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Swimming Tips ...

Let's talk about: swimming when it is cold outside

It's getting colder, the clocks have gone back, the days feel darker and it can be tempting to give swimming a miss but swimming is great for your mind and body at any time of the year but especially in the winter. Swimming is not only good for your mental health but it can actually boost your immune system too!

Here are some top tips when swimming in the winter months:

  • After your lesson dry off throughly with a big fluffy towel. If you or your little one feel the cold after your lesson why not take a towelling robe or an extra towel to wrap up in as you exit the water, then have a separate, dry towel for drying yourself in the changing tooms.
  • Dry ears carefully to avoid ear infections. Tip the head gently to each side to allow any water to drain out. 
  • Contrary to what your parents might have told you, you can't catch a cold from wet hair but it isn't much fun going outside with wet hair. So dry yours and your little one's hair as best as you can. Either using a hairdryer if one is available or squeezing excess water out and then towelling it off. 
  • Bring hats to keep heads warm after you have been swimming.
  • The colder months can often see an increase of illnesses, which little ones bring home from nursery or school (and of course they always love to share them with you!) If your child (or you if you attend baby & pre-school lessons) has a chest, ear, throat or eye infection, do no attend lessons until it has completely cleared. If your child (or you) has been vomitting, please do not come swimming until at least 48 hours after the last episode. If your child (or you) has diarrhoea please do not coming swimming for 14 days after the last episode. 

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