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Whistle Blowing

At Puddle Ducks Franchising Ltd (PDF Ltd) we take the health, safety and welfare of all team members, customers and the general public very seriously.  We put robust policies and procedures in place to protect everyone who comes into contact with our businesses, and our Whistle Blowing Policy is designed to encourage and protect team members who wish to bring serious concerns about how businesses are being run to the attention of PDF Ltd.

We want you to contact us in the way you feel most comfortable. You can call Franchise Support on 01477 410082 or you can email the same team at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and it will be submitted to PDF Ltd.

Please fill in this form with as much detail as you can give so that we can investigate the issue as fully as possible. This can be done anonymously if preferred, however at PDF Ltd, we would encourage any person to include their own details as it assists investigation significantly.

You can leave either a personal or work email address and it is optional
Please include as much detail as you can e.g. is the issue a one-off or has it been ongoing, dates, times, places, names of those involved and any other information you think is important
We aren't asking you to attach anything at this point, just list the evidence
This is to cover us from a Data Protection point of view, your form entry will never be shared outside the organisation

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Please be assured we take all concerns very seriously and we will look into it as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. If you have chosen not to leave your contact details we understand your decision but this may make it more difficult to follow up. Whilst we will use your contact details to speak further with you about the issue, we will not reveal your identity to anyone else if you choose to remain anonymous.

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