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Teacher of the term nominations Autumn 2018

We have received a record number of nominations from our customers this term! Every single teacher was nominated so we are really feeling the love, thank you so much to everyone who took the time to say a few words about us.

The winner will be announced next week but you can read them all the nominations in full here.....


Islay moved up to swim academy from Puddle Ducks in September and lost her confidence in a lot of areas including school and her swimming. Claire listened to Islay and so in tune with her that she has really turned a corner and I can see her once again flourishing. She loves to swim and she told me that she wants to teach Puddleducks just like Claire when she’s older! Thanks Claire for supporting Islay through her tricky patch and guiding her to be a better swimmer J Kirsty (Islay’s Mum)

We would like to nominate Claire as teacher of the term. Claire has been brilliant with Xavier, firstly in his little dippers class and now in the academy class. In the few weeks he has been in the academy, he has grown in confidence so much and has formed an amazing bond with her. Thank You Claire! X Emma (Xavier’s Mum)

Noah loves his classes and he has learned so much! Thanks to his wonderful teacher J Heather (Noah’s Mum)


I am writing this with a tear as it’s time for Millie's graduation. Millie started with you as a tiny baby and has loved every single lesson she has ever done, never once saying she doesn’t want to go. She has flourished in your care and for that I want to thank you. She is now part of Tynemouth swimming club so is starting her new journey there 😢.Thank you to Julie who I would like to nominate as teacher of the year. She has without a doubt made Millie the swimmer she is today and has instilled a love of swimming that will never leave her. Jo-anne (Millie’s Mum)

I like Julie because she teaches me to swim really well & I have improved a lot since learning with her. Isabella (age five)

Really great with the children. Clear firm instruction which gets the most out of them. Fun with it. Very engaging for the kids. Harry’s swimming is great and down to Julie (David, Harry’s Dad)


She makes every child feel important and the lessons are enjoyable, even including the spectating parents. My daughter is coming on so much and she loves her lessons and in turn loves bath time, happily putting her face in! Kimberly makes her lessons safe, fun and informative. Charlotte (Dorothy’s Mum)

Kimberley had been so patient with Matthew during the time when his confidence disappeared. She always encouraged him and took time to praise his efforts no matter how small, he has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of months and I can’t believe how confident he is! I think this definitely has something to do with Kimberley’s perseverance. Angela (Matthew’s Mum)

Kimberly continues to encourage Darcey with her swimming and especially sessions with face in the water as this is still at times one of Darcey’s worries. The progress she has made with her confidence and swimming ability absolutely amazes me and I feel a huge part of this is down to Kimberley’s lessons enthusiasm and commitment to the children in her class. She has done wonders for my daughter in the swimming pool since starting last year. I think this is well deserved xx thank you Kimberley xx Jennifer (Darcey’s Mum)

Kimberly is always so enthusiastic and engaging, she makes the lesson very entertaining. Lisa (Theo’s Mum)

Great at getting Bella to concentrate and has been able to push on her swimming with great success. Charlotte (Bella’s Mum)

My Son Finlay is a bit of a late developer, he was unable to talk his emotions out, he used to scream and be a little disruptive, thanks to Kimberly’s kindness, patience and compassion towards me and Finlay and also strong leadership style Finlay is now obeying instructions, participating in swimming, smiling and extra excited for his lessons. He is developing fantastic in and out of the pool .I know we have moved class recently to Nicola (due to work commitments), but I will be forever grateful for the great start “kimby” has given us both. Rachael (Finlay’s Mum)

Kimberley is very good at teaching children swimming and our son loves his swimming lessons! Alina (Olaf’s Mum)

Kimberly is Brilliant with Macy and constantly striving to get the best out of her during lessons. Kristen (Macy’s Mum)

Kimberley is so on time with Grace’s attitude and behaviour and always knows when she simply doesn’t want to do something or if she’s just being stubborn. She’s always happy and chatty and makes the lessons very enjoyable. Sian (Grace’s Mum)

Making James’s lessons so much fun and constant encouragement to get him to put his head under,, finally. Ian (James’ Dad)

Her ability to manage very busy classes and spend time with each child (and remember their names) is a real skill. She has a lovely manner with the children and Jessica responds well to her instruction (most of the time)! Adam (Jessica’s Dad)


