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Levels 1 & 2

  • Level 1

    Level 1

    Let's Get Wet!

    Our 'beginners' level, Level 1 is often the first time that children enter the pool without their parent and our whole focus is on water confidence, basic water safety and the foundation skills for independent swimming. The ratios are small to enable a rapport to build between the teacher and children - and it quickly does. There is a maximum ratio of 4 children:1 teacher for this level.

    Here's a full list of the learning outcomes from Level 1:

    • Enter and exit the water safely
    • Demonstrate an understanding of pool safety rules
    • Happy getting their face wet
    • Move into a stretched floating position (on front or back) using aids, equipment or support
    • Regain an upright position from on the back & front, with support
    • Push & glide on front and back in a horizontal position to or from a wall (with or without support)
    • Can independently and confidently jump from standing
    • Swim 3 metres of front paddle, unaided with head down
    • Swim 3 metres of back paddle, unaided
    • On back or front attempt a simultaneous circle leg action, using a woggle or floats, over 2 metres
    • Perform a treading water action with legs using a woggle
    • Can swim independently and safely on seahorses
    • Happy to partake in all aspects of lesson
    • Demonstrates good discipline in class
    • Achieves 5m distance award

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  • Level 2

    Level 2

    Let's Build Confidence!

    By Level 2, our children are swimming 5m and lifting their head to breathe. We now work with them to build their confidence further. We still operate a maximum ratio of 4 children:1 teacher but there are more group activities, reflecting the increased level of ability in this group e.g. we will send them for swims in groups of 2 or 3 to and from the teacher and the poolside. There is less reliance on buoyancy aids (floats and woggles) and the teachers become gradually more hands off. We also, where possible, take our swimmers down to the deep end of pools, supporting them at all times and preparing them for the next level where some deep end activity will be introduced.

    Here's a full list of the learning outcomes from Level 2:

    • Can jump in from poolside safely and return to side safely without assistance
    • Can blow bubbles a minimum of 4 times rhythmically with nose and mouth submerged
    • Has performed a tuck float for 5 seconds
    • Has achieved 10m distance (rolling to breathe)
    • Is able to push from wall & glide on the back & front without support
    • Can regain an upright position from the back & front without support
    • Has achieved an independent 5m back paddle swim
    • Has achieved an independent 5m front paddle swim
    • Can travel on the back, tuck to rotate around the horizontal axis to return on the front
    • Is able to fully submerge to pick up an object
    • Shows good grasp of basic Breaststroke leg kick & arms, with or without aids
    • Can tread water for 10-15 seconds (mouth clear of water)
    • Has demonstrated that they are confident in water to be taught without a teacher in the water

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