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Floaties and Splashers


Babies have a natural affinity with the water and our programme gently nurtures this, building confidence, both in the child and often the parent. Our programme allows our babies, even at this early age, to make choices about how and when they put their faces in the water and is a bonding experience like no other. Some of our Floaties are ready to move to Splashers at 6 months depending on levels of strength and co-ordination but we can keep progressing them in Floaties until they are 9 months.

What are the Learning Outcomes for your Floatie? 

  • Safe entry into the pool by both adult and baby
  • Float on back or surf on front, with movement (bobbing and snaking) around the pool, and return to upright position with full adult support
  • Experience the water’s movement around their bodies in different ways e.g. swaying, lifts and bounces, swings and dips, cradle rock holds, with relaxed support provided by the parent
  • Be at ease with water being poured down the back of the head on a clear signal by the adult
  • Using a buoyancy aid swimming with baby supported on parent’s shoulder/chest
  • Exiting the pool safely

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Between the ages of 6 and 9 months, your baby will have developed enough strength and co-ordination to try more advanced activities and will be ready for Splashers. The Splashers class is full of action, toys and songs – and of course lots of ducks! The progression in this level is visible for all to see, with the littlest ones learning from their peers as well as their parents and our clever teachers. Watching a baby that can’t yet walk, initiate their own head down swim is a pretty special thing…

What are the Learning Outcomes for your Splasher? 

  • Enter the water safely and comfortably with full adult support
  • Splash hands and kicks legs in the water, with or without adult assistance
  • Complete 180 degree turn with full adult support
  • Move around the pool supported on a woggle whilst on their front, with or without adult support
  • Chase a toy around the pool whilst supported by parent in Little Harbour position
  • Make progress to face dips or surface swims
  • Reach and grab toys on the water’s surface
  • Learning to support self in water by holding onto parent in tummy rides, Little Harbour etc.
  • Lie on back and move around pool kicking legs, supported by adult
  • Make progress towards holding onto the side, with or without adult support
  • Enter the water from poolside or a large float using a supported or semi-supported seated jump

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