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14 years in business

January 2023 marked 14 years since our franchisee Faye taught her very first Puddle Ducks lessons in Wakefield, with just 6 customers!
Since then the franchise has grown to incorporate Barnsley, Sheffield, Leeds & Bradford.
It got us thinking how long our team members have been with us, we have some of the most loyal teachers, poolside assistants and office team around! We think this makes us unique as not only do we have a ton of experience, it also offers stability within our lessons, which we know is important to children (and their grownups) and helps to forge great relationships which in turn helps us to develop our swimmers progress. It also means we are fully able to support our newer team members (more on them on Monday!), meaning that our lessons are the best they can possibly be!
Check out how long these team members have been with us:
  • Franchisee Faye - 14 years
  • Head of Teaching Verity - 11 years
  • Business Operations Manager Joanna - 10 years
  • Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy Teacher Paula - 7 years
  • Customer Support Advisor & Poolside Assistant Lindsay - 7 years
  • Customer Support Advisor Marie - 7 years
  • Poolside Assistant Nic L - 7 years
  • Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy Teacher Helen S - 7 years
  • Senior Teacher Steph - 4 years
  • Senior Teacher Emma - 4 years
  • Baby & Pre-School Teacher Rachel - 3 years*
  • Poolside Assistant Nicola F - 3 years
  • Swim Academy Teacher Abbie - 3 years
  • Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy Teacher Julia - 2 years
  • Poolside Assistant Helen B - 2 years
* Rachel has taught for our franchise for 3 years but did teach for the Nottinghamshire & North Leicestershire franchise before that!


Our newest team members are all doing a wonderful job and we are so pleased to have them as part of our team!
  • Poolside assistant Chloe
  • Swim Academy teacher & poolside assistant Edward
  • Baby & pre-school teacher Grace
  • Poolside assistant Sally
  • Swim Academy Teacher, Baby & pre-school cover teacher & poolside assistant Louise
  • Poolside assistant Leanne
  • Baby & pre-school teacher Lauren
  • Poolside assistant Suzanne
  • Swim Academy teacher & poolside assistant Laila
And finally....
Just because we have a wealth of experienced team members doesn't mean we aren't looking to the future and developing new teachers!
So we would like to introduce our 2 trainee teachers. They are currently being supported in their journey to becoming Puddle Ducks teachers by our wonderful Senior Teachers, Verity, Emma & Steph. We just know they are going to be fabulous teachers and we can't wait to see them progress!
  • Catherine - Trainee Baby & Pre-School Teacher and Poolside Assistant
  • Victoria - Trainee Baby & Pre-School Teacher

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