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Star Teacher Award Winner Spring 2019

I am delighted to announce that our Star Teacher Award Winner for Spring 2019 is Helen!!! 
A massive thank you to Sarah and James Swinden for sending this nomination in, who swim at Greenacre School in Barnsley on a Sunday.
This winning nomination was chosen by Sharina, our lovely pool owner from Mizmerise Private Pool who said "I picked this one as this teacher shows confidence, talent, perseverance, kindness, and attention to the needs of the child".

Here is the lovely nomination and congratulations to Nic also, our lovely poolside assistant who got a mention too ❤️❤️...

"We’d like to nominate Helen because, quite simply, she’s awesome! Helen has supported James through so many crises of confidence since she started teaching him in late 2017. In September his confidence dipped so low that we almost quit swimming. It was totally out of the blue but he was miserable and he didn’t want to be in the water at all. It would have been a real shame to end his journey as he’s been with Puddle Ducks since he was 14 weeks old. Helen to the rescue! She worked with us to return back to basics and support James by doing activities that he enjoyed and felt more confident with. Helen and Nic lavished James with praise (and magic stickers) helping him to find his confidence and love of swimming again. We’re so proud especially as James has now progressed to Swim Academy with Helen. The only downside is that the lovely Nic is no longer our poolside assistant. Thanks for your hard work and efforts Helen and Nic"

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