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At Puddle Ducks, we teach invaluable personal survival skills and have lots of fun while doing it!

What our Pyjama Week teaches:

  • If accidents happen, often it's when fully clothed. We strongly believe it's our duty to ensure that our swimmers know what it feels like to be in water while wearing clothes
  • Even just this short experience will help them to realise that even though they feel heavier, they can still do those all-important reactions of kicking to the surface, turning and reaching for the side

What to wear for Pyjama Week:

  • Floaties, Splashers & Kickers: sleepsuits or short or long sleeved pyjamas. Don't forget to wear your usual double swim nappies underneath
  • Little Dippers & Dippers: short or long sleeved pyjamas. Don't forget to wear your usual double swim nappies underneath or swimwear if potty trained
  • Swim Academy: short sleeved pyjamas
  • All parents/carers involved in pre-school lessons are invited to wear pyjamas too.

A top tip is to bring a plastic carrier bag for all the wet pyjamas as they make bags and towels very wet.

That's the Puddle Ducks difference.

We can't wait for the fun begin - swimming in our jimmy-jammies - BRILLIANT!

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