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There are many things to consider when taking a baby swimming...

Here at Puddle Ducks Oxfordshire, we know that swimming is one of the most amazing experiences you can share with your baby. It is one of the few things you and your baby can enjoy together and although there are many things to consider when taking a baby swimming, please don't be put off by the logistics - it's well worth it! 

  1. Babies can be taken in to the water from birth - they do not need to have completed their injections.
  2. Going to a class provides support and enables you to relax & enjoy the experience. Good teachers are trained to understand the needs of both parent and baby. 
  3. Any pool you choose should be heated to over 30°C, clean and well managed. If you can't find a warm pool, use one of our award-winning neoprene BabyWrap Wetsuits, which helps to keep babies warm in the water and prevents the chills when getting out of the water.
  4. Babies with a chest, ear or eye infection should avoid swimming until it has cleared and no child should go swimming with anything that could be infectious, such as Chickenpox. 
  5. If a baby is tired or hungry, then they are unlikely to enjoy swimming. Breast or bottle-fed babies can be fed immediately before or after the class (or even for a few minutes during the class). Babies on solids should just have a light snack an hour before swimming. 
  6. Swimming nappies must be worn and need to be a good fit around the waist and the legs. Our Neoprene Swim Nappy can be worn over a disposable swim nappy or one of our environmentally friendly NappyWraps & Liners to ensure that all 'little accidents' stay inside the nappy:-) 
  7. Focus on your baby and stay relaxed. Float your baby on their back with support under their head, swaying from side to side. Sing songs, play games and remember to smile!
  8. Bring a changing mat or towel to lay on the floor poolside to help get your baby into the pool and to change them on after the session. 
  9. When your baby gets out of the water they may be cold, tired & hungry! Have a well sized hooded bath towel to wrap around your baby, a hat for their head (even on a warm day, for the first few minutes of going outside) and something to eat. 
  10. Finally - enjoy the peace and quiet when you get home as your baby has a wonderful sleep! 

If you're a new mum or dad and have any questions about swimming with your little one, get in touch on 01666 577377. Our expert teachers are happy to help with any questions you may have. We hold our fabulous classes at pools across Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire and we'd love to meet you!  

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