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Teacher of the term nominations summer 2018


“Sam is friendly approachable and great with the babies in our Floaties class! She is supportive and makes you feel at ease in the water which can be so daunting at first!” Derek (Lyla’s Dad)

 “For always persevering with Noah through some very grumpy Floaties classes and remembering his favourite watering can toy to settle him!” Natalie (Noah’s Mum)

 “Sam makes the lessons extremely enjoyable for my little one, although he is only 7 months old we can tell by his reaction when we get to the pool and also when he hears Sam's voice how excited he gets.” Liam (Jack’s Dad)

 “She is great teacher. Knows my son well and knows how to push him so he would thrive” Tereza (Theodore’s Mum)

 “William is only a Floatie but really didn’t like the water at all for the first 3-4 lessons and now he loves them and is very relaxed during the lessons.” Charlotte (William’s Mum)



“Claire has always been great with George, recognising him and calling him by name even when he moved to Splashers from Floaties.
She remembers what he is good at (jumping in etc.) and also things he can do better, and has brought him (and the other kids) on no end. She is excellent and we hope she teaches George for the foreseeable future.” Brooke (George’s Mum)

“Claire really takes time to get to know the children in her classes. Riley tends to be happy and settled in her classes, however even when she isn't, Claire will take the time to come and speak to her, always making light of Riley shouting no or refusing to do something. Thank you Claire.” Cara (Riley’s Mum)

“Claire is an outstanding Puddle Ducks teacher and my daughter loves every lesson with her - Sunday is the highlight of our week! Claire takes time to build excellent relationships with parents and pupils and we really appreciate how friendly and supportive she is, making both me and my daughter feel confident in every lesson. Seren has developed a great love of water, especially being underwater! and I am convinced Claire has played a huge role in nurturing this! We hope to have many more terms with her!” Laura (Seren’s Mum)

“Because she is fab!” Heather (Noah’s Mum)

“Always so patient and attentive, kind and supportive. Lovely manner with the children and has such passion for what she does.” Claire (Arthur’s Mum)

“We absolutely love our Puddle Ducks lessons. Claire always makes parents feel at ease in the water and takes time to get to know children individually. Lessons are always fun. Elsie has developed so much in the water over a short space of time. We love our Sundays! Thank you Claire!” Laura (Elsie’s Mum)

“When James failed his 50 metres she quickly looked at his technique changed his breathing. She knew he was capable of doing it and wanted him to progress. She changed all preparations leading up to his next attempt. James has his 50 metres which is outstanding achievement for such a young lad and it is with the outstanding teaching Claire has provided to him. I really never knew how James felt about her until his Nana asked him one day if he liked her. James said yes she’s crazy Claire and she is fun. That’s when I realised I never seem to struggle to get James to attend his swimming lessons at 6 years old he does get bored easily but is happy to go into level 5 when I said Claire will still be his teacher.” Stephanie (James’ Mum)

“Scarlett’s confidence has scored since Claire took over her lessons! Scarlett is very shy and has completely come out of her shell and developed a fantastic rapport with Claire, which is rare! And her swimming has improved massively fantastic job.” Sarah (Scarlett’s Mum)



“My little girl has had a stop start relationship with swimming and Lisa was so sensitive recognising this. She made us feel very welcome the first session despite all the others having been going for months indeed years. Eleanor now really loves coming to Puddle Ducks and so do I! Its money well spent and Lisa makes this the case. She's very patient and comes across as a genuine caring teacher.” Ailsa (Eleanor’s Mum)

“Lisa is an excellent teacher. Sophie has only taken one term of Floaties and is already progressing really well in the water. She loves going swimming and is very relaxed in the pool. Lisa always remembers where Sophie is up to (e.g. with submersions) and has a very relaxed approach which I think makes the babies more relaxed.” Sarah (Sophie’s Mum)

“Alfie had a bit of a confidence issue not too long ago after missing a few lessons with Lisa, once Alfie was back in the pool with Lisa, he has begun to really enjoy being in the water again, Lisa has been patient, understanding and most of all, FUN and has made Alfie more confident than he previously was, he loves his lessons with Lisa and by the smiles and laughs in the pool, everyone enjoys their time in her classes.” Angela (Alfie’s Mum)

“Lisa has helped Paige make huge strides this term, and she is absolutely loving classes. Paige even pretends to be Lisa when in the bath.” Chris (Paige’s Dad)

“Always encourages Mia and gives confidence to a nervous husband. Mia has been to puddle ducks for three terms now with Lisa and the progress is fantastic.” Laura (Mia’s Mum)



“Kimberley is great with Macy and she has come on a lot.” Kristen (Macy’s Mum)

“Kimberley has taught Reuben since 9 weeks old and has always been great at guiding me on how to support him best from Floaties to Splashers. Reuben is currently getting quite upset on certain parts of our Splashers lesson (sitting on the wall in particular). Kimberley has been very understanding and supportive of Reuben and ensuring he is always happy and slowly regaining his confidence in his lesson. We always look forward to our Saturday class!” Kelsey (Reuben’s Mum)