Lisa has been a brilliant teacher and has helped Alfie's confidence grow. When Alfie moved to little dippers he struggled with certain tasks, but Lisa knew Alfie's weaknesses and helped him overcome his fears. We are so proud of Alfie and his achievements, which is all down to Lisa and we can't thank her enough for that. Angela (Alfie’s Mum)

Always makes lessons fun and varied for the parents. Gets all the babies involved and constantly reassures them. Jayne (Isaac’s Mum)

Lisa is a lovely enthusiastic teacher who makes our very early morning Sunday class a pleasure. She has taken the time to get to know Joseph's wild, no fear approach to swimming and has helped him to develop his skills whilst retaining the fun factor for him. Her sense of humour makes him giggle in lessons and he talks about her on the way to lessons and on the way back. Thank you Lisa.💙 Sophie (Joseph’s Mum)

The best. Yulievy (Maia’s Mum)

The way she controls the class, the energy she put into it, the activities she provides, all are fantastic. she deserves it. Noushin (Alborz’s Mum)

Frankly, I would nominate Lisa every term, if I could remember to. Her instructions are crystal clear, so newbie kids (and parents) know exactly what is happening. She takes time with every kid and even remembers little facts, like that if we're gone for a month, we're in America visiting family. She is encouraging and fun, and when kids act up, she encourages good behaviour with a smile on her face. She is patience and dedication personified, and her nails always look great. As soon as we can figure out our schedule, we're going to get our daughter swimming with her, too. Melissa (Eli’s Mum)

Since moving to little dippers Paige has just utterly relished coming to lessons, her skills have massively improved and all credit to Lisa for helping her on her way. Chris (Paige’s Dad)

She is fantastic with Rayyan and he doesn’t want to there when she is off what more can I say. Jed (Rayyan’s Dad)

She’s amazing with all of the children! Georgia (Gracie’s Mum)

Lisa, Sam & Nicola

If we may we would like to nominate three teachers which shows just how amazing the team are. Lisa has taught Annabelle from being a baby splasher after moving from Sunningdale floaties right through until Dippers. She has guiding Annabelle through two bouts of water wobbles and supported her fully allowing her to proceed at her own pace full of confidence. Lisa adapts each skill to each swimmers level and understands their individual needs. Lisa has been a teacher, cheerleader and friend to Annabelle throughout her journey and we are very lucky to have had her as her teacher. Now a ‘big girl’ in her first term of swim academy we would also like to nominate Sam & Nicola for easing her transition into the pool without Dad (or Lisa) they are always positive and engaging and have made Annabelle feel safe and welcome in her new class. This has allowed her the confidence to have a go at all the new skills by building on the great foundations she had. All the teachers are amazing, after four years with Puddleducks we have met quite a few during catch ups and have always been impressed by every single one. Kelly (Annabelle’s Mum)


I believe Nadine should win because she is a lovely, friendly and knowledgeable teacher. She always has fun lessons and works well with my daughter. Brooke at the minute has had anxiety issues when going to someone else, however at swimming this is completely different. Nadine can just take Brooke and she just laughs and stares at her it’s lovely to see. I know Nadine has had a tough time in her personal life but in her class you wouldn’t think it. Nadine is very professional and still remains that lovely, smiling, talkative character. Jessica (Ross’ Mum)

We've been swimming with Nadine for almost 2 years now and Nadine has been consistent in how she teaches and how she is with the other children and parents. Lisa (Izobel’s Mum)

Nadine has encouraged Grace to love swimming again. Since we returned and grace started swim academy her confidence had Grown massively. Grace also managed to achieve her 5 metres a few weeks ago. Grace has gone from not wanting to put her face in the water to diving to the bottom and is now swimming independently. Grace always asks for Nadine and she couldn’t have done it without her. We couldn’t thank Nadine enough. Gayle (Grace’s Mum)

Nadine is a brilliant and patient instructor, who uses empathy with the children and can taylor the lesson to suit. Donna (Olivia’s Mum)

Amazing teacher. My daughters have cone on amazing under the eye of Nadine. Makes them feel comfortable, happy and gets the best out of them. All round great teacher thanks. Erika (Freya & Sophia’s Mum)

