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The Tonbridge School Centre

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We swim at this venue Monday AM, Wednesday AM & Sunday PM

Upcoming Holiday Dates at the Tonbridge School Centre (inclusive):

Tuesday 21st December 2021 - Tuesday 4th January 2022

Monday 14th February 2022 - Sunday 20th February 2022

All timetables are correct at time of publishing. Any changes to your class times will be communicated to you by your local office either by phone or email.


Please note all new bookings require payment for 10 classes upfront




Meet the Teachers at the Tonbridge School Centre

  • Emma M

    Emma M


    Emma started her Teacher training for Puddle Ducks in Hampshire but then when she decided to move to Tunbridge Wells her future with our team was settled.

    Emma started her life with us Poolside Assisting at Fosse Bank School while she completed her Teacher Training and waited for a teaching opening to arise.

    Now teaching several sessions across the Region, Emma has established herself as a key Teacher in our team.

  • Jill



    After leaving school, my first job was as a lifeguard and sports teacher to many school aged children, which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I left the Leisure Centre I tried other jobs but nothing satisfied me quite like being in the pool and teaching environment.

    I joined Puddleducks because I not only believe in how important it is to learn to swim, but also to teach life preservation skills from a really young age.

    What I love most about being a Puddle Ducks teacher is that the classes are such fun - whilst still teaching important life skills. I also love being able to progress each child at their own pace.

  • Katie



    My love for the water started at an early age, I used to go swimming with my Dad and siblings every week. I then went on to lessons and after that it was very difficult to get me out of the water!

    Before finding Puddle Ducks I worked in retail as a customer service manager before working as a childminder. I’ve always loved working with children, watching them grow and progress is such a rewarding experience.

    In 2019 I welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world (who is also a little water lover). I took some time out to be with my daughter after she was born before joining Puddle Ducks. 

    I am absolutely in love with this job! The smiles and laughter I hear when teaching is just incredible. What I also love about this job are the amazing life preservation skills that are built into every lesson plan, so that our little ones are learning to be safe whilst having fun in and around water.

    I can’t wait to meet your little Puddle Ducks and create wonderful memories together in the pool!

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