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Star Teacher Nominations 2019

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to nominate their teacher for this Award. I absolutely love reading all the nominations and their swimmers' journeys. Well done to all of my teachers, I am super proud of them and the impact they have on the families who swim with us.


Both myself and Margot are always made to feel comfortable in the water. Verity's lessons are fun and informative, she gives clear instructions every time. Chloe & Margot Tolson


My daughter has been going through a really bad attachment patch which has been the worst I have known. Took me 2 weeks to get Ava back in the building after summer holidays. Verity was fantastic and managed to get Ava into the pool and I have now managed to sit in the waiting area. Ava still gets upset but will go as she loves Verity. A testament to her teaching ability Andrea Stranger & Ava Rajfield


Always lovely and great with Robert when he’s getting cranky about being in his back Gemma Colquhoun & Robert


Verity has the patience of a saint. She makes all her lessons so much fun that the kids don’t realise how hard they’re working! On holiday, Lily ‘became’ Verity and taught me to swim. She was so good, I started to swim with my head underwater; something I have never done even though I have swam for years! Jane & Lily Teasdale


Clara has only been swimming in Verity’s class for a few months but she has made much more progress since joining her class. Verity gives clear instructions, explains things well and always gives praise when praise is due. Kathryn & Clara Denner


Verity is excellent with the babies and promotes confidence in the parents who come to the classes. She gives clear instructions, my daughter has always been really comfortable with her, and we always have a great time at the lessons. I wish she did more classes as I can’t always make the days she does do!!! Thanks Verity! Hannah Barber & Marcie


Helen & Verity - I think they work together as a team brilliantly and Jacob loves them both! His confidence increases every week and that’s a credit to two great teachers... thank you.  Laura & Jacob Lewis



Fabulous teacher always puts Reeva at ease in the water and has a lot of time for the children. Helen is a natural at teaching. Rachel & Reeva Watts


Always helpful and patient. Such a kind and happy lady. Nicola Jefferson & Zak


Helen has a very warming character which puts Thea at ease, she always motivates and praises which has helped Thea to grow in confidence. Natalie & Thea Ashworth


Helen has taught my little boy from he was 10 weeks and he has just turned 3. Helen is so patient and has built such a fabulous relationship with Cohen. He loves his lessons and his confidence grows every week. Helen understands my own fears and passion for ensuring they aren’t passed on to Cohen. She is always there to reassure and answer questions. Helen is the reason we have continued at puddle ducks for so long and have now enrolled our youngest son in lessons. Erica & Cohen Cherry


Helen is a wonderful teacher to work with. She watches both parent and child and tweaks each activity to mean that you are supported and pushed. Fin loves swimming and I am a firm believer that that is down to her warmth and confidence - he blows bubbles everywhere (in and out of the pool!) Samantha & Finley Proud


We have been with Helen for years now with both kids and she is so understanding, encouraging whilst at the same time being clear and confident with instruction. The kids love her and she is just a fab teacher! Thanks Helen :-) Caroline Duffitt with Harriet & George


Will adapt class for every childs needs. Helen is always happy and smiling and making jokes with Harrison and the other children in the class. She knows their limits and also when they are ready to push them and go further. Carrie-Anne & Harrison Newsome


Helen always goes the extra mile in class. Both girls feel at ease with her. Siena always wants to be Helen's little helper in the pool.  Kim with Chaise and Siena


We would like to nominate Helen because she is always smiling and kind. She encourages me and my sister to do our best.😉😊 Louise with Joshua Masterman


We would like to nominate Helen because she is lots of fun and likes to splash with me😊 Louise with Hope Masterman


Fantastic, fun lessons and Helen has been so helpful to me whilst I have had a wrist injury and surgery so ivy could still have a great time despite me incapabilities. Thanks you Helen Lucy & Ivy Wells