Nadine has taught Livia since Puddle Ducks. What has always impressed me about Nadine is the way she adapts her teaching style to the child; which is not easy in a class of 10 but she does it with ease. Livia has always lacked confidence - until now. She has made the move from level 2 to 3 with ease and is flourishing. She looks forward to lessons, doesn’t get disheartened when she can’t do something and has a real desire to keep trying and improve. We can’t thank Nadine enough for all of her patience and effort with Livia over the years. Katie (Livia’s Mum)

Nadine is kind enthusiastic and patient! Otto really looks forward to swimming because of Nadine J Amy (Otto’s Mum)

Nadine & Tia

Both teachers are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. They make Layla’s swimming lessons fun and even when she is struggling they will talk her though in order to help her understand. Layla sees her swimming lessons as fun and enjoyable. The teacher’s relationship in the pool is professional and friendly, and this is reflected onto the children in their classes. Each week is a pleasure to watch. Well done ladies. Rachael (Layla’s Mum)

They are very supportive and encouraging teachers with excellent manners. They are teaching with love and help all children to feel comfortable in the water and to be confident to swim independently. Soheila (Dilan’s Mum)

Because they are VERY patient and make class FUN as well as clear for both our boys to be able to learn with a smile J Susan (Mason & Cory’s Mum)

Nadine, Tia & Claire

Showing patience, generating enthusiasm. Just being lovely people. Sue (Holly, Jack, Alfie & Lily’s Nana)

Nadine, Tia, Claire & Julie

Sorry if I'm breaking the rules, I couldn't pick just one teacher! These 4 ladies between them have taught all 4 of my children this term. They each are immensely patient and dedicated teachers, who know each child in each session’s personality, strengths and weakness and always get the best out of each and every one of them. Kerri (Holly, Jack, Alfie & Lily’s Mum)


Nicola has a lovely calm professional way about her. She is so warm & caring towards the babies (how she remembers the babies names I don’t know!). I totally trust her. Allanah (Claudia’s Mum)

Really good with Maisie, shown us lots of tips and very easy to talk to. Top marks! Adam (Maisie’s Dad)

Charlotte was very wary of her swimming lessons and would never go to the previous teacher. Nicola made her feel very safe and calm and ensured she had lots of fun each lesson. She now swims towards Nicola in class and loves going to her lessons each week. Amy (Charlotte’s Mum)

Because she is a very good teacher. My daughter who is 5 months today loves her swimming lessons! 😃 Angela (Maisie’s Mum)

Nicola is a fabulous teacher, my little girl looks forward to seeing Nicola as much as the actual swimming. Nicola is warm and friendly and all the children respond really well to her. My little girl is coming along leaps and bounds with her swimming and is really developing her confidence in the water. We have just had to change pools and couldn’t have even considered a pool with another teacher due to Poppy enjoying her lessons with Nicola so we followed Nicola to her new pool. Linsay (Poppy’s Mum)


Rachel is fantastic. She has helped Sadie get over her dear of being in the water. Sadie is now able to happily swim under water independently thanks to Rachel's support! Heather (Sadie’s Mum)

Bea is extremely confident in the water but having never had swimming lessons before needs a lot of work on refining her technique. Rachael has quickly identified this and addressed it and although Bea has only been with her a short time she has made huge improvements because of this small adjustment! Gillian (Beatrice’s Mum)

She’s just fab, she’s always so reassuring with my two and they just love her. Ashley (Bobby & Maggie Mae’s Mum)

She goes above and beyond to ensure Harvey is having fun whilst learning. Lucy (Harvey’s Mum)


Always makes my son feel welcome at his lessons and is enthusiastic makes an effort with every child, my son is happy to go to her to swim and he doesn’t like being handed over to anyone normally! He loves Puddle Ducks because of Sam. Gemma (Lucas’ Mum)

Very friendly, always happy and makes me feel confident with Jacob in the pool. Emma (Jacob’s Mum)

Great at getting him to achieve even a little something in his lessons as he is a lazy lazy little boy during swimming!!! Charlotte (William’s Mum)

