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What makes Puddle Ducks different

Many other swim schools insist that parents are not in the water for swimming lessons once their child is 3 years old.
At Puddle Ducks our parents stay in the water in lessons until their child is at least 4 years old, with the flexibility to stay in until their child is 5 if it would be beneficial to the child.
We believe that swimming lessons are the perfect opportunity to bond with your child in the water. Our parents are in the water to support their child emotionally and physically, to praise their child, to laugh together, have fun together and to share those important swimming milestones together.
For our younger children who are more confident in the water we still have parents in the water but we have clever ways on increasing independence and resilience in the water at a pace that is suitable to their young age and only when they are ready.
Even our most confident pre-schoolers love having quality time with their grownup each week. Your child is only little once and we believe our lessons allow you to have uninterupted "us" time.

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