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Read all our teacher of the term nominations

Thank you to all our customers who nominated their teacher for teacher of the term - Autumn 2016

Here are all the  fantastic nominations our teachers received:

  • I would like to nominate our teacher Wendy (Redhill House pool, Splashers, Thursday 10.30). She has been a fantastic teacher and supported Edward and I through a period of separation anxiety which was challenging at times. Wendy was always approachable and professional and worked with me adapting various elements of the session whilst still encouraging him towards the same goals as the rest of the class without causing him any distress.  She was flexible and worked with me to ensure the sessions remained enjoyable for Edward and I whilst still persevering to get Edward going to her for swims when he was ready. Edward has grown in confidence now and loves his sessions and regularly swims with Wendy both on the surface and under water. We now manage to get through a lesson without the bribe of a ball or duck and Edward waves bye bye to Wendy at the end of each lesson even looking back as if he wants to get back in the pool for more.

            Thank you Wendy!

            Katie And Edward


  •  I nominate Lou. She is encouraging, supportive and always smiling for the children. She is the best mix of fun and focused and the children clearly love her.

            Julie and Madeleine


  • I would like to nominate Wendy as the best teacher, having had a few teachers at Puddle Ducks I can say they are all fantastic, however, Wendy definitely has that added sparkle to her lessons. She's really fun with the Splashers, approachable and very clear in her teaching style. She always explains the reasons behind each exercise and demonstrates first.

            She has a confident approach to her lessons which make mum and baby feel safe and secure in her presence.

            Keep it up Wendy!

            Sima and Ehsan


  • I would like to nominate Jen from Puddle Pucks  Bristol & Bath because she is super happy every week.  She nearly always remembers all the babies names.  She is so welcoming and friendly. She sings so loudly and with such enthusiasm to all the songs. She is great at reassuring parents about the submersions.  She seems to love her job so much.

            Julia and Wilbur


  • I would like to nominate Jen (St Mary Redcliffe, Dippers).  It is an absolute pleasure to have our swimming lessons with Jen. Jen knows her Dippers and their personalities and works with them to bring out the best in them. Carter also adores Jen. This weekend we had a break through with Carter putting his face down in the water. On Sunday he pushed off from the side with his face in the water and swam like a little rocket. Jen saw him do it, when he came up for a breath they were both beaming with pride you could tell that it meant a lot to both of them. For me it reinforces that for the teachers at Puddle Ducks it’s not just a job. 


            Kelly and Carter


  • We would like to see Louise win the teachers award for swimming. She has been amazing in lessons, supporting our confidence with our daughter in the water and makes the lessons extremely fun, as well as making information very clear in techniques that we can use. With her calm nature and happy smile she always puts the children and parents at ease, unless it's Louise my daughter cries when she gets in the pool (think that says it all)! Very much hope that Louise wins the award.

           Kind regards

           Emma and Hattie


  • Splashing with Beth

            When Maks was a little floatie,
            Small and scared and wet
            Beth opened the door and gave us a smile
            And the love of swimming was set.

           Now Maks is in Splashers and Beth’s in the pool
           so he splashes and kicks and blows bubbles
           She laughs as he makes his Mama all wet
           and teaches new tricks with the woggle. 

           Swimming with Beth is the highlight of the week
           For Maks and his Mama, hands down.
          We love playing games and learning to swim
           With the best puddle ducks teacher in town.

           Tamsin and Maks


  • I nominate Jenna, who is Adam’s teacher at Parson Street School on Friday mornings.
    Adam wasn't confident in the pool but Jenna would go out of her way and make Adam laugh and feel safe.
    Something as little as doing extra bubbles was enough to keep Adam entertained.
    Jenna has now promoted Adam up to Splashers and he wouldn't have been so confident if Jenna turned
    a blind eye to him!
    He also now enjoys his baths, too (it used to be a nightmare bathing him!) 

           Yasmin & Adam


  • Vote for Polly !!

           Swimming is our favourite weekly class thanks to Polly's ability to teach with enthusiasm and confidence.
           Her years of experience are being challenged in our current group with a very diverse range of abilities.
           She takes time to adapt the lesson planfor those that are new to the group, not forgetting to challenge
           the confident swimmers.
           My daughter splashes ecstatically as soon as she enters any pool and receives overwhelming compliments of her ability
          and excitement in the water at such a young age. Thankyou Polly for inspiring my little Puddleduck!

           Melissa and Freya


  • We'd like to nominate Jenny Blythe for teacher of the term:

            I think we're into our fifth term with Jen now, and in summary she's just awesome.

            We're her last class on a Sunday afternoon and despite having been in the pool for several hours she's as
            enthusiastic and effervescent as her first class of the day. As a parent you notice she's amazingly engaging
           with each child, encouraging them individually (+ parents as necessary) and supports a pace of
           progress for each - especially on those inevitable/frustrating "off weeks".

            But the reality is, the biggest compliment we can pay Jen, is not from a parent.
           When Isabelle started classes with Jen, she'd had several episodes of standing on the side of public pools crying.
           Almost immediately she was blowing bubbles, leaping off the side and "monkey walking". She's quickly progressed
           to "best bubbles in class (yeah, proud parent!)" and happily motors around independently on a short woggle,
           or seahorse.
           On holiday, she's been first into any outdoor swimming pool, and invariably last out. Simply put, Jen has given Isabelle
           a passion for swimming and confidence in herself.

           When my wife or I take our daughter swimming locally, she always asks if Jen is coming, or if we're picking her up.
           For Isabelle, Jen is as synonymous with swimming as the water.

