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Teacher of the Term - Summer 2018

Well done Nikola!

We are delighted to announce that our fantastic teacher Nikola Nascimento has won our Teacher of the Term award!!!

The winning nomination was picked by Shirley Towle, the owner of the Family Grapevine in Nottinghamshire, a local magazine for parents from pregnancy to teenagers. Shirley said that it is getting harder and harder each time to choose the winner as there are so many lovely and positive comments for our teachers. It has been a really difficult choice for Shirley but it speaks volumes about the work that our teachers do with the parents and children who swim with us!

Before our Puddle Ducks teachers can become accredited, they have to complete at least 300 hours training so you can be confident that your little ones are in very safe hands!

Thank you so much to Claudia (and Sarah, her little one) who sent in the winning nomination and here it is:

" I would like to nominate Nikola as Teacher of the Term, because she has been excellent in supporting my daughter getting through a difficult time in her swimming lessons.

A while ago, my daughter had lost her confidence in the pool, after longer periods of absences, and did not want to join in the activities. Nikola was always very positive and made the right adjustments to the activities for my daughter so that eventually she became enthusiastic about swimming again. Nikola also suggested to try out some swimming goggles which made a big difference, as the goggles helped to make underwater activities seem a lot easier.

Nikola is also outstanding in motivating children to try their best while making swimming fun at the same time."

We had lots of other great nominations, all of which are detailed below. They all speak volumes about our teachers and the work that they do with the parents and children who swim with us.  Before our Puddle Ducks teachers can become accredited, they have to complete at least 300 hours training so you can be confident that your little ones are in very safe hands!

Well done Nikola as this is very well deserved and we hope that you all enjoy reading all the other nominations that we received:

Here are the other nominations that Nikola received:

"Jacob and I would like to nominate Nikola at The Key Health Club as Teacher of the Term. She has been a brilliant teacher and Jacob loves his swimming lessons and is improving every week.

What makes her special? Last week, she was working with a trainee. She could have sat back and taken it easy but no! As we were waiting for our turn, she is down blowing bubbles with a "bubble blowing superstar" (who suddenly realised it was more fun to blow bubbles than drink the pool water!) and giving lots of encouragement which Jacob loved. And, she still has time to keep an eye on and offer advice to everybody else. Amazing! I'm hoping that if I get Nikola nominated as Teacher of the Term then I might be allowed to have a bit of a head start in the the end of term egg and spoon race!"

Nominated by Ian

"Nikola at The Key Health Club has been super patient and supportive as we've been through some confidence challenges with our 'Dipper.' She has helped us build his confidence back and re-engaged him to enjoy swimming after several tough weeks. It's been challenging as parents but she's really made this possible. 

Nikola has known him for several years which has allowed her to really develop the relationship and get to know us. She's also consistently balanced with her approach - both authoritative and fun, a perfect combination." 

Nominated by Amy

"Nikola is teacher to both our children (Nia aged 4 and Isha aged 20 months), and we are indebted to her for all that she has done. We have two children who are confident in the water and we are two parents who are now very confident with our children in the water. The manner in which Nikola teaches, her approach, her style combined with her incredible knowledge makes us feel very lucky that she is our teacher. She is always smiling and cheerful and makes the lessons fantastic.

She is our teacher of the year let alone teacher of the term."

Nominated by Sireesh and Dipti

"Evie and I would like to nominate Nikola at The Key Health Club for Teacher of the Term. Nikola has taught Evie since she was about 2 years old and as Evie is not the most confident of children in the water, it has been important for her to have a swimming teacher who has been able to bring her confidence out.

With Nikola as a teacher, Evie has gone from a child who was nervous of water to a happy and confident swimmer who was so proud to achieve her 5m badge. In Evie's Swim Academy lessons, Nikola is reassuring and she goes out of her way to make her feel at ease. Her friendly and kind nature makes her a brilliant teacher. Thank you Nikola!"

Nominated by Lucy

Rachel Clewes:

"We would like to nominate Rachel at Momentum Leisure. Rachel is a wonderful swimming teacher and both Blossom and Beatrix have come on so much over the past year. They genuinely look forward to Saturday morning in the pool. Their confidence has improved dramatically and it's all down to Rachel's calmness, friendliness and her love of teaching children to swim. We can't thank her enough for everything she has done for us."

Nominated by Hannah and Andy

Louise Gillott:

"Our teacher at DW Mansfield, Louise Gillott should win the award. Louise always encourages the children she teaches and Charlie has come on brilliantly in her care. He and his friend Noah both completed their 5 m swim today and through out Charlie's illness and getting him back to swimming Louise was there for him encouraging him and praising  him every step of the way. Charlie loves Louise and looks forward to his lessons with her at DW Mansfield, so we think she deserves the award."

Nominated by Julie

"I would like to nominate Louise Gillott as Teacher of the Term. Louise is an amazing teacher who has given my daughter so much confidence in the water, so much so she was able to do a sponsored swim for charity back in March. Louise understands and knows each and every child and so can get the best out of each individual. Because of Louise I have also signed up my little boy who is 6 months."

