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Here at Puddle Ducks we offer Overwater photoshoots as a great way of capturing the special moments enjoyed by your child at their swimming lesson. Please see the list of upcoming events below. If none are showing, please contact your local Puddle Ducks office to enquire if they are running a photoshoot in the near future.

Underwater photoshoots - Puddle Ducks have made the decision to no longer run Underwater photoshoots.  Whilst we’ve had lots of success in the past with these events, we have found that they no longer compliment our style of teaching.  Over the past few years we have undertaken extensive research into child-led versus adult-led underwater activities and have found the former to be more beneficial to the child – in fact, we’ve found that when children are given the choice, they tend to spend more time underwater than above it!  Once a parent/teacher starts to get involved in pushing or pulling a child underwater, nerves can kick in and a love of swimming starts to dwindle.  We therefore started to adapt our lessons to become more child-led, under the direction of our expertly qualified teachers and as such, our programmes changed and Underwater photoshoots no longer seemed appropriate.

Many parents still want an underwater photograph of their child but we would strongly advise against it unless they are independently swimming and happy to submerge themselves.  There are many underwater photography companies operating in pools around the UK who will submerge your baby for you without even having taught you! They don't know your child, they don't know what signal (if any) they are used to, they don't know if they are confident or nervous or whether they've even been submerged before! Whilst we are sure these companies have qualified teachers and photographers, it is concerning that babies and children may be submerged when they are not ready.  Please do consider this carefully when deciding on whether to book an underwater photoshoot.

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