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Star Teacher Award Spring 2023 - All Nominations


Amelia is a looked after child, and very weary of new people and places. Julia helped her feel safe and secure in the pool and went above and beyond to support me as an adoptive mum, who was very unsure how things would progress. Amelia has completed little dippers and is now waiting for space in the next group, and feels a sense of pride when telling people.

Emma Knights with Amelia.


Julia is so friendly and from our very first swimming lesson, she made us feel so welcome. She explains each part of the lesson and the benefits and why we are doing it with our babies. You can see that she loves her job as she is always smiling and happy! Sophie is super confident in the water and is putting her face in the water! This is all thanks to Julia ❤️

Charlotte & Sophie Cunningham


Julia is always positive and happy to each child and parent. She is very approachable and helps make me feel positive and reassured.

Lisa Drake & Joseph


She is very friendly and an excellent teacher,encourages my son frequently with positive words.

Deepikaa with Athul


We would love to nominate Julia as she is such a positive and engaging teacher. She has encouraged Ethan during lessons, seeing his potential and stretching him with different activities. Her humour and warmth is brilliant for parents and carers as well as the children and make lessons such a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

Gareth & Ethan Coleman


Alfie has come on leaps and bounds since moving to Everlast with Julia. She really pushes him. It is great been in her class both of us think she is amazing. She is witty, knowledgeable and extremely good at praising the children. I won't be changing from Julia's class. Awesome teacher. We've done both her lessons and catch up lessons on Saturdays and she's equally as motivated and dedicated to the children.

Joanne Louise Davey & Alfie


My Husband used to take my little boy swimming, but had an operation so hasn't for the last 6 months, so I had to take my little boy instead, Julia has really helped me as I had no idea what to expect and supported me with my little boys swimming though out this time. My little boy has grown in confidence and I have Julia you thanks for that!

Sarah & Oliver D'ROZA-Blake


Julia is AMAZING! She encourages and pushes where she knows she can but also offers reassurance and allows the children to be in control. She has worked wonders with my child, I’m amazed at what she can do at just 3 and this is down to Julia!
When my little one is feeling it Julia offers her support but doesn’t push, this is so important, not to scare! My little one is so proud of her swimming and tells EVERYONE that Julia is her teacher, she’s very proud!

Carly & Charlotte Hannard


Julia always goes above and beyond to make Freddie and I feel at ease! Especially when Freddie is having a meltdown or rough day. She always takes the time to make sure everyone is ok and included. She also is in Albies lessons sometimes and he loves to tell me how fun she is! Thank you Julia x

Holly & Freddie Shearman


Julia has encouraged my daughter Verity with every swim stroke she’s taken over that last few months. Verity has suddenly gained confidence and with Julia’s guidance has started to excel. Many thanks Julia

Anne & Verity Pinder-Packard


Julia has fostered a safe environment for Rupert to build his confidence in the water. When he started swim academy a couple of months ago he was very nervous of water but Julia’s kind nature and her ability to bring the group together and create a team spirit within the class has given Rupert the confidence to try any activity, safe in the knowledge that Julia believes in him and has his back. He loves his swimming now and is proud to say he put his eyes in the water last week!

Rachel & Rupert Crossdale


Fantastic manner with the children. A highlight of our week!

Gareth & Ethan Coleman


Julia is one of the best teachers. She is always so good with everyone and delivers her classes so well. Her humour and encouraging words have really spurred Sophia on. Sophia’s swimming and confidence has come on so, so much, thanks to Julia. She has so much patience and encourages all of the children when they are feeling off or nervous. People who have taken taster/catch up sessions have also commented on how further advanced and detailed the classes are.

Jen & Sophia Leighton


Julia originally was poolside until Joshua joined her class earlier this year. Julia has encouraged and brought Joshua on so much that he is now confident when jumping, doing bubbles, swimming underwater. she is amazing with him.

Lisa & Joshua Hanwell


Verity understands Ernie, she puts every ounce of effort into him to make sure we get the best from our lessons. She knows his abilities and never forces him to do something he’s unsure about, she remembers his likes and dislikes even when we can’t attend every week. We love our Thursdays with Verity and Ernie has developed a lot since our time with her!

Kayleigh Shaw with Ernie


Verity is a superstar teacher! Oscar absolutely loves coming swimming, so much so we have a battle on getting him out of the pool at the end of the lesson! I'm amazed at Oscars ability in the pool and it's all down to Verity ❤️

Rebecca & Oscar Meachin


Verity is fab. She's always so enthusiastic and helpful. I actually got quite upset a few weeks ago and was crying in the pool, unrelated to swimming. Verity was so kind. I couldn't have asked her to respond any better than she did.

