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Star Teacher Summer 2019 Nominations

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to nominate their teacher for this Award. I absolutely love reading all the nominations and their swimmers' journeys. Well done to all of my teachers, I am super proud of them and the impact they have on the families who swim with us.



"Verity is a patient teacher who makes the lessons fun. She took time out when she should have been going home to prove to Lily that the new pool wasn’t scary. The way she explains poolside what the kids should be doing in the water at times is funny!"
Jane & Lily Teasdel


"Brooke moved to Verity from someone at Puddle Ducks and I can honestly say Verity is fantastic, she is so professional and knowledgeable guiding Brooke in the right direction and has so much patience! She has a great connection with the children and doing a fab job Thank you"
Kate Scruton with Brooke


"She has so much patience and brings out the best in Finn every week. He has additional needs but loves the water, and LOVES Verity! She makes his differences disappear and treats him with love and respect, everything you hope for as a parent of a child who sees the world a bit differently. Thank you Verity x"
Victoria & Finn Marshall


"Always so patient, friendly and adaptable to child’s needs/ mood on the day"
Abby & Heidi Faver


"She always make class fun and interesting"
Emily & Henry Capstick


"Enzo has been swimming with verity since he was 10 days old and he’s just about to turn 2. He has such a love of water that it scares me that he has no fear of it. Every time we go to a lesson he is so eager to get in the pool as he has such a good time. It’s amazing to watch Enzo develop into an independent swimmer and that’s all down to Verity knowing Enzo, as she knows when he’s having a bad day and when he’s on top form and she continues to encourage him in each lesson. She is consistent every week and always has a smile on her face. Each lesson is filled with fun and laughter and it’s a pleasure to have verity as a teacher because it’s not just Enzo that’s learning new things, I am too. She’s very approachable and offers encouragement especially if I’m unsure of something. So thank you verity for being an amazing teacher x"
Carolyn Dodds with Enzo Eastwood

"Beatrice absolutely adores Verity, who has been teaching her since she was a tiny baby! Verity has the perfect combination of being fun yet doesn’t stand any nonsense in class & seemingly never ending patience - which shows in the enjoyment & standard of Beatrice’s swimming.
Holly & Beatrice Pearce


"She’s so fun and friendly but really pushes the kids"
Louise & Henry Hallworth



"Helen is fantastic, she is a star and amazing with the kids. She has such a natural teaching ability that’s puts the kids at ease and makes puddle ducks fun. She should definitely win the star teacher. Reeva has so much confidence at 10 months old thanks to Helen"
Rachel & Reeva Watts

"Helen has been a fantastic teacher to both my children. We have loved being in her classes she has a way of making the children feel comfortable in the swimming pool. I have had water confidence issues with both my children and Helen has never pushed the children to do something that they don’t want to do/are scared of doing. Thank you Helen for all your patience. We already miss you on a Friday"

Emma & Elise Barraclough

"A few months ago Isaac start to lose his confidence in the pool he didn’t want to join in with activities he had previously loved to do. I was getting so frustrated but Helen was patient with him and never pushed him and bit by bit he got some of his confidence back. When he turned 4 we decided to try him in swim academy to see if that would help and it did for a couple of lessons then he took another step back and wouldn’t get in. Helen encouraged him all the time and when she stopped teaching his class she reserved him a space in another class at Greenacre. Since changing classes he has hugely improved. He will now put his face in without being asked and is much more confident. Thank you Helen for all you have done for him"
Emma & Isaac Barraclough



"Paula is an amazing teacher, she is so patient and has a lovely manner with the children. My daughter has really improved with her swimming skills since having Paula as a teacher. Paula pushes them to go that little bit further but in a lovely, balanced way. Our daughter has grown in water confidence and skill thanks to Paula, we can’t thank her enough. She’s a credit to the Puddle Ducks team!"
Lydia & Marnie Sheffield


"Paula has taught Jemimah for a while and has encouraged and developed her swimming confidence brilliantly. Jemimah is always excited about swimming and loves the fun that Paula brings to the lessons."
Rebecca & Jemimah Law


"Endless patience and helps give confidence to an anxious around water mum."
Emma Griffiths & Rhys O’Neill

"There was a long period of time (over 12 months) where Oliver did not enjoy his Friday morning lessons and we were so close to packing it in. He was upset and did not want to participate in the lessons at all Didn’t like getting his face wet or using the woggles at all. Paula has helped Oliver enormously in overcoming his fears and lack of confidence in the pool and now it’s as if he’s a different child. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. We, (our Family) salute you!"
Nicola & Oliver Womack


"Paula has massively helped Emelia build her confidence and this has seen Emelia really excel in lessons each week. Lessons are always fun with lots of songs to support the different activities which Emelia loves. We love coming each week to puddle ducks because Paula really cares about her classes and their development spending time to support each child. Thankyou Paula"
Mark & Emelia Firth


"Always kind and helpful to mums too"
Claire Taylor with Geeta



"Lois always makes lessons fun and really connects with the children on their level. We love coming to Lois' lessons!"
Louise & Lewis Totty

"Zachary would like to nominate Lois! He always loved Lois’s lessons and she made him super happy! Zachary progressed so much and is now super confident in the water. (Mainly because Lois put mum so at ease).
ps Helen is our current teacher and we love her too :)"
Laura & Zachary Cornish


"We love Lois! Orla asks every week if Lois is going to be at our swimming lesson just to make sure! (She once missed a week while teaching elsewhere and Orlas never forgotten!) She explains everything really clearly and easily so that Orla can understand. She is always so positive, supportive and encouraging. She makes time to spend time with each student to check their progress and tailor the activity to push the student! She is building Orlas confidence no end and my confidence with Orla in the water! She’s an excellent teacher!"
Tilly & Orla Jenkins


