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Teacher of the Term - Summer 2016

Nominations for Teacher of the Term are in and the winner has been picked!

Congratulations to Flis for winning teacher of the term for Summer 2016.  Thank you to all of our customers who nominated their teacher(s).

Sarah Baignet, from Memorable Moments, made the difficult decision on who to choose.

Her reason is below:

I have chosen the winning teacher for the following reasons; the teacher has clearly taken the time to get to know the children in her/his group individually and as a result s/he has helped them to not only grow in confidence whilst in the water but also develop a passion for swimming. S/he is clearly supportive of the children's needs, showing consideration for their fears and helping them to face these and overcome them. The teacher engages his/her pupils and delivers high quality lessons which are not only tailored to their needs but also fun, making them memorable experiences for all involved, parents and children alike. The teacher is well thought of by the parents as well as the children they teach and is obviously viewed in high regard. From the nomination, they appear to be encouraging and patient, setting a suitable pace at which children may both learn and enjoy being in the pool. They have motivated the children to challenge themselves and aim high and not to be put off by any negative experiences with water which they may have had.

Winning Nomination

My two children Isla & Louis would like to nominate Flis Goldsmith as swim teacher of the term/year... She has amazing patience with the children in her swim groups and their parents. Her natural ability to engage the children in her swim group is outstanding- her sessions are fun, fun, fun...

Whilst teaching the important skills of swimming. Flis' help, support and high quality swim lessons have resulted not only my youngest child Louis (3) to confidently dive down under the water to pick things up, to happily put his face in the water - something he has never been a fan of, to have a passion for swimming but to ask to go to Flis' swim session everyday! I feel bad when I have to tell him it's not Friday (when it's not Friday).

 My daughter Isla who is now 5 started Puddle Ducks with Flis from 18 months - she didn't progress very quickly due to a fear of water and generally getting wet. Flis supported us through this by encouraging her, persevering with her and building her confidence at a pace that was appropriate to Isla. With Flis' continued efforts we were super impressed that before her 5th birthday last year she achieved her 25m badge! She recently also took part in the Puddle Ducks Swimathon raising over £300 for sport relief and she swam a very impressive 150+ metres. This amazing achievement is the result of having such a fantastic swim teacher FLIS! We are very thankful for everything you do to ensure our children develop a love of water and have the confidence to be safe swimmers. THANK YOU!

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