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Our aquanatal classes are a fabulous activity for mummies-to-be. Experience the perfect balance of relaxation, laughter and exercise - a wonderful way to unwind and stay healthy in pregnancy

    • The classes take a holistic approach to mums’ physical and mental well-being, combining relaxation with cardiovascular exercises to help prepare the body for labour
    • Classes take place in the soothing, warm comforts of pools, providing one of the safest ways to exercise in pregnancy
    • There's a science behind it too! Exercise and relaxation release your body’s natural happy hormones, endorphins, which suppress pain and help you (and baby) feel calm – not only helpful in later pregnancy, but also really important during and after labour
    • And once baby arrives, the familiar noise of the pool means they’ll be relaxed when you take them swimming too
    • You can also use the exercise techniques to get gently back into shape.
  • We start of very gently with a warm up, then we move onto the aerobic section where we step it up a gear. After that, we do a little muscle endurance and toning using woggles, and then we move into some relaxation before finishing off with some stretches. You do not need to be a strong swimmer as you will be able to stand up in the water at all time, we are always here for you to discuss any concerns.

    It is all quite gentle, however, you get a great workout hence preparing your body for labour. What better way to make some new friends to share your experiences with too?

  • Our classes are booked in blocks of 6 and classes run on Wednesday – 7:00pm, ROKO Health Club, Stirling Road, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4TU & Everlast Fitness, North Mount Pleasant, HU9 2AP on Thursdays at 06:15pm. 

    To join our class please complete the Physical Activity Questionnaire by below. The classes run for 50 minutes and cost £54.00 (at Roko) and £48 (at Everlast) for a block of 6 lessons. Payment can be taken over the telephone via a debit/credit card.

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If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you do not need a medical note however you are required to discuss your condition with your aquanatal teacher to ensure that you understand the implications of certain exercises.

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