. I was worried to initially bring Olivia swimming and Nadine has made it a fantastic experience for her.” Donna & Olivia

“Nadine always gives each pupil her attention regardless of whether they’re cranky that day! Izobel loves her swimming and that’s hugely down to Nadine.” Lisa & Izobel

“Nadine is always happy, jolly and has such an encouraging attitude towards the young babies in our Splashers class. This makes the babies feel comfortable and more confident in the water.” Lucy & Lex


“Caroline is an absolute super star within her role as a swimming teacher. She is always extremely professional, her teaching methods are fabulous, she has an excellent rapport with the children and parents. Beth’s swimming has improved massively thanks to the encouragement Caroline gives in every session. We can’t say thank you enough and would recommend Puddle Ducks to all our friends.” Lara & Beth

“Caroline is always so happy and so helpful. She always makes me feel at ease and comfortable having Cole in the pool. If Cole is unsettled she’s always so lovely and gives him a cuddle to settle him or shows me alternative ways that Cole may enjoy more. She has made our Puddle Ducks experience absolutely amazing. It’s such a daunting thought having your newborn in the pool but I have felt totally relaxed from day one because of Caroline! We look forward to our classes every week and will continue our Puddle Ducks journey with Caroline because of Caroline!” Evyn & Cole

“Caroline always has a lovely smile when we arrive at Puddle Ducks. Freddie was very unsure after a period of no swimming and she has persevered with him. He is now continuously smiling through the session and as a parent, that is all that matters to me. Caroline is fantastic with every single child and Freddie just lovers her!” Emma & Freddie


“With Cara’s support and guidance this last year Jenson has come on amazingly within a matter of weeks of joining the higher class he has already achieved his five metre badge.” Shelly & Jenson

“Cara persevered through Niamh’s few months of refusing to follow instructions, we are now out the other side and she loves her lessons again!” Lindsey & Niamh

“This is so easy to write as Cara is amazing with each and every child, whilst maintaining such high standards in all lessons. She is consistent and personable with all children, adapting to their varying needs. She is always professional and organised. We are lucky to have her as our teacher!” Helen & Josie

“Cara is an excellent teacher. Very cheery every lesson and not only remembers all of the children’s names, but also remembers their progress which is not only impressive, but makes the lessons personal. I love the way she delights in each child’s swimming achievements along with their parents.” Katherine & Robert

“When you spend your week pretending to be Cara because your daughter demands that you hold imaginary swimming lessons, it’s clear that our girls love their swimming lessons with Cara! She has such a lovely manner with the children, making their lessons fun and we have seen our girls gain confidence in the water. Thank you Cara.” Catherine, Poppy & Sophie


“Kimberley is an awesome teacher who is friendly and informative about my child’s swimming. She takes time to speak to parents on a personal level. My daughter loves her.” Rebecca & Ruby

“Kimberley has been amazing with Darcey since she started. She had confidence issues and a fear of going under water having had lessons elsewhere. I explained this to Kimberley only once and she has gone above and beyond what I expected and made huge differences to Darcey’s confidence in the water. I have been blown away by the difference in such a short space of time and I put this down to Kimberley’s experience and attitude.” Jennifer & Darcey

“Kimberley has been outstanding with our girls since we moved pools. She’s got to know both of our girls really quickly while she has gone the extra mile to build a relationship of trust with our wobbly Little Dipper. We are extremely happy with the progress the girls are making. Thanks Kimberley for nurturing our girls and developing their confidence.” Jayne, Faith & Grace

“Since joining Puddle Duck earlier this year my son has grown in confidence when in the water and it’s down to Kimberley and her determined approach. She ensures both parent and child feel confident in the pool, offers suggestions / support when needed and understands the different needs of each child. She makes classes fun and my little boy never wants to get out at the end – that is definitely a good thing. Thank you Kimberley and good luck!” Emma & Alexander


