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Meet the Team

Find out more about our wonderful team - both in and out of the water!

  • Clive


    Founding Partner; Operations, Recruitment, Training, Logistics and Pool Relationships

    PADI Qualified Scuba Diver, STA-Qualified Pool Responder and STA Level 2 Baby & Pre-school teacher (and best cub scout at Faversham swimming Gala 1981!).

    I gained my passion for swimming at a very young age having nearly drowned as a younger child.

    It was my lovely daughter Gracie May who introduced me to the delights of baby swimming and I haven't looked back since.

    I run all operational aspects of the business; recruitment, training and competency, marketing, pool relationships and pool acquisition. I also love a good spreadsheet!

  • Lindsay


    The Boss!

    While it might be Clive that you see out and about teaching, coaching, organising, fixing something or generally messing about, Lindsay actually runs the show!

    From her kitchen table desk Lindsay pulls the strings that make our team what it is, as well as looking after Charlie, Gracie - and Clive!

    Lindsay is absolutely focused on providing the very best experience both in and out of the water that we possibly can. Everything she does is dedicated to that goal.

  • Holly


    Office Manager

    Holly has been with us for several years and runs our office administration. She's super efficient, super quick and generally just...Super!

    Holly has three of her own little Puddle Ducks - Mia, Imogen and Georgia.

  • Jenny


    Customer Service

    Jenny very ably supports the rest of the customer service team.

    Based in Crowborough, Jenny's focus is on customer retention and service. If you've got tricky logistics, siblings to try and fit in or need a bit of extra help you may well end up speaking with Jenny!

  • Rachel


    Customer Service

    Rachel is our customer service queen!

    Many of you will have exchanged emails or spoken with Rachel about your classes - but very few of you will realise that Rachel lives in Manchester! Rachel joined us mid 2015 having re-located from Manchester to East Grinstead - and then promptly moved back again!

    Rachel is dedicated, flexible and passionate about giving all of our Puddle Ducks the very best service possible, she's also been instrumental in helping us through our transition to our new computer systems.

    It doesn't matter where she has her laptop open, Rachel is always ready to help - and we love her for that!

  • Allie


    Senior Teacher (Baby and Pre-School & Swim Academy)

    Having been a Puddle Ducks customer for over a year, Allie joined the team in March 2019.

    Allie had previously run her own cosmetics business which she continues to run alongside her teaching and Poolside Assisting.

    In 2021 Allie also began working as a member of our Customer Service team - she certainly likes to be kept busy!

    Allie is currently on maternity leave.

  • Claire


    Senior Teacher (Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy)

    Claire is one of our Senior Teachers, based in the West Sussex area. She first joined as a customer with her daughter when she was 18 months, and she is now 11.

    She wanted her children to understand how to be safe in and around the water. This is something she also tries to incorporate in all of her lessons.

    When she is not in the pool she still tries to be as close to the water as possible, regularly visiting the beach, so swimming will always be important part of family life.

    I simply love to teach, and I love to watch the relationship between parents and their children in the water and the trust I build with parents and children alike. My style is safe but with so much fun!


  • Laura


    Senior Teacher (Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy)

    Laura is one of our Senior Teachers, based in the Tunbridge Wells area. She also keeps busy behind the scenes with Admin and Operations.

    After being spotted aged 8 by a diving coach whilst somersaulting into the pool, she was asked to join the local diving team. This soon led to County and National teams where she won National medals and a couple of National titles.

    At the age of 16 it was time to choose between her two loves - diving and musical theatre. She chose the latter and went on to train at London Studio Centre and perform in many shows.

    I have always loved being in and around water, as a young child I loved collecting pennies from the bottom of the pool that my Dad used to throw in.

    After my daughter was born I knew I wanted her to have the same confidence, respect and love of the water that I have. A friend of mine recommended Puddle Ducks and I have not looked back!

    I instantly fell in love with the whole concept and I knew I had to be a part of it. I count myself so lucky to be able to do a job that I love, find so rewarding and teaches an invaluable life skill.

  • Robyn


    Senior Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Robyn is one of our Senior teachers, based in the Eastbourne area. Swimming has always been a big part of her life. From a young age she swam competitively for her county and could often be found in her local swimming pool.

    Since having my children and taking them to lessons I can see how confident they are now in the pool. It made me think that teaching swimming is something I would love to do. So when I saw Puddle Ducks advertising I knew I had to get in contact.

    From day one I knew this was the job for me! The feelings you get seeing babies understanding the water, leading into them growing and taking their first independent swims is the best feeling - especially knowing you have played a massive part in that progression.

    I can truly say I love my job!

