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We have a brand new trainee teacher!!

I am delighted to welcome Heather who is training with us to become a Puddle Ducks Baby & Pre-School Teacher.
Heather will be attending intense courses during July and August and along with attending classes and co-teaching with our teachers over the next few months. So you may be lucky enough to have 2 teachers with you for a little while :-).

Here is a little bit about Heather...

“When I first moved to Barnsley I had a 2 year old that was terrified of swimming who stuck to me like glue when we were in the water. She’d been completely traumatised by an underwater photo shoot that we had with a different swim school in our home town. I kept taking her swimming to our local pool and before I knew it she was 4 and I was pregnant again.
I knew that this time I wanted to introduce my new baby to the water as soon as possible. When she was born and I started to feel a bit more human, I booked her in to Floaties with Puddle Ducks. She took to it straight away and I was always so proud of her and the progress that she was making. At this point I decided to enrol her big sister into Swim Academy, she was nervous but her teacher was amazing, supporting and challenging her - she’s just achieved her 5 metre badge.
Since I first started swimming with my baby I have had such a lot of love for Puddle Ducks. A year ago I was diagnosed with PND and anxiety. There were a good few months where the only thing I looked forward to was my swimming lesson with my baby. I could forget about everything, it was just me and her. Over a year on and taking her swimming is still the highlight of my week. Although I now have so much more to look forward to, training to be a Puddle Ducks teacher for one!
I’ve been a science teacher for 11 years one thing that I have always loved about my job is my students and knowing that I have made a positive impact on their lives. When I made the decision to leave teaching, I knew that I would really miss this and that I would need to fill that hole. I have always been a confident swimmer, I love the Puddle Ducks way and I’m a teacher- training to be a puddle ducks teacher is a perfect fit for me. I hope that I’ll help develop a life-long love of swimming for lots of children and that their parents will share my love for Puddle Ducks.”


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