Rebecca & Ben Smith


Evie absolutely loves verity, and loves learning from her. Super friendly and welcoming. She explains things really clearly to the parents and gives you the confidence to advance your child’s skills.

Josephine Barrett & Evelyn


Verity has taught my son from 7 weeks old , and now he’s 7 years old and he’s still swimming with Verity In the Swim Academy classes. Now Verity teaches my daughter who’s 8 months old, Frankie started when she was 3 weeks old with Verity.
Verity is an absolutely amazing swimming teacher. Verity is amazing with the kids. Has excellent knowledge, never a rushed lesson. The kids just love her and listen to her , they Look forward to her swimming lessons. Verity has taught my son to be be an excellent swimmer, like Frankie will be too.
Thank you verity, you’re a star teacher in all levels X

Rebecca& Charlie Mawson


Patient, professional, consistent, caring and just a fab person!
So grateful that she teaches Martha.

Claire & William Hilliam


Verity makes sure our swimming lessons are fun and exciting. She treats Austin as a individual and helps him do his best. We love our swimming lessons with verity.

Liz & Austin Norbury


Verity has a lovely nature and all the children love going to class and having fun
I’m confident that my little one will be swimming before I know it!

Claire & Emily Worswick


Poppy is so confident thanks to these lovely ladies. She has progressed so well.

Kayleigh & Poppy Selley


Helen is brilliant.
Up-beat and enthusiastic but also calm and patient. My son struggles with confidence and trying new things but Helen supports him every step of the way.
Thanks Helen xx

Jo & Jenson Hutchesson


My kids just love the classes, she always provided personalized and helpful instructions so can enjoy keeping leaning. Many thanks!

Tiago Nogueira & Davi

Helen is very patient and kind. The kids in her class may be at different stages and have different abilities but Helen knows their individual needs and makes them all learn together without competition. Kids also laugh a lot in her class, she makes the environment relaxing & fun by playing games, Helen is very good at this, she’s the best.

Bukky & Kira Cobson


Helen is an excellent teacher. Engaging, patient, fun and explains things in a clear way allowing the children to understand directions clearly.

Caroline & Freddie Nichol


Helen is so patient with all the children in the class and understands each child's level and how to get the best from them. She has given Cecily so much confidence in the water.
We just returned from holiday and Cecily swam unaided every day in the pool, full lengths at a time. No arm bands, waddles or life vest. Diving in and retrieving things from the bottom of a 1.5m pool. All down to Helen.

Lee Allott with Cecily


Helen is always full of energy, encouraging and always understanding if your child isn't keen on doing something. She is reassuring and explains instructions really well. She's the best swimming teacher we have had! :)

Natalie Stepniewski with Athena


So friendly and makes Arlo feel completely at ease.

Stacey Louise Wilson with Arlo


Helen is brilliant - patient but encouraging. Also great fun.

Jo & Jenson Hutchesson


Helen is fabulous. She is gently encouraging, very warm towards the children, clear in instruction and above all funny and kind. Our daughter (who is quite a shy 5-year old) thinks she’s ACE! (So do we!!)

Cheryl & Ruby Bailey



Paula made us feel so welcome during our first lesson and that is great when mums are nervous to start swimming. Amazingly, Paula remembers every child’s name even after just the first class which is very impressive! We really like Paula and I’d definitely recommend a friend to join Paula’s class at puddle ducks.

Hollie Appleby with Charlie.


Paula is so lovely with Thomas, very calm and always gets the children engaged in her lessons.

Claire & Thomas Pilling


Paula has always made us both feel confident with Ava in the pool and supported us. We have seen a massive difference in Ava doing the Splasher course with Paula.

Becky & Craig with Ava


Great with Benjamin and very helpful.

Mark & Benjamin Hewitt


Paula has been a great influence on Harrison's swimming and it has shown in him gaining his 5m award recently. He enjoys his lessons and has really taken to Paula's way of working with the group, concentrating hard and working to reach his goals. We are really pleased that both of our boys have been in her groups :)

Jemma & Harrison Challender


I've had a few different Puddle Ducks teachers since we started last year but Paula is by far my favourite! She really makes our lessons enjoyable, explaining why we do things & corrects my technique of handling Esme in the water which greatly improves my confidence handling her. She also isn't afraid to sing all the songs which I love :)

Charlotte & Esme Sharp



Friendly, happy and very helpful.

