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Meet the Team

  • Claire Bailey – Owner/Teacher

    Claire Bailey – Owner/Teacher

    Having always wanted to run her own business and with swimming something she believes all children should learn, Claire launched Puddle Ducks Suffolk in October 2013.

    Claire says ‘I am very lucky to have a great team, super venues and such wonderful customers.  I believe every child should love swimming, respect the water and swim beautifully.  That is why our standards are the highest and our approach is unique.’

  • Leanne Thomas - Senior Teacher

    Leanne Thomas - Senior Teacher

    Leanne brought her daughter to Puddle Ducks when she was eight weeks old to the very first Puddle Ducks lesson and they both loved their lessons.  Leanne started as Poolside Assistant soon after and as soon as a teaching opportunity came up she took it.

    Leanne says ‘From both a parent and teacher view Puddle Ducks is such a happy and positive environment to be in.  Children are not just taught as part of a class but as individuals by highly skilled and trained teachers’.

  • Becky Wright - Teacher

    Becky Wright - Teacher

    Becky joined Puddle Ducks Suffolk on our very first day as Poolside Assistant.  After just a handful of customers she has seen us grow to a thriving pre-school swimming school.  After seeing how much fun being a teacher was Becky completed her teacher training and absolutely loves her rewarding job.

    Becky says ‘Puddle Ducks is a great swimming school because we tailor each class to the needs of the individual child so they can progress at their own rate as well as learning invaluable life saving skills while having fun’.

  • Hollie Richardson - Teacher

    Hollie Richardson - Teacher

    Hollie started bringing her son to Puddle Ducks when he was four months old and thought being a teacher here would be an amazing job.  When a position became available she jumped at the chance and has loved every minute of it!

    Hollie says ‘At Puddle Ducks we strive to make every single child and parent as comfortable in the water as possible, going that extra mile for difficult times.  We have the highest standards of health and safety and always have fun’.

  • Sam Porter - Teacher

    Sam Porter - Teacher

    Sam’s eldest daughter joined floaties in 2013 and still continues to love the lessons. Seeing her children enjoying and learning such an important skill made Sam want to become a Puddle Ducks teacher as soon as the opportunity became available.

    Sam says ‘Puddle Ducks is a fab swimming school, essential life saving skills are taught in a fun and productive way’.

  • Georgie Bennett - Teacher

    Georgie Bennett - Teacher

    Georgie started as a Poolside Assistant and has recently qualified as a Teacher. Georgie has been bringing her daughter to lessons at Puddle Ducks since she was 7 weeks old and was very eager to join the team.

    Georgie says ‘Both my daughter and I love coming to lessons each week, we have lots of fun and I’m so impressed at how much she has picked up.  I’m really looking forward to starting my exciting new role with Puddle Ducks’.

  • Emma Holland - Teacher

    Emma Holland - Teacher

    Emma started with us as Poolside Assistant and has recently qualified as a teacher.

    Emma says 'I loved swimming as a child and knew that when I had kids of my own it was something I would get them to try. My two children love the Puddle Ducks lessons and are now very confident in the water. Puddle Ducks is a great way for babies and young children to learn to swim in a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere. I can't wait to start my new role as poolside assistant and be part of this company that helps children learn to swim, reaching their full potential in the pool.'

  • Jo Edwards - Customer Care Manager

    Jo Edwards - Customer Care Manager

    Jo is the Customer Care Manager at Puddle Ducks South Suffolk; working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  She deals with class enquiries, emails and any questions you have about Puddle Ducks.  

    Jo says ‘Puddle Ducks gives babies and children confidence and ability in the water that will benefit them for the rest of the lives.  It is so rewarding seeing the children and parents on their Puddle Ducks swimming journeys’.


  • Charlie Beard - Poolside Assistant

    Charlie Beard - Poolside Assistant

    Charlie is a Poolside Assistant at Stratton Hall.

    Charlie says 'I fell in love with Puddle Ducks after bringing my son to a Splashers class and seeing his confidence in the water grow enormously. We have now moved up to a Kickers class and it is something we both look forward to doing each week; it's a special time for us.'

  • Katie Robinson - Poolside Assistant

    Katie Robinson - Poolside Assistant

    Katie joins us as Poolside Assistant at Stratton Hall, Levington. 

    Katie says 'I started bringing my daughter to Puddle Ducks when she was 9 weeks old. She loves every lesson. It’s a lovely way to bond with your child and such a key skill to have as they grow up. Looking forward to becoming part of the team.'

  • Sam Agar - Poolside Assistant

    Sam Agar - Poolside Assistant

    Sam has recently joined us as Poolside Assistant at Stratton Hall, Levington.

    Sam says 'I've been a customer at puddle ducks since my son was 8 weeks old, now 17 months it's his favourite time of the week! The teachers make every lesson so enjoyable they don't realise they are learning life saving skills! I love being poolside and watching the children achieve there goals and watching them grow as puddle ducks!'

  • Kelly Ranson - Poolside Assistant

    Kelly Ranson - Poolside Assistant

    Kelly has recently joined us as Poolside Assistant at Stratton Hall, Levington.

    Kelly says ‘I first came to Puddle Ducks to watch my niece in her Splashers class; she is now a Little Dipper and super confident in the water. I knew then that it was something I would want to encourage when I had children and my son started in floaties at 5 months old. It is an amazing skill to learn in such a fun way and I love watching them grow and achieve goals.’