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Teacher of the term Autumn 2016

Thank you for all the wonderful nominations we received for Teacher of the Term Autumn 2016, Amy won with this lovely nomination from Charlie and his Mum Diane,

"Amy should be teacher of the term! Charlie had always been a confident swimmer and was ready to go up to Dabblers. However, when he started in Dabblers he was scared of going in the water by himself.  He cried during lessons, clung to the side, wouldn't participate and one lesson he wouldn't even get in.  After several weeks of encouragement and hand-holding from the poolside, Amy suggested that his dad join him in the water for a couple lessons. At first Charlie was still a little clingy to his dad but by the second session his dad, whilst in the water, was standing at the side not engaging with Charlie.  This gave Charlie just enough comfort to build up his confidence again.  With Amy's patience and understanding Charlie is now fully engaging in lessons and is thoroughly enjoying them once again. Thank you so much Amy!"

We also received the following fab nominations,

"I would like to nominate Amy from the DW Yeadon Classes for teacher of the term.  My son has been loving swimming right from 8 weeks old when we started however at 18months, this term, became a clingy screaming monster!  I'm sure it's nothing new to you all but for about 6 weeks all I've wanted to do is get out of the pool and take him home.  However Amy has been so patient and calm and also reassured me to stick with it - we now seem to have turned a corner and swimming is fun again!" - Rachael Colcannon & Rowan

Ted completed his floaties which he really enjoyed and had been moved up to splashers this term but then he unfortunately was unwell and in hospital so missed quite a few weeks and on his return was not happy in the class. Amy made sure that he could still try and join in and gave different activities for him during the lessons but he still wasn't happy so together we decided to go back to floaties. He has now become a lot happier with swimming again and Amy always ensures that we do activities which will make him comfortable and happy. She even lets him play with the toy ducks to help keep him engaged and in target! The upset times are becoming less and less and he is back to enjoying the sessions. We are also doing catch up classes on a Sunday which we really appreciate. We cannot thank Amy enough for helping Ted through his water wobbles and it is a real pleasure to see him begin to enjoy swimming again! Glad we stuck with it and had such great support. - Vicky Seal & Ted

My daughter Belle loves Lucy from Cedar Court. Her swimming has come on so much since moving up classes with Lucy. It's a joy to see her swim now. - Helen Pawson & Belle

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