We'd like to nominate Helen as she always makes the lessons fun and engaging as she strikes up a great rapport with not only the children but the adults as well which makes for a fun class. Alfie really does look forward to swimming and seeing Helen (as do I!) and we always come away happy. She is very personable.
The lessons always run smoothly and seamlessly, the instructions are always clear as to what and why we are doing certain activities.
The biggest compliment I can give is that we are always slightly disappointed when we turn up for class and Helen isn't taking it.
Ryan & Ruth  with Alfie & Barney Greatrick


Helen is fab, Kole loves her always smiles when he sees her. Kirstie & Kole Dickens



Paula has taught Hannah on and off while covering her dippers class and we now have Paula regularly for dabblers. Hannah looks forward to her swimming Lessons. Paula knows hannah’s strengths and weaknesses and she goes above and beyond to encourage her to push herself in the pool, whether tackling a new skill or taking an existing skill to the next level.
During the safety question Paula knows Hannah can be shy but she gives all the children a chance to answer which give Hannah the confidence to think about the answer herself.
Naomi & Hannah Boyd


We have had Paula as Anna’s teacher for over a year now and Anna absolutely loves her and often asks if she can go swimming during the week (when we don’t have a lesson). Anna smiles from the second she gets into the pool until the very end of each class and this is all thanks to Paula. On top of that Anna has come on leaps and bounds - she is becoming very confident in all aspects she has been taught and again this is thanks to Paulas’ patience and kind nature. Thank you Paula x Nichola & Anna McDermott


Just like our eldest daughter, Anna, Daniel loves his lessons with Paula. She’s kind and patient and has given him lot of confidence in the water. Even when he has the occasional melt down she always tries to calm him and move onto the next activity. A great teacher and both him and I are looking forward to many more lessons with Paula. James & Daniel McDermott


Paula is really knowledgable and she has made things fun for my little boy, he hates getting his face wet and she’s not pushed him but she’s still given him the confidence to go further each time, he won’t quite go under the water but he is more willing to blow bubbles etc now she’s fantastic!! Katherine Farmer & Gareth


Always kind to both geeta and myself also who ever is in pool with geeta she a great teacher Claire Taylor & Geeta


Paula has made us feel welcome from day one, she’s very knowledgeable and friendly and if we’ve needed extra help she’s quick to step in. Also if Ava has not wanted to do something she’s made great suggestions for alternatives so we can keep joining in. Sarah & Avalyn


Paula is amazing with every child in the pool. Her lessons are fun and she always calmly explains and shows the children how to execute a particular swimming stroke or leg movement. My daughter loves her swimming lessons and has thrived in all of Paula's lessons since dippers. So much so that we got compliments from people whilest on holiday about her swimming ability. Sarah & Isabella Wilkinson


Paula makes Reuben’s swimming lessons so much fun and he loves going to ‘Paula’s Pool’! Even when Reuben isn’t listening very well Paula has so much patience and still encourages him to try again. Lucy & Reuben Julienne



Emma has taken over our classes from Lois. Nell loved swimming with Lois and we sometimes had to adapt lessons for Nell as she became very distressed during some activities so I was worried how she would cope with a new teacher. Emma is so lovely and her classes are so energetic. She has a way of encouraging Nell so that more often than not now she joins in with the others rather than doing her own thing and she still loves swimming. Thank you Emma! Sarah & Nell Trentham


She is such an amazing teacher, harry has come on so much in her classes. It’s great to have a teacher who genuinely loves what she does. Lea & Harry Lee-Nelson



Steph is absolutely amazing with Aubree in the water. Aubree loves going swimming and doesn’t mind when Steph takes her in lesson to demonstrate. We love coming to Steph’s classes, and she’s helped us to adapt so well when Aubree wanted to swim on her tummy. Steph takes the time to learn individual needs and makes it fun. Definitely a credit to your team Aimee Wilks & Aubree


She’s always patient and makes daisy feel very comfortable in the water. She always has a smile on her face! Linzi Bower & Daisy


