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Puddle Ducks Memories: The Hawkings Family

Now we are 10 years old, we have invited some of our long-term customers and teachers to tell us about their Puddle Ducks experiences.  The Hawkings family – Lee, Amanda, their two sons and daughter have swum with us for the last eight years, and their two oldest children recently graduated from our Swim Academy.

Mum Amanda said: "Thank you for helping my boys to complete their Puddle Ducks journey and become confident and able swimmers! It has been the most amazing and enjoyable thing I have done with my babies throughout their life. I have memories I will cherish always, so a huge thank you for being a part of that.  If you can show Polly this I would be grateful too. I could not tell her this without crying."

Of course, we wanted Polly to hear this story, and we asked her for her memories of the family too.

“It was a really sad day when Earl and Duke had their last Puddle Ducks class with me. Both boys are great swimmers and have swum with us since they were babies.  Mum and Dad have played such a big part in supporting the classes every week.  In fact their Dad, Lee, has been such an amazing help poolside, from making sure the kids know what side of the lane to swim on to making sure they are keeping their heads above the water on the steps, that our founder Sarah wanted to offer him a job!  I will miss his help and smile lots!

Over the last eight years, Earl and Duke have swum with a few of our lovely teachers, I am lucky to remember seeing Earl at the beginning of their swimming journey and feel very lucky to have had both boys in my classes at the end of their time with us.  The pool at DW Fitness won’t seem the same without their cheeky smiles and cool hairdos!

One thing saving me from being really, really sad is that CeCe, their little sister, still swims with me, so some of the Hawkings charm continues at Puddle Ducks! I’m sure her big brothers will bring her poolside so I still get to say hello.  I will miss you loads Duke and Earl xx”

Thank you, Amanda and Polly, for sharing your memories with us! We’ll be sharing some more stories with everyone very soon.

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