  • Sarah


    Senior Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Sarah is one of our Senior Teachers, based in the East Grinstead area. Having previously been a Legal Advisor, she decided to change careers and do something she really cared about. She has been teaching swimming to all ages; from babies to pensioners since 2012.

    My first insight to baby swimming classes was when I took my then 4-month old son to his weekly classes. It was the highlight of our week and a lovely bonding time as well as teaching him a life skill.

    I joined Puddle Ducks in 2013 and after witnessing the classes I quickly became a customer. The classes are fun and energetic whilst teaching life preservation skills and my kids love it. I was especially impressed with the focus on teaching the children as individuals as well as within the group so they are all given appropriate progression.

    It's such a rewarding job! Whether it's watching a baby enjoying the freedom water provides before they can even crawl or seeing the pride of a pre-schooler achieve their 5m badge. 

  • Stefanie


    Senior Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Stef is one of our Senior Teachers, based in the Maidstone area. She worked in Cabin Crew for 15 years at Monarch Airlines before leaving to be a stay at home mum to her two children.

    I missed being around people and always felt I wanted to teach younger children, so when this job came up I thought it was a great opportunity.

    I have 2 children and I know how important it is that they enjoy being in the water, having fun and learning a life skill also.

    I enjoy being in water and I love that I can teach a really important life skill in such a fun way, using rhymes and songs. It is energetic which the kids love too. I also like the Puddle Ducks child led approach, supporting each child individually.

  • Corinne


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Corinne has been with our team for years.

    Corinne started as a Poolside Assistant and is now an experienced Baby & Pre-School teacher, teaching our flagship session at Rose Hill on Saturday mornings amongst others, and her caring and nurturing nature gives her a very loyal and passionate following. She also helps Clive & Lindsay with lots of operational administration, so she's a very busy lady!

    Corinne has four older children and is also very active in her local church.

  • Emma G

    Emma G

    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Previously Emma designed garments for Haute Couture but after spending time with her children in the lessons, it was an easy move to become a teacher. Both of her boys swim with us, one in our Baby & Pre-school classes and the other in Swim Academy.

    I love building children's water confidence and helping them to progress their swim skills. It is an important life skill, whilst also developing core strength, improving balance, coordination, building paraspinal muscles and so much is also A LOT of fun!

    These days, you can generally find me running around after two young boys or squeezing in a spot of yoga or gardening if I'm lucky! I also love travelling, climbing mountains and exploring oceans.

  • Emma L.

    Emma L.

    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Emma has recently completed her training to become one of our Baby & Pre-School teachers. She is also training to become a teacher. She clearly likes to be kept busy!

  • Emma L

    Emma L

    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Emma started teaching swimming at the Burgess Hill Swimming Club, where all four of her children swam weekly. She has also taught at primary level and for the last sixteen years, babies and toddlers. Emma then took on even more training to become part of our Puddle Ducks team.

    My love for water and swimming began in the Berlin Olympic pool when I was about five. Since then swimming has been part of me - I swim as many times a week as I can and for some years did the Swimathon.

    Teaching swimming gives me the greatest "buzz," it combines my love of children and water and gives me the opportunity to pass on the confidence and passion that I have.

    It is my dream job!!!

  • Hanna


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Having grown up in Australia, Swimming was an important part of Hanna's upbringing, especially water confidence and survival. Back in the UK Hanna loved competing in her school galas but had to decide between her passions. She eventually chose dance and musical theatre, where she went on to have a successful professional career. 

    I think being able to swim is so important but the aspect I enjoy the most about Puddle Ducks classes are the survival skills. They are taught in such a fun and engaging way; and this is something, as a mum, I think is paramount.

    I love teaching, and outside of the pool I teach dance and fitness to all ages and abilities; so applying to Puddle Ducks seemed like a dream choice to combine my love for water and passion for teaching!

  • Jill


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Jill's first job after leaving school, was as a lifeguard and sports teacher. After trying other jobs she found that nothing quite satisfied her like being in the pool and teaching environment.

    I joined Puddle Ducks because I not only believe in how important it is to learn to swim, but also to teach life preservation skills from a really young age.

    What I love most about being a Puddle Ducks teacher is that the classes are such fun - whilst still teaching important life skills. I also love being able to progress each child at their own pace.

  • Julia


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Julia studied Computer Science on leaving school and then worked for 11 years for a gas company as a software and hardware engineer. Craving more interaction with people rather than machines she then retrained and worked as a Podiatrist for over 12 years.

    With her two children growing up and more free time she started working with Puddle Ducks as a Poolside Assistant before going on to train as a Baby & Pre-school teacher.

    I love sport, especially water sports. I am passionate about learning new skills and achieving goals. I truly enjoy being a part of our little ones swimming journey, witnessing their bravery, their surprising approach to dealing with problems, and noticing changes in children-grownups relationships as they are constantly developing stronger bond and deeper respect to each other.

