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Thank you so much for considering joining our new 11.30am Kickers class, launching on April 27th at the Novotel Cardiff. Book before April 24th and enjoy 10 lessons for the price of 8!


Our Kickers classes (for children from 15 months to 2.5 years) are really energetic and fun – exactly geared towards busy toddlers! 

A typical 30 minute session would include the following:

  • safe entry into the water

  • A warm up with some bubble blowing (absolutely vital to swimming!)

  • kicking and splashing then swimming independently with woggles

  • swimming with parent (usually with woggle for support)

  • jumping in from the side 

  • plenty of swims between parent and teacher 

Benefits for your baby: 

·         Physical development – swimming works all of the major muscle groups

·         Awareness of water safety – we hold termly pyjama parties and as your baby progresses, they will learn to kick to the surface, turn and hold on to the side

·         Confidence and enjoyment of being in water

·         If they follow the Puddle Ducks programme they should learn to swim independently at an early age

·         Use of music and rhyme makes our classes a lot of fun and reinforces the positive experience of being in the water

·         Great bonding time - guaranteed time when they have you all to themselves


This 30 minute session in the pool is your time to bond with your child, without distractions.  Watching your child develop confidence and skill in the water is an absolute joy – you will be amazed at what they can achieve with the right encouragement.


How to book

This is a new class which we're launching on Friday April 27th.  Normally when swimmers join us they pay for 10 lessons which costs £150.  On week 7 of your current block, if you wish to carry on beyond that block you pay for another 10 and so on…  However, if you book before April 24th you can book 8 lessons for £120 and we'll give you the extra 2 for free, saving £30!


If you ever miss a class you can make it up on a different day (subject to availability).   We also have a satisfaction guarantee which allows new customers to cancel your block and receive a refund of remaining classes, should you not be happy with our lessons, so long as you let us know at least 48 hours before your fourth class.


If you’d like to join us (or there’s anything else at all we can help with) please give the office a call on 07852 475906.   Alternatively you can book online through any of the links below - click ‘join now’ for the Friday Kickers class.  Complete the form then click ‘complete booking and pay’ to pay for your first block of classes (use code SEWNBS30 to claim the £30 discount).  Or if you'd prefer, complete and submit the form below and we'll be in touch to book you in!



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