Nominated by Nicola

"We would like to nominate Louise G at DW Mansfield. My son Theon attends her Kickers class at 10am on a Saturday morning. 

Louise has truly worked wonders with Theon as the improvement since attending Louise’s sessions is fantastic! Louise is so positive, encouraging and understanding regarding every child in her sessions.  When I first started to attend sessions, I was struggling with Theon in class but Louise gave me some excellent advice and it WORKED!

I can’t thank Louise enough for how hard she’s worked to get Theon to where he is now. I would 100 percent say after attending other Puddle Ducks sessions in different places that Louise has made the biggest difference not just for Theon but for me too! Going swimming isn’t a drama anymore it’s enjoyable - Thankyou!" 

Nominated by Megan

"Louise Gillott from DW Mansfield is a superstar teacher. We love her so much that we followed her from another pool so we could continue our lessons with her!

She is so patient and makes such a fuss of all her students. We’ve been coming almost a year now and the progress we’ve seen has been amazing! Ewan gets so excited when we tell him it’s time to see Louise on a Saturday morning! Thank you Louise for all you do xx"

Nominated by Kim

"I would like to nominate Louise Gillott for Teacher of the term. She is just amazing and my two boys love her and her lessons. My eldest has just completed his last swim lesson (due to starting school) and he was very emotional knowing he wouldn’t be with Louise again. We are so lucky and privileged to have been part of her lessons and she has been and will continue to be a huge part of my boys’ childhood. Thank you Louise!"

Nominated by Katie

"I think our teacher Louise at DW Mansfield is Teacher of the Term as she is understanding of every child’s needs. My son doesn’t always like being on his back so she changes it to his tummy. She has a smile on her face every week and has made me feel at ease going swimming with him."

Nominated by Donna

"On behalf of my little boy Maverick, we would like to nominate Louise, from DW Mansfield on a Friday morning. We began our journey with Louise when Maverick was just 16 days old & we are adoring our time in the pool.

Louise instantly made us at ease with our precious new bundle in the water and our little boy is now a confident, enthusiastic & cheeky lover of his swimming and water and I single handedly think this is down to his wonderful teacher.

Puddle Ducks is without a doubt his favourite moment of his week & he often begins to lunge himself towards the water from my arms as soon as he sees or hears her in the pool - he would stay in with her all day-even without Mummy! Louise is definitely a huge, significant & very loved part of our little boys world. We cannot thank you enough, & can’t wait to see what Splashers has in store for us soon!”

Nominated by Hannah

Jayne Ascott:

"We would like to nominate Jayne at Roundhill Academy in Thurmaston. James loves his lessons with Jayne and is excited when he sees her. She has a lot of patience and knows her students and each of their abilities well. She knows when James needs encouragement and how to get him to listen - which can be a mission some days!."

Nominated by Liz 

"Jayne is a lovely smiley teacher with a great manner so I am nominating her."

Nominated by Joanne

Jayne Ascott and Rebecca Pridmore:

"Ivy would like to nominate her two swimming teachers at the West Gate pool on a Wednesday, Jayne and Rebecca. Ivy says it is because they are really nice and funny, and make swimming fun!."

Nominated by Kevin

"Rebecca and Jane at the West Gate pool both deserve Teachers of the Term. 

My son has sensory needs and in Week one he wouldn't even get in the water. In Week 2, Rebecca gently gently took his hands and led him through the whole class. She showed such sensitivity to his personal needs and this grew his confidence. Rebecca continues to give Tobias encouragement and praises every effort he makes. 

Jane worked more directly with him last week, showing the same sensitivity, praising him as he tried things. This was very significant as it stretched Tobias to be less dependent on one teacher, and also shows how mindful Jane and Rebecca are. They are such a good team and so deserving."

Nominated by Rachel  

Nicola Walters:

"I would like to nominate Nicola who teachers the Sunday class at the Every Sensation pool for the teacher award. She is always happy and helpful and makes everyone feel at ease. The lessons are always fun and adaptable for each child in the group and Nicola is great at picking up on their abilities. We love Nicola’s swimming lessons, it’s always a joy!"

Nominated by Emma  

Alex Shelton-Knight:

"I’d like to nominate Alex. Although relatively new to role, she is a fabulous teacher who very successfully juggles technical content with fun. My daughter had started to become a bit despondent with swimming, but that all changed when Alex joined. Alex is fast paced, clear and enthusiastic and she interacts brilliantly with all the children. I honestly can not speak more highly of her - swimming has now become the highlight of our week. My daughters confidence and general ability in the water has improved dramatically to the point where she is ready to start in Swim Academy this week -  thank you Alex!!"

Nominated by Amy

Rebecca Edwardson:

"Rebecca!!  3.15 on Sunday at the Portland pool - she’s amazing!"

Nominated by Andrew