Rachel with Otis Turner-Stead


Emma has been teaching Alfie since he was 6weeks old and now 11 months. She has formed a fantastic relationship with him and enabled him to develop great confidence in the water. His face says it all when he sees her each week. Emma goes the extra mile in every lesson to include every baby and parent. I'm so glad Alfie has had Emma as his first swimming teacher she's been fantastic.

Penni Wright with Alfie


She’s fab- so great with all the kids and works so hard. She also puts up with The Village Hotel’s cold water!!

Emily Quinton Smith with Iris


Gives feedback and advice
We feel Nicole is starting to progress since emma has been her teacher.

Laila & Nicole Lawton


Emma is great, her interaction with Eben & the other babies is lovely & I feel his confidence is growing in the water. He started at 4 months & is now 16 months & Emma has always been his teacher & I wouldn't want that to change.

Leanne Aylward with Eben


Great classes. Makes everyone feel welcome and be at ease. Adapts things to suit each individual child. Missed her when she wasn’t there!

Sam & Keira Hobbs


Emma is fantastic with Ronnie and has come on so much. Thank you!

Robyn & Ronnie


Emma is friendly and welcoming, she encourages all the children and builds their confidence in the water- thank you!

Claire & Ruby Jarzyna


Emma always makes lessons lots of fun and always lets Aurora choose the pink floaties/rings.

Jennifer Clegg with Aurora


Isaac's had a bit of a confidence wobble recently but Emma has been brilliant helping him get it back. Thank you Emma! X

Aneliese & Isaac Platts


Emma has been so patient with Lucas, since we switched to her class. Lucas had a lot of change at this point and for a period didn’t like coming swimming. With Emma’s welcoming and enthusiastic approach, Lucas now loves swimming again 🥰🥰 she pays personal attention to the children in class and indulges Lucas when he’s waving at her and cheering him on. Thanks so much, Emma 😊

Hannah & Lucas Crumpton


 She is always attentive to each child’s needs and makes every lesson lots of fun! Esme loves her classes with Emma.

Natalie Bowen with Esme


She makes class so fun. Scarlett is always excited to go to ‘Emma's pool’ on a Monday morning.

Victoria & Scarlett Rigby


Emma is the most wonderful teacher. She is so patient with all of the children and always brings a smile to Finley’s face (even on his grumpiest toddler mornings!). She is so knowledgeable about all of the children and knows exactly what to do to progress Finley’s swimming on to the next steps. Finley has been a little bit hesitant at times but she continues to persevere with him and I can see his confidence growing every week. On top of all of that, Emma also inspired me to start my own Puddle Ducks career! We both learn so much from her every time we get into the pool, our swimming lessons are our favourite time of the week. Thank you Emma!!

Rachel Everatt with Finley


Emma is kind and funny and very patient. She makes Erin laugh and is very encouraging.

Janine Brown with Erin


Emma is amazing every week, Lucas loves her enthusiasm! She pays great attention to each child and goes above and beyond to make sure they enjoy the lesson and are developing their skills. Thank you!

Hannah & Lucas Crumpton


Michael loves swimming with Emma as she’s so encouraging and fun.
I love that she pushes him to achieve his best at each lesson. I also like the fact that she is strict with him, as michael needs that due to not always paying attention or listening.

Hannah & Michael Groom


Theo loves attending swimming lessons with Emma, he is always excited to swim with her, she is very patient and knows just what to say to make sure Theo understands what he needs to do.

Melanie & Theo Strong


Emma is wonderfully welcoming, perfectly patient and endlessly encouraging to the children and grown ups in her class.
She creates a really safe environment for children to explore and gain confidence in water.
We think she’s great!

Abi Westerman with Amelie


Brill interaction with the children

Maria Yarker with Kendall


Emma is great with our son in his swimming classes, we feel she really makes an effort towards him and the children in his group. All the classes are well organised and fun.

Sarah & Lewis Hall


Emma is always really enthusiastic and delivers a great lesson with a smile on her face. She takes time to give attention to individual children without it taking away from the whole class. She has really helped Fiona to progress and Fiona loves her swimming lessons with Emma. Emma is fabulous!

Victoria & Fiona Woolley



Every week Steph is full of energy and is amazing with Vinnie.
Very patient and passionate about the kids.

Josh & Vinnie Pease


She’s always so enthusiastic and nowledgeable. She tells us why we’re doing different activities and makes the class fun for us.

