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Congratulations Theresa

Please welcome our latest Baby and Pre-school teacher - Theresa. 

Theresa a mum of two children and ex-primary school teacher loved her swimming experience with Puddle Ducks so much she decided to become a teacher and join the team at Puddle Ducks Oxfordshire.

"I always aspired to a career that would provide pride, satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment so this is why I initially decided to teach. Being a primary school teacher enabled me to embrace children’s interests, ideas and nurture young minds. However, becoming a Mum of two beautiful children has enabled me to gain a new ‘hands-on’ perspective and it is through them that I first experienced the Puddle Ducks programme. My children are now both very water confident and spend most of their time underneath the water as opposed to on top of it?! Being a Mum continually provides me with a wealth of invaluable knowledge, skills and understanding which will only enrich the experience of working with babies, children and their parents/carers through those developing invaluable pre-school years! 

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