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Common queries regarding Swim Academy lessons...

"Do you offer 1:1 lessons?"
No we don't offer 1:1 lessons. The simple reason is group lessons carry a lot of benefits, including:
  • Peer to peer learning. This is an extremely useful tool. Children learn a lot from their peers. Having the opportunity to watch another swimmer demonstrate and to learn from them is invaluable. If a swimmer is unsure or nervous, watching a peer can boost their confidence and encourage them to give it a go!
  • When you go leisure swimming outside of lessons you are very unlikely to be in the pool by yourself. So it is important for our swimmers to have the confidence to swim with others around them and to know how to navigate other swimmers etc
  • Group swimming lessons allow your child the opportunity to socialise with peers and make friends outside of school. This can help to support other aspects of their lives such as communication skills. Many of our swimmers remain friends outside of lessons and go for play dates or to each other's birthday parties!
  • Group swimming allows us to have fun. It gives us the opportunity to play games, have races etc Seahorse races are VERY competitive
"But will my child have enough individual attention to make progress?"
Yes! Our close-knit class sizes afford all the benefits of group swimming lessons but they mean all children get the right level of support to suit their age. Small enough to nurture; large enough to let go!
To book your space contact our friendly team on 01924 826238 or email [email protected]

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