“Lisa is a fab teacher. She always remembers the children’s names, her instructions are always clear for parent and child, she’s very engaging with the children and she makes the classes so much fun. Maylaigh loves going to Puddle Ducks , Lisa has a great understanding of her skill level and has been great at pushing her on appropriately and this has built Maylaigh’s confidence brilliantly.” Karen & Maylaigh

“Lisa is AMAZING in so many ways. From the second we get in the pool to the second we leave. She interacts so well with my twin girls, when they are unsettled she knows exactly how to make them smile again, she is patient, attentive and just so professional. She makes all the lessons enjoyable for our whole family – even when she is full of cold she is still 100% and amazing! What else can I say – we LOVE HER!” Kathryn, Charlotte & Matilda

“Lisa is welcoming, friendly and great with the babies. I am amazed that she remembers everyone’s name. Lisa always puts parents at ease and encourages us when our babies are unsettled.” Beth & Paisley


“Since moving from Floaties to Splashers, Elise now gets really excited while waiting on the poolside for her lesson to begin. Sam has known Elise since she was three month’s old and knows and remembers what Elise does and does not like doing in class and adapts activities to suit when required. Sam has made both myself and Elise feel very welcome and comfortable in class.” Sean & Elise

“Sam has great communication skills and a fantastic bond with the children.” Dorota & Leah

“My daughter has never been confident in the water and used to cry when asked to do anything. We moved to Sam’s classes and the difference in remarkable. Lucy will now do everything asked of her and doesn’t cry or hold on to me anymore. I can’t thank Sam enough for her patience and hard work, if it wasn’t for this I don’t think Lucy would be happy to go in the pool anymore.” Leanne & Lucy

“Sam has taken over our classes and has continued the friendly, happy lessons. She’s been great with the kids and they all like her.” Nick & Sophie


“I put off taking my son swimming as it can be a faff with little ones. I now wish I hadn’t put it off at all. I’m so pleased we’ve had Nicola as our teacher for Joshua’s introduction to swimming lessons. She’s personable, friendly, empathetic, enthusiastic and down to earth. For every lesson and every activity she fully explains the benefits which is extremely helpful and gives us a focus for swimming outside of lessons. Throughout the short time that Joshua has been going to Nicola’s lessons I feel she’s taken the time to get to know him and she remembers specific points of his progress from week to week. Soon we’ll not be able to go to the same class but I will do what I can to get to another class that Nicola teaches.” Sarah & Joshua

“My daughter absolutely adores Nicola and her swimming lessons. She genuinely seems to take an interest in her and classes are always fun and enjoyable. Highlight of our week!” Rebecca & Eliza

“Nicola has been teaching Amelie since she was three month’s old (she is now two and a half). During that time, Amelie has developed into a fearless little fish who loves swimming underwater and jumping in the pool at every available opportunity, often when she should be paying attention to Nicola! Thank you for your patience and persistence Nicola.” Mary & Amelie

“Nicola puts up with some serious attitude from Finlay!” Victoria & Finlay

“Nicola greets you with a smile, is always patient, encouraging and makes classes fun. We enjoy them as much as Levison does!” Anneline & Levison


“Claire just gets Oliver and Oliver gets Claire. He loves her lessons and he says she makes him laugh. Oliver loves swimming and is still excited each week even after a few years. High five to Claire.” Alan & Oliver

“Gabriel has made massive strides forward in his swim academy this term. Claire’s patience and persistence are unbelievable for a Sunday afternoon with her tired set of swimmers. Always encouraging even when firm! Keep up the good work.” Chris & Gabriel

Charlotte & Nadine

“Both Charlotte and Nadine have a special caring nature which was such a relief for me since Max was only four and not able to speak or understand English when he started swimming lessons in February. They didn’t mind at all and gave lots of cuddles and warm encouragement which helped Max settle into the pool immediately. In addition, they have fantastic skills to develop Max’s swimming ability which helped him from first time swimmer to level two within six months. This is an amazing achievement. Therefore, I wish Charlotte and Nadine to win teacher of the term in recognition of their effort to help my son. Thank you for your consideration.” Joy & Max

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