Steph always makes our lessons very entertaining and is amazing in the way she teachers the lesson. Seb can have some grumpy moments and want to do his own thing. Steph is good at being able to help in making sure that he is still learning the skills but in the way he wants! We love going to our lessons and it’s all thanks to Steph thanks!! Bethany Gordon & Sebastian


Brody loves his swimming lessons with Steph, She always take time with each child and helps assist them to do the best they can. Natalie & Brody French


Steph has been an amazing swimming teacher since I started bringing flo to puddle ducks. Not only is she amazing with flo and all the other babies but the parents too. Being a first time mum is daunting and then taking a baby swimming is nerve racking and she makes us feel at ease and helps us enjoy the session and bond with our little girl. She is helping flo’s confidence in the water and helping her to progress ready for her move up into splashers! Chloe & Florence Whittle



I would like to nominate Rachel who holds the classes at the Momentum Leisure. Me and my partner have taken our daughter Harper from being 8 weeks old and she is now 6 months old. Rachel is an excellent teacher and made my little girl, who can at times be clingy towards her mummy feel very relaxed whilst having her floaties lessons. She is so interactive with not only the children but the parents and no question is too silly to ask.

I feel Rachel deserves extra credit not only for how amazing she is as a teacher but just how she's handling the pool closure at Momentum Leisure. I saw real emotion on Saturday when she was saying goodbye to her classes (maybe not for the last time) but even so you can see just how much the children she teaches mean to her. Lauren & Ben Betts with Harper


Rachel has been absolutely amazing as a teacher for both our kids. She has a fantastic relationship with the children and knows just how to get them to try their hardest and have fun. She’s amazing and wonderful and has been such a professional carrying on through these last couple of weeks - making sure the kids are as unaffected as possible.  We absolutely love her and hope that you can find somewhere new so we can all continue as if nothing has happened! Hannah Mears


She has worked so well with both my children and without her they wouldn't have the confidence they have in the water or come on like they have.

We are guttered to not be still swimming with her and her talent will be surely wasted if she cannot carry on. Hannah Harrison


On behalf of our daughter Ella we would like to nominate Rachel for teacher of the term. 

We have been swimming since Ella was 3 months old and she has learned so much and Rachel has been such a brilliant teacher helping develop Ella's water experience she has thrived with her and we will be sad to see our lessons go. I can honestly say this has been one of the best experiences we could of possibly given Ella at such a young age. Faye White & Ella

Thank you for the update on the momentum situation. As we have had our last lesson there it seems right that I nominate Rachel as teacher as of the month. I can't speak highly enough of Rachel's ability as a teacher. She is wonderful with the kids and has been amazing at teaching my two to swim. She definitely deserves this!

Thanks Alyson Cann


Please could I also take this opportunity to nominate Rachel for teacher of the month. I can't thank her enough for the introduction to swimming she has given to Jackson and the confidence she has instilled in him. I know this is going to stand him in good stead going forward and we are sad that she wont be teaching our new baby when he starts his swimming journey.

The enthusiasm and humour  that Rachel brought to each lesson is really  appreciated  - especially during the last few weeks when she was in such a state of uncertainty herself. Sophie Portelli


We would like to nominate Rachel as she really has helped our 2 children grow in water confidence. They looked forward to swimming with Rachel every Saturday morning.
With Rachel’s kindness, perseverance and knowledge of swimming / water wobbles our children flourished and Blossom even got her 5 metres plus they both always have a smile on their face in the water. Rachel’s love for teaching children to swim is evident. We will really miss swimming with you.
Hannah and Andy Taylor with Blossom & Beatrix



Kirsty never fails to be accommodating with Sophia's very many questions - and she asks a lot of them!
She is kind, compassionate and has a lovely way with all the children. Sophia loves her and says she is definitely deserving of the Star Teacher Award.
Lucinda & Sophia Ingleby








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