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Levels 3 & 4

  • Level 3

    Level 3

    Let's be brave!

    This is the first level where children have no in-water support from the teacher; our teachers instruct and support from the poolside. We understand our swimmers might need support from elsewhere in the early days of this level so buoyancy aids such as woggles might be used more and we'll do shorter swims to build their confidence. We continue to develop their rolling style with a strong emphasis on maintaining alignment - this is essential for when we introduce more technical stroke work during this and the subsequent levels.

    The key learning outcomes from Level 3 are:

    • Can answer correctly 3 questions on the Water Safety Code
    • Is able to jump in from poolside, submerge and swim back to the wall
    • Can push & glide on the back with arms extended and log roll onto the front
    • Can push & glide from the wall to the pool floor
    • Has achieved 25m distance Front Crawl with underwater arms and rolling to breathe
    • Has achieved 10m independent Backstroke
    • Has attempted full stroke Breaststroke over a distance of 2-3m
    • Can scull independently, head first, no aids over 5m distance
    • Can demonstrate dolphin leg kick, no aids
    • Can perform a sequence of changing shapes (minimum of 3) whilst floating at the surface
    • Can tread water for 30 seconds

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  • Level 4

    Level 4

    Let's go further!

    Our Level 4 swimmers have a good level of confidence in their own ability and this allows our teachers to use the teaching space in different ways, getting longer and longer swims out of the group. Together with working towards developing a strong front crawl stroke, with good style, fluidity and grace, for a swim over 25m and also 50m, we also see these swimmers providing strong swims in backstroke, with great alignment in the water, supported by a strong kick and regular arm movements. A sound basic breaststroke should also be achieved, as well as a convincing butterfly kick. In addition to advanced sculling, surface diving and water safety skills Level Four swimmers show a confidence and competency in the water that will provide them with a solid foundation for moving into Elite Swim Academy where strokes will be further developed with more focus on technical details.

    The key learning outcomes for Level 4 are:

    • Can enter the pool using 2 different types of entry suitable to the pool e.g. star, pencil, step, straddle
    • Can sink, push away from wall on side and maintain a streamlined position
    • Has achieved 25m Front Crawl using side breathing and over water arms
    • Can swim 5m Breaststroke
    • Has achieved 50m distance Front Crawl using side breathing with underwater or over water arms
    • Can swim 5m Butterfly, using arms and including at least one breath
    • Can swim 15m Backstroke, maintaining alignment, with continuous arms
    • Can kick 10 metres Breaststroke on front (with float)
    • Has performed a surface dive from treading water
    • Has performed a forward somersault or handstand
    • Can scull feet first well with a woggle
    • Has demonstrated that they understand how to perform an action for getting help

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