           Each week, when Isabelle listens to Jen, tried hard and does well, she's rewarded with an ice cream on the way home
          (yeah, seemed like a great plan to us at the time ...). It's tough to say which Isabelle loves the most - Jen or ice cream;
           high praise indeed from a 3 year old.

           Very Best Wishes,

           Sarah, Dave & Isabelle


  • I would like to nominate Wendy for teacher of the term. She's been our teacher since day one,
    and Oliver is now 10 months old. Oliver was born 8 weeks premature but you wouldn't know it now
    and I honestly believe that Wendy's lovely Puddle Ducks classes have played a big part in that.
    He's strong and happy in the water and that's thanks to Wendy's expert guidance.
    She is friendly and welcoming and I hope she can remain our teacher for many terms to come.


           Gemma & Oliver


  • We'd like to nominate Jennie as she is fab and always makes lessons fun.


  • I vote for Polly.  She is amazing, made us feel so welcome when we first started, my daughter is going through a difficult patch at the moment, but Polly is so reassuring that this is just a phase and she will grow out of it, and will go out her way to make me feel I'm not alone that this happens.  Polly will go out her way to my daughter happy in the pool which I'm a firm believer that I won't get out unless she is happy, Polly offers great advice and cares about not only the children but the adults.  There have been a few pregnant mums and she always asks after everyone, even with Mondays horrific weather and transport issues it was so de-stressing being in the class and enjoy everyone who was there, and that's why we booked onto another term.  I can't thank Polly enough for helping my daughter to be a confident little swimmer, (as she's going through the clingy stage at the moment) thank you Polly.

            And looking forward to many more lessons to come.

            Stacey and Zoe


  • We would like to nominate Wendy who teaches the class on a Tuesday at 1.15 at DW Fitness.  Calvin absolutely loves his swimming lessons and is always full of smiles for Wendy. She gains the trust of the parents and children and remembers them all so well. She is fun, efficient and has taught us so much. Sadly we are going to have to switch classes next term as I am going back to work, and we will really miss Wendy. We would like to say a big thank you for all that she has done to make the start of Calvin's swimming journey such a happy one!

           Amy and Calvin Rees


  • I would definitely vote for Polly. Jack has been having lessons with her since 4 months and she is so supportive, clear, positive and understanding of his craziness in the pool. I've had lessons with others and she's the only one that doesn't feel the need to shout in the pool (it is echoey so I do understand) so it makes it a much calmer environment to be in. Jack adores Polly, so she should definitely be teacher of the term!

            Charli and Jack


  • Hope this message finds you well. I am just contacting you to express my gratitude towards Puddle Ducks and most importantly Diana who teaches our Kickers class at Woolley Grange Hotel in Bradford on Avon. Alby (17 months) has never been particularly fond of water but was beginning to show signs of confidence after regular fun swim sessions at our local pool so we decided to give his swimming some structure. We joined Puddle Ducks five weeks ago and Alby was not at all keen and unfortunately cried the entirety of the first few sessions.

           Despite this, Diana was constantly reassuring me that the crying was temporary and to persevere whilst remaining
           confident with my approach. She gave us lots of 1-2-1 attention and actively involved Alby by easing him into the
           different strokes and  routines alongside singing.
           She is an exceptionally warm and friendly person who Alby always has a smile for!

           By week four, it was like he was a different boy! He has completely changed his attitude to swimming and now
           gets excited whenever we pull into the hotel car park. He loves jumping in and submerging which is such a
           success I believe we owe to Diana.
           She is a credit to Puddle Ducks and we will be enjoying sessions with her for a long while.

           Thank you very much,

           Sophie and Alby


  • We would like to nominate Sophie Bryant for Teacher of the Term.   We only started Puddle Ducks in September, but it is already our favourite time of the week. Sophie is so happy and enthusiastic and really helped us nervous parents through our first submersions!! I've recently moved groups and Sophie is just as energetic in the last session as she was the first, which must be hard!! Harry is already happy and confident in the water...thank you Sophie!

            Claire & Harry


  • We would like to nominate Jenny Blythe for Teacher of the Term.
    Jen is always really smiley and happy.
    Arthur loves his swimming lessons and loves Jen.
    She has given good advice not just to us but also to my friends.
    We always look forward to our lessons.
    I feel that she should be acknowledged for her good work. :0)

            Katie and Arthur


  • We would like to nominate Louise Manson for Teacher of the Term.  Louise has been great with Stanley, he trusts her, when she says "you can do it" he tries. Stanley found it overwhelming going up to Intermediate level and the office staff and Louise have taken the time to reassure him it will be ok. Without making it obvious that Stanley isn't as strong as the others in the water, Louise keeps him close to the wall and always shouts encouragement, when she sees him struggle. I'm sure that if wasn't for the fact that she gives him reassuring words he wouldn't be enjoying it as much as he does. Thank you Louise.

            Amy and Stanley



  • I would like to nominate Ella Barter as teacher of the term. Ella is consistent in all the lessons. She is always happy and cheerful the children seem to warm to her. Holly has just started to become a "terrible 2 year old" but up to now she has done everything that is asked of her. When the children do something really well, whether it’s the first time or their 20th time Ella always has the loudest cheer for them. We think Ella is fab !

            Amy & Holly


  • We would like to vote for all of our Swim Academy teachers – Amanda Herbert, Tasha Ball and Polly Goodman.

            Before joining Puddle Ducks, Siena had tried various swimming classes across Bristol. But her confidence never grew
            and she rarely enjoyed the water.

            Since joining Puddle Ducks this has completely changed!  When we were on holidays over the summer, and during
            the various swimming parties she's attended, Siena was extremely confident and I have also been amazed at the
            change in her... she's become a complete dolphin! You can't get her out of the water and loves diