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Teacher of the Term Nominations - Autumn 2016

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate their teacher in our Teacher of the Term Autumn 2016.  You can read the nominations below :-).....



Nominated by Helen and Imogen Stokes

"Verity has taught Imogen a number of times of the past 5 & 1/2 years. Imogen is quite a nervous swimmer, but Verity knows exactly how to calm her down and work with her to ensure she makes progress. Verity is kind and caring and Imogen responds to this, it puts her at ease. We really appreciate how she enables her swimmers to make progress, whatever their ability".

Nominated by Laura and Louie Travis

"At the beginning of this term Louie was in a new class in a new pool and just wouldn't settle. Verity went out of her way to help us try different pools and make Louie and me feel happy and confident again in the water. He now loves his lessons once again with Verity! Her friendly and calm nature makes all the babies and parents feel relaxed and happy to splash and enjoy their classes!".



Nominated by Gina and Ellie

"We were new to sandal pool and booked it as a catch up. Paula was so friendly and welcoming. Brilliant with the Floaties. Delivers lessons at a good pace. Considering booking with her for next block. A credit to Puddle Ducks. (Love our current teacher too)".

Nominated by Rebecca and Freddie Wilson

"Paula offers a warm welcome each week (alongside her poolside assistant - sorry we don't know her name!) and has a smile on her face throughout the lesson. She always praises Freddie's efforts which boosts his confidence massively, he always turns to me with a smile on his face when he's heard a 'well done' from Paula. We enjoy our Puddle Ducks lessons so much, best wishes Rebecca & Freddie :)".


Emily Land

Nominated by Kerry and Oliver Johnson

"Oliver started puddle Ducks as a baby but stopped when he was a year old as he became frightened. He restarted Puddle Ducks when he was 3.5 years old after a bad experience at another swim school. Emily was very patient with him and encouraging. What makes Emily stand out for me is her attention to detail; making sure Oliver had the 'green hulk' woggles every week as that was his favourite colour, doing things with him like going under the water and praising his achievements however small with stickers. Slowly but surely he has grown in confidence and progressed to swim academy (with Emily). He now loves swimming and is starting to swim alone. I can't thank Emily enough, she is amazing. Every kid should have an Emily!".

Nominated by Nikki and Jenson Parsons

"Jenson has been with Emily since pretty much day one it took him awhile to acknowledge her let alone smile or do anything for her but now he smiles he chats away and best of all he loves his Emily cuddles. Jenson isn't very confident with going under the water but Emily manages to get him to do most things and I am very confident that with Emily's support he will gain confidence and be a strong swimmer when he gets older. Thank you for every thing you do Emily he loves splashing you and being his cheeky self"

Nominated by Emma & Thomas Renard

"Fun enthusiastic and encouraging"

Our teachers are extremely happy to receive these nominations, thank you again.




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