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Baby swimming lessons York and Hull

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You’ll find a huge range of baby swimming lessons in York, Hull and surrounding areas. Starting with new-born Floaties and Splashers; these introductory lessons teach babies up to six months how to build their confidence in the water, establishing the bond between baby and parent. As they progress to the Splasher stage, babies will have the chance to interact with toys to make it a full, multi-sensory experience.

Preschool swimming lessons

Next up, your babies will progress to our Kickers and Little Dipper stages. First, they’ll develop their communication skills and then begin to swim short distances independently, right up until they reach four years old.

As they reach the end of their Little Dipper stage, your swimmers will have mastered key skills including listening to the teacher, balancing on a float without support, and exiting the water safely, with minimal adult help.

At the Dipper and Dabbler stage, your children will be ready to start swimming without adult supervision. They’ll also develop key skills such as diving down to pick up objects, and pushing off from the front wall. They can even walk away with a 10m swimming badge – now there’s an achievement!

Children’s swimming lessons York and Hull

As your child enters school age, they can enrol in our Swimming Academy, which has five levels all the way up to a 75m swimming badge.

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