“Kimberley is friendly and welcoming putting parents at ease. She has been very supportive of my two little ones. She is passionate and encouraging; the children love to see her every week. Kimberley is very professional and shares her wealth of knowledge during her explanations of activities in the water. Thank you for being such as great swimming teacher. The children look forward to many more lessons with you as they move through the classes.” Cheryl (Millie & Jack’s Mum)

“Kimberley has had such a huge impact on Henry; his progress, his confidence and his attitude to lesson. He had reached a standstill and I was ready to try something/somewhere else, but Kimberley’s commitment and flexibility, ensuring he is not disadvantaged by only being able to attend fortnightly, has made him take off again. He’s moved up a class, achieved his 5m award and now wants to be a Police Diver!!! Her care of all the children in her class, and friendliness towards the adults is exemplary. Thank you Kimberley!” Carrie (Henry’s Mum)

“Great teacher, who has progressed Bella's swimming and is able to swim well on her own and she has just turned 3” Scott (Bella’s Dad)

“Louis started swimming lessons in April, which have really helped him develop his awareness, confidence, composure & control. He's improving every week & getting the most out of his lessons. Kimberley is a great teacher who is always supportive, patient, reassuring, flexible & accommodating. Both Daddy & baby thoroughly enjoy their time together in the pool, which is testimony to Kimberley's excellent tuition.” Steen (Louis’ Mum)

“Kimberley has been great with Abigail over the last year, building both a great relationship and trust with her. When Kimberly took over the class Abigail would not go to her or engage in any way, Kimberley has been great working at Abigail’s pace and helped to build her confidence in the water, Abigail now loves swimming lessons and asks for Kimberley on regular occasions she has gained in confidence and is becoming a great little swimmer.” Emily (Abigail’s Mum)



“Nadine has gotten to know Francesca and has made her confident in the water. She really enjoys her lessons.” Rebecca (Francesca’s Mum)

“Nadine has the ability to make a lesson fun, whilst ensuring safety and determining what they have to do. She inspires confidence and discipline whilst reassuring the swimmers that they can do it, will enjoy it and can achieve their swim.” Sarah (Sam’s Mum)

“Nadine is just amazing with my daughters and has brought them up to Level 2 swim academy.
Nadine understands both of my daughters needs and clearly sees the different qualities. She makes them feel comfortable, happy and at ease in the water which has been a must for Freya who last year refused to go back swimming unless it was with Nadine. Freya missed a lot of swimming but in such a short space of time being under Nadine's wing she is bouncing with confidence. Nadine is truly lovely, very approachable, fun, happy and the girls adore her. We could not ask for a better teacher. We will be staying with Nadine for a long long while yet. Thank you.” Erika (Freya & Sophia’s Mum)

“Izobel has been swimming with Nadine for around a year and a half now and is so confident in the water. Nadine adapts the 'moves' to each baby/toddler depending on their mood at the time which is really great. I've done a couple of catch up classes at other pools but Izobel is more comfortable with Nadine.” Lisa (Izobel’s Mum)

“Since Nadine has taken over our class she's really made Sophie feel at ease and brought her swimming on in leaps and bounds.” Nick (Sophie’s Dad)



“My son recently started back at puddle ducks after having some time out for his little sister entering the world. He found the first 2 weeks very hard he was very unsure about the water but with Rachael’s patience and reassurance he now is thriving again and loves swimming. I am very impressed it only took to the 3rd week to be back to his happy self in the water we defiantly couldn't have got through it so quick without Rachael I really am so grateful to her.” Ashley (Bobby’s Mum)



“Nicola has always been so wonderful with Alex - we first met her years ago when she was a poolside assistant and she has remembered him ever since, even when he joined her Swim Academy class. Alex is often uncertain at the beginning of a class but her gentle nature and kindness calms him and gets the best out of him every time. He genuinely adores her and the way she takes the time to chat to him at the beginning of class and find out what he’s been up to. Thank you Nicola for being so nurturing and caring.” Mel (Alex’s Mum)

“Nicola is lovely with my daughter, Amelia. Amelia responds well to Nicola's teaching style and has made great progress in such a short space of time. She supports her, yet equally challenges her.” Kayleigh (Amelia’s Mum)

“Nicola is excellent at what she does. She always takes the time to help every child and clearly loves her job which makes it more enjoyable and reassuring for children and parents alike. She also takes the time to speak to parents who any concerns or queries before we go into the pool. I hope she moves up to the next class when my daughter does.” Craig (Maggie’s Dad)



“Emily asked to learn to swim however was filled with fear at the prospect. For many weeks Emily was terrified in the water and Victoria realised this and managed Emily appropriately, being both understanding and firm in her approach. Victoria has taken the victories each week and tried to ensure that the next week brought that new victory and ensured Emily's motivation to learn to swim wasn't dampened. Victoria would patently repeat correct procedure and never show frustration when Emily in a panic didn't get it right for another time. The calm and consistent repeating has gone in and when Emily herself calmed, she then knew what to do. I cried with pride when Emily jumped into the pool herself and was willing to trust and let go of the bar and float. The difference in both her ability to swim and reaction to the water in almost unbelievable! Thank you Victoria!” Joanne (Emily’s Mum)

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