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When is the right time for YOUR child to learn to swim?

The Perfect IntroDucktion to Swimming at any age.

At Puddle Ducks we know that learning to swim is an incredibly important life skill and we want to encourage your little ones to start having lots of splashy fun and become confident in the water as soon as they can!

Why should I start my child's swimming classes now? 

  • Research shows that swimming is hugely beneficial to babies' and children's development both physically and cognitively.
  • It gives your little one the chance to be independent within a controlled environment.
  •  It's a great chance for parents, grandparents and carers to bond with their child through a shared activity.

Our Puddle Ducks swimming journey begins with our Floaties class, suitable from birth to six months, where your little one can experience the water’s movement around their bodies in different ways and ends with our Level 6 Elite Swim Academy classes where your child is full of the knowledge and confidence that technically excellent swimming is second nature!

We all want to ensure our children start to learn lots of different skills from the day they’re born whether it’s to walk, talk, count or read and swimming shouldn't be any different. It is an important life skill which will stay with them forever and one that could potentially save their life. 

Start your Puddle Ducks Swimming journey at any time.

Did you know that your little one can start swimming as soon as you book on and most of our pools are even open during the school summer holidays!?

You don’t have to wait until the next block of classes to begin. Get started today and be in time for this year’s Swimming Teachers Association (STA’s) International Learn to Swim Week, taking place on the 13th May. During this week we are also hosting our own Puddle Ducks Pyjama Week, where our little swimmers all come to classes in their pyjamas to experience what it’s like to swim in their clothes and learn water safety techniques to know what to do if they fall into water. These are invaluable skills to develop at such a young age and will instil a confidence and respect for the water that will last a lifetime.

Don't forget we also offer Monthly Payments which means a smaller, more manageable amount for all our customers to pay each month which is taken automatically. 

Find out why PJ Week is so important here.

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