"Lois is always there with a big friendly smile to welcome you to the lesson each week. She always goes that extra mile with each child to adapt the activity slightly if needed. Finley and myself really enjoy swimming with Lois. X"
Natalie & Finley Britton


"She’s awesome! Patient!
She also engaging and funny. A positive role model"
Gillian Werrett & Tobias Webster


"Lois is an amazing teacher. She is really patient with James even when he's having a not listening moment!
James loves having Lois teaching him and when i told him he had a new teacher he wasn't happy, he's really going to miss Lois."
Sophie & James Bradbury


"Lois is great with the kids. Isla doesn't like going to other people but she accepted Lois (most of the time) and paid Lois more attention than me in the pool!"
Sophie & Isla Bradbury


"Lovely to the children, really encouraging, make my daughter love swimming!!!"
Cherie Griffiths & Aphielia Griffiths Price


"Since the 1st time meeting Lois, she made us feel so welcome and relaxed. Finlay absolutely loves her and so do we. She is so good with all the babies and the commitment she has is second to none. She thoroughly deserves this award."
Jodie Bowden & Finlay Douglas


"Lois is wonderful. She's silly with the children, supportive to the parents and fully understanding when your child just wants to have a meltdown. She works at the child's pace and makes you feel so welcome. We love our Monday morning lessons!"
Shaunna Senior & Edison Jones



"Elijah started level 1 swim academy recently, having been through the puddle ducks journey since he was 10weeks old. Despite being confident in the water he was nervous about being on his own no longer with a parent. Kirsty is a brilliant teacher and helped put Elijah at ease in his first lesson so he could continue his love of swimming . Through Kirsty’s patience and great teaching for Elijah in his Swim Academy journey I know we have made the right decision to stick with Puddle Ducks /Swim Academy. Thank you x"
Rebecca & Elijah Law


"After missing a big gap of not going to lessons while I was pregnant and sick then looking after the new baby, Christopher had lost all his confidence and wouldn’t let go of me in the water, so I decided to try him in swim academy. From the first lesson Kirsty reassured him and helped gradually build his confidence. She gave him the right amount of support, while encouraging him gradually to let go and he’s a totally different boy, even wanting to go in the pool by himself on holiday! Thank you"
Carol & Christopher Dawson


"Tara was amazing at welcoming Haaris in to the group hence the reason we signed up for the package. She’s always so warm and friendly and makes each baby feel special. She’s always got a warm smile and everyone loves her. She definitely deserves this award"
Mubina Ahmed & Haaris



"We’d had several changes of teacher so I was a bit apprehensive about another change but it’s like Emma has always been there. Both children instantly warmed to her (no mean feat with Evie), she made Max’s transition to dippers really exciting for him rather than daunting, she helped Evie back into the water after period of illness and she makes such a big deal of the little moments the kids have in the water. You would never know she’s so new to it and she’s so enthusiastic. I’m really impressed and both kids have really progressed"
Katie with Max & Evie Howland


"She's just fab!"
Carolene & Luke with Oliver & Ella



"Iris loves to swim but isn’t very confident. Marie allows Iris to feel safe and lesson by lesson is gaining confidence. Iris always leaves her lesson feeling she has conquered something new, and that’s all down to Marie’s wonderful encouragement and nurturing. Thank you Marie x"
Victoria & Iris Marshall




"Steph has recently taken over the lessons at Newhall farm and my daughter Elle has taken to her straight away. I’ve seen an improvement in Elle in the 3 weeks she’s been with Steph, I can see Steph has focused on the stage she’s currently at and worked on progressing her onto her next thing, Elle has really responded to the way Steph deals with the her and the other children. I had thought about moving locations as it’s a little far to travel however we’ve made the decision to stay put because it’s working so well with Steph! Jelsey x"
Jelsey Barnes & Elle Bower



"She's amazing with Ella and the rest of the little ones she never pushes too far and nos what they like and don't she is so approachable could wish for my daughter to learn from anyone better"
Faye & Ella Harper


"Rachel is a fabulous teacher. She has the right balance of explaining what to do and why, demonstrating and then practise. Freya loves her, she is great with the kids!"
Elizabeth & Freya Veeren


"Rachel is a wonderful teacher. Since swapping to her lessons Georgia has become so much more confident. Rachel challenges her because she believes in her abilities. She encourages me to support Georgia too and has always been a friendly and welcoming person. Her lessons are fun and we always learn the why as well as the how. Without Rachel I don’t think Georgia would be the swimmer she is today, getting that 5m badge was such a huge achievement for her and Rachel was the driving force behind it"
Laura & Georgia Neasmith


"Rachel is brilliant with all the children and patient with the parents who often get instructions wrong (like me). She's really given Cecily lots of confidence in the water. Cecily can't wait to go swimming every Saturday and sings Puddleducks songs at home in the bath"
Lee Allott & Cecily Fletcher


"For always including the parents in the teaching, never getting flustered during the latest meltdown and for always keeping it real!"
Victoria Ashford & Eve and Vivienne Ashford


"She really takes the rime to get to know the kids and always works to help them get more confidence in the water and have lots of fun with it"
Sarah & Thomas Narracott



"Such a great attitude with the kids. Really personable and patient. Feeds back to parents. Positive and encouraging. Lovely all round!"
Emma & Seb Duffy



"I would like to say a big thankyou to our pool side assistant Dawn.
Dawn is so lovely with the children and makes such a fuss when they arrive for class.
She remembers childrens Names and helps mums massively by entertaining/looking after children while mums quickly get ready.
My little boy is full of energy and doesn't keep still so having Dawn there is a godsend.
I'm lucky to have both Lois and Dawn in my class .
Lyndsey & Mason Connolly






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