Jodie & Mia.


Steph is always really patient with Islay and has helped her develop her confidence.

Cyndi Haslam & Islay


Steph is very personable and engages really well with the children. Her friendliness really helped build my daughter’s confidence in the water and she really enjoys working with Steph to show others what to do. Steph is always happy to help and a really good teacher. Thank you!

Daniel & Elsie Rowett


My child has had steph since he was 8 weeks and my child has grown
Incredibly with her I have had courtesy classes and it knocked us confidence.

Ryan & Jacob Bruce


Steph has been fantastic throughout all of my daughters classes with her. Full of encouragement, kind words and lots of support during every session. We love swimming on a Sunday and this is thanks to Steph for providing such enjoyable sessions!

Samantha & Amelia Robert


I would like to nominate Steph for the Star Teacher Award. Steph is an amazing teacher who has always taken time and effort to explain things clearly in the water. My daughter is confident in the swimming pool and is making heaps of progress due to Steph's ability to make the lessons both progressive and fun. It's a treat for both my daughter and myself every Tuesday when we come along. In the car on the way, my two year old always says "See Steph now, swimming it's fun!" There's no bigger reward than 2 year old giving out praise! Thanks so much for all you do, Steph! 

Kate Burton


Steph is so friendly and always has a welcoming smile on her face, she is great with the kids and parents alike

Ashleigh Rae with Artemis


Patient and knowledgeable, kind and caring, can change up activities to suit of little ones are not playing ball. She makes every lesson fun for both mums and babies.

Gemma Cook with Riva


Continues to help build confidence in every lesson, and can see the results.

Daniel Rowett with Elsie


Steph has been incredible in bringing on Mylahs confidence and she has been one of the main reasons Mylah has wanted to keep going swimming. She is still happy that she gets to see Steph although she has moved up to swim academy.
Throughout lessons she is great with all children and gives great and simple instructions for adults to understand support options if they were to be away swimming with there children.
Thanks for everything Steph you have been amazing!

Peter & Mylah Murphy



Eddie loves her and she does great with him. Sometimes he gets distracted and she waits for him to refocus before continuing and he will happily go to her for demonstrations.

Aimie Jessop with Eddie


Rachel is excellent. She's so calm and reassuring she makes you feel confident in the water. She's fantastic with the babies. My little girl is really comfortable with her as are the other little ones in the class.

Sophi & Eden Nottage




We love Grace’s lessons so much, she made us feel at ease and comfortable from the very first lesson. Her presence in the pool and how she is with the babies is so special. I feel like Grace treats each baby so personally, getting to know them all and guides us all through so well. I felt like we’d been going ages even when we were new! Thank you Grace.

Emily Cass with Jenson


Grace has really helped Tabitha develop her love of swimming, she is doing exceptionally well and grace really helps encourage Tabitha to improve. She is very patient and knowledgeable and makes every lesson fun. Thank you Grace.

Debbie Scotthorne & Tabitha


The best and most patient teacher for my child.

Diana & Iancu Udisteanu


Grace is fantastic with the kids (& adults alike), she makes the sessions entertaining & educational, getting really involved with every child. Grace seems to make enough time for all the children, even in the larger classes.

Lee Webster with Alfred


Grace has been great with Harris in floaties. She has watched his progress and acknowledged what he is and isn't comfortable doing so the lesson is enjoyable for him. She's great at explaining why we are doing each activity which has helped me buy into it more as a parent.

Emma Thorburn with Harris


She has been very great with my baby and I. She made us feel comfortable for day one. Even though I didn't know what I was doing She did her best to support us.

Olu & Eliana



I vote Louise for my star teacher award, she is so patient with my daughter who is on the autistic spectrum who struggles with social interaction. She’s kind always has a smile on her face when ever we see her which is so nice. I’ve seen such a difference in my daughters confidence in the water since louise has started teaching. My daughter always comments on how nice and kind she is with her. So Thankyou louise

Ruby Butterworth with Frankie-Mae.


Louise goes above and beyond for Bella. She knows how nervous she is and supports and comforts her every lesson. Recently she promised Bella a sticker but didn’t have any, so she brought one to school for her the next day (she’s a fellow school mum)! We really appreciate everything she does.

Jodie & Bella Brown


She is so kind, smiley, playful and very efficient. My little girl loves doing swim lessons with her. And when she moved up a level she wanted to be with Louise still.

Victoria & Paige Brown



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