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  • Puddle Ducks is 15!

    Puddle Ducks is 15!

    When Puddle Ducks was founded, Facebook, Twitter and the iPhone didn’t exist, Pluto was still a planet, and a 17-year-old Michael Phelps was 2 years away from his first Olympic gold!

    15 years later, Puddle Ducks is one of the largest swim schools in the UK, teaching just under 20,000 babies, toddlers and children to swim each week in England, Wales and Scotland.

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  • Charity Pyjama Week 2017

    Charity Pyjama Week 2017

    Charity Pyjama Week aims to beat £50k.

    Three times a year we hold a Pyjama Week, where our swimmers attend lessons in their pyjamas and learn vital lifesaving and personal survival skills, and in our autumn Pyjama Week (16th - 22nd October this year), our swimmers raise money for charity.

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  • Meningitis and Your Baby

    Meningitis and Your Baby

    The signs, symptoms and what to do.

    To coincide with Meningitis Awareness Week (18th - 24th September), the Meningitis Research Foundation have written this guest blog for us.

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  • Drown Proofing Report

    Drown Proofing Report

    The baby swimming industry speaks out

    All the major UK bodies involved in baby swimming have come together to speak out and warn parents about the dangers of ‘survival’ methods being taught to young infants.

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