  • Karen


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Karen has been a part of our Puddle Ducks team for years, working as an Emergency Cover Poolside Assistant and then as a Teacher.

    Karen has visited most pools in our region at one time or another so you may well have seen her out and about already! She balances her work with us with her other job as a BA Airline Stewardess and has two lovely children of her own.

    Karen qualified in Baby & Pre-school swimming teaching long before she trained and qualified as a Puddle Ducks teacher which was the natural progression for her from her Poolside Assistant role.

    Karen's Teaching style is calm, quiet and nurturing.

  • Louisa


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy)

    Louisa has over 13 years experience as a primary school teacher but she left to become a stay at home mum to her three children. She joined Puddle Ducks at the end of 2022 as a Poolside Assistant. Fast forward 8 months and she is qualified to teach both Swim Academy and Baby & Pre-school. 

    My own children show the range of attitudes to swimming. My daughter loves the water and is super confident. My middle one is incredibly cautious. I started Puddle Ducks with him to build up that water confidence and awareness of how to stay safe. Maybe the youngest will be somewhere in between. 

    I have loved working with children again and seeing the leaps in both confidence and ability, it was the part of teaching I really missed.

  • Mia


    Teacher (Swim Academy)

    Mia is one of our Swim Academy teachers. She teaches Levels 1 and 2. She is also a Poolside Assistant at some of our sessions.


  • Michelle


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Michelle has always enjoyed swimming and being near the water. Living near the sea she can see how vital swimming and water safety are.

    When I had children of my own I knew I wanted them to have swimming lessons. What I didn't know was how much I would enjoy being a part of them. It really is a wonderful experience for both parents and children alike. I knew then that this was what I wanted to do and I love being part of the Puddle Ducks family.

  • Page


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Page has recently qualified as a Baby and Pre-school teacher. After leaving school she became a lifeguard and when watching the swimming lessons knew it was something she wanted to be more involved in but just wasn't sure how to start. She decided on a career change and went on to teach Baby and Toddler football! Both teaching the classes and becoming Duty Manager for this business gave her many skills she has been able to put to good use on her Puddle Ducks journey!

    After having my son I knew I wanted to get back to working with children. Then the Puddle Ducks ad popped up and  it was like it was meant to be! I am now fully qualified to teach swimming, with lots of opportunities to learn new things. I am beyond happy and proud to be a Swimming teacher for Puddle Ducks!

  • Robert


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Robert joined us after he decided to have a career change after nearly 10 years in Retail Management. He spent a lot of time when in college, visiting primary schools to teach PE lessons, so has been able to put some of those skills to good use in the pool. 

    He joined us as a Poolside Assistant and has recently qualified as a Baby and Pre-school teacher. He is also training to teach Swim Academy. 

    What appealed to me about teaching swimming was that I can teach children a skill that will stay with them for life. I was drawn to Puddle Ducks as I believe the water safety and survival skills they teach are really important.

  • Sam


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy)

    Sam worked as an IT Trainer within the NHS for over 10 years, but more recently made the lifestyle choice to work on the deli counter at Waitrose!

    I have always thought that teaching these skills would be such a rewarding job so when the opportunity to become a Puddle Ducks teacher came up I jumped at the chance!

    I have two children, a full-on mermaid and a mermaid-in-training... She just loves being in the water and I take them both swimming regularly as a fun activity, knowing that being able to swim is a really important life skill.

    I'm looking forward to teaching your little ones these skills and seeing them develop through safe, fun Puddle Ducks activities, making for lots of happy, confident water loving children.

  • Sophie


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School)

    Sophie first started her Puddle Ducks journey when she started swimming in Sarah's lessons with her son. She loved it so much she thought she would give it a go and soon qualified as a Baby & Pre-school teacher.

    I joined the flock in 2019 as a teacher and have enjoyed every second since. I live for the interactions with the children and I love to see their faces and expressions.

    Out of the water, you will find me at the local parks with my two children aged 4 and a toddler and generally being a very busy mumma bear.

    I look forward to seeing all your faces and developing a very important life skill, not just the physical skill but a respect for the water. My teaching style is relaxed and fun ensuring you feel confident in the water.

  • Vicky


    Teacher (Baby & Pre-School and Swim Academy)

    Vicky has always worked with children. She worked in a nursery until she had her second daughter. She started as a Poolside Assistant in 2015 and loved watching the lessons so much that she decided to train as a teacher in 2016.

    I absolutely love my job, watching the children progress and seeing their happy, excited faces when they walk into the pool are just a couple of reasons why this is the best job in the world!

    Outside of the pool I love going on family holidays, camping with friends, evenings on the beach and reading a good book! 

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