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Teacher of the Term - Autumn 2018

We are pleased to announce that Flis has won this term's Teacher of the Term competition.

This is her winning nomination:
"When Flis first met my little girl, she had just been diagnosed as moderately to severely hearing impaired most of the time due to constant severe glue ear & inflammation from severe reflux. She literally couldn't hear anything in the lessons.
Flis was fantastic. She took on-board advice from me and used her own initiative making sure she looked at Jessica more when talking to the class, getting Jessica's attention to speak to her first before giving instructions and used more gestures, signs, visual & physical signals with her.
Despite not really hearing anything Jessica's made amazing progress in class and her confidence has grown rapidly throughout each session. She loves her weekly sessions.
It just goes to show being significantly hearing impaired is not a barrier to learning to swim if you have a proactive & brilliant teacher like Flis.
From Sarah and Jessica"

Our lovely friend, Daisy, at The Pottery Place in Witney chose the winning nomination and here's why:
"I feel this nomination deserves to be the winner. She has adapted her teaching methods to make classes easier for a student who would otherwise struggle."

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