Sam is always patient, supportive and friendly with all children she works with. Lately Matthew has found his 'stubborn' streak and gives his dad a hard time in the pool. Sam comes over to work with Matthew and somehow her magic works every time. Matthew loves to come swimming with Sam, he runs in the door and when asked who his swimming teacher is he beams Sam! What more can we say...he loves Sam! Alison (Matthew’s Mum)

Josh adores Sam and she has taught him do much since he was 6 weeks old. Joanne (Joshua’s Mum)

Sam has a lovely affinity with the children she teaches and is such a lovely girl, she is always ready to offer advice to help improve the confidence of each child and makes the lessons fun and James thinks she is lovely too J Pat (James’ Mum)


To her credit, Sarah has come in and taken over the Durham Trinity class on a Saturday with consummate ease and professionalism, its seems now as if she's always been there, immediately winning the confidence and trust of Sophie, with Sophie now actually starting to volunteer to demonstrate with Sarah during the lesson. Thank you Sarah! Nick (Sophie’s Dad)


Tia is such an amazing, encouraging teacher. She has so much patience with the kids, helping them gain confidence with every class. My little girl used to hate diving to the bottom of the pool but Tia’s gentle encouragement means she very rarely above the water now! Tia makes every kid feel like they can achieve and makes the lessons so much fun. Vanessa (Kaitlyn’s Mum)

Tia is just wonderful in every way - she’s positive, engaging, supportive, fun... the list just goes on. In a very short space of time Tia has helped both our children (Poppy and Harper) develop in class and she’s also helped Poppy to have the confidence to give it a go; learning and mastering new things all of the time. She is so supportive and very in tune with children’s needs. Tia always makes you feel welcome in class and adapts her style to however the children are feeling that day! Thank you Tia for all you do - it’s very much appreciated and your work is paying off! Dorothy (Poppy & Harper’s Mum)

Tia is the best teacher we have had! She is so encouraging, supportive and really makes your Puddle Duck feel special. Effi has come on so much since moving to Tia’s class and you really must do everything to keep her - in fact pay her double!! Kelda (Effi’s Mum)

Bethany looks forward to her class with Tia as she makes the class fun, Bethany really feels safe with Tia. I find Tia really approachable and observe weekly that she tries to make the lesson enjoyable. Great job. Sheryle (Bethany’s Mum)

Tia has been amazing since joining, she is always full of joy. She makes all her classes exciting for the children and knows how to get their attention. My son loves swimming and always gets excited when he's going to see Tia. Thank you Tia. Alan (Dylan’s Dad)

Niamh has really come on in both ability and confidence since Tia started teaching her. On a weekend she gets very excited to go swimming with Tia. Lindsey (Niamh’s Mum)

When we first started swimming, Olivia wasn't very confident in the water at all and she really doesn't like putting her head under the water either. Since Tia took over the class she has just gotten better and better each week. Olivia responds so well to Tia and that's down to her ability to change her approach/style depending on the child. Olivia is clearly more confident and completely trusts Tia! Olivia absolutely loves swimming now and that is definitely down to Tia and her fantastic support and wonderful rapport she's created with Olivia (and all the others in the class too!) J Jessica (Olivia’s Mum)

Tia has been amazing since she took over the Beacon Hill class. She makes the lessons fun and upbeat and Ari absolutely buzzes for her. Karla (Ariana’s Mum)


Victoria makes her lessons as fun as possible and caters to the needs of every single child in her lessons. She really does go above and beyond for everyone. Rachael (Elliot’s Mum)

Emily has gone from strength to strength with Victoria this term as she is really starting to swim head down with her face in the water and gave us all the confidence in the world for her to be in the water on holiday. So thank you. Jenny (Emily’s Mum)

Victoria is really encouraging and my daughter really enjoys her lessons. Hannah (Molly’s Mum)

My son, Freddie, has always loved swimming but after moving into Little Dippers, he seemed out of his depth and was upset for a couple of lessons. Victoria remained patient and caring throughout; she encouraged Freddie throughout and praised him even when he was kicking and screaming. Her patience and teaching has resulted in a very happy boy once more who loves swimming. We were going to give our notice it had become so bad, but now with a smile back on our boys face, we are so thankful for her help!! Victoria totally deserves this award! Emma (Freddie’s Mum)

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