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Nominations for Teacher of the Term Spring 2016

Thank you to all of you that took the time to nominate our fabulous teachers for this award it really does mean so much.

"I would like to nominate Yvette Delahunt for Teacher of the term. She has made swimming lessons fun and helped my son Thor come on leaps and bounds after a bad start with swimming with him through classes at Kirklees. I can't thank her enough for all she has done for Thor." Lucy Butcher 

"I wish to nominate Becky Varley as teacher of the term. Becky is always friendly and warm, she interacts well with my daughter Jorja and does her best to make each class fun and interesting for everyone. As a parent who was afraid of the water she made me feel comfortable and relaxed enough to join in and eventually not cry every time I had to dunk my little one. After nearly a year of lessons with Becky we are really going to miss her when she goes on maternity leave she truly deserves to win this term." Sarah Jackson 

"Good afternoon, we would like to nominate Alison who teaches us at Highbury school in Rastrick on a Wednesday :-) We hope she wins." Antonia Maud 

"Don't normally do this kind of thing but Alison who does Isabella Greens class on Sundays (she is a Splasher) at DW in Yeadon has been fantastic. She has helped us with Isabella not enjoying the temperature by helping to arrange trialling other pools if required, helping to advise on good equipment and has made things on the whole a lot easier for us as parents with a little one who doesn't love the cold! As well as this she seemed to have drawn the short straw recently and had Isabella cry every time she looked at her which she put up with in good grace!" Kyle Green 

"Lucy has developed so much in confidence since returning to puddle ducks with Yvette. Swimming with Yvette is a definite highlight of our week and we all look forward to seeing Lucy progress week on week. Yvette is relaxed and friendly and well liked by the children and adults.  Yvette is calm and patient, supportive and encouraging which is essential to developing the children's water confidence. Yvette is great at demonstrating technique and her enthusiasm in lessons puts the children at ease, fostering a 'can do' attitude which is fundamental to their progression.  I was trying to get Lucy out the bath last week saying 'come on Lucy! You're like a mermaid' -  to which she replied indignantly 'well, I AM a mermaid- the vet says so!" Eleanor, Kelly & Lucy - almost swimming!

"Milo was with CLS swimming before joining Puddle Ducks this year Milo has shown much improvement. Lilly and her Lucy have worked so hard this term. Milo has gone from not been able to swim without arm bands and not wanting to put his head under water to not wanting to take his head out of the water and swimming with no arm bands,i think they way they teach them to breath is fantastic and the songs at the binning and the end of the lesson really make it fun. Milo has also past his 5m thanks to the help of the two ladies. Milo really looks forward to a Monday now (D W Fitness.) and is really happy to learn which i feel is important. Both ladies always seem happy to teach and show a real passion for what they do. So this is why we are nominating Lilly and her co worker." Rose and Milo Solomon 

"I would like to nominate lucy from dw fitness yeadon, monday classes at 4pm. She has helped my daughter overcome a bad experience in the water and got her off swimming in just 6 lessons i didnt belive it could be done and its all down to lucy i cant thank her enough therfore she deserves this nomination 100%" Tracy Whitworth

What makes a good teacher?

- going the extra mile to support mums with new babies and enabling them to continue their older ones' swimming?

- pushing through to continue lessons whilst being pregnant them self

- knowing and understanding every child to get the best out of them

- pushing parents to let go to give the little swimmers a better chance of independence in the water

- being simple and animated with instructions to ensure children are listening and are clear

- being sensitive and clever with children who have bad days or get stuck with things

"Becky has done all of these but most of all beckys positive energy and fun approach to her teaching is incredible  and I have loved being part of her classes." Harriet O'Regan

 Thank you again to all of you that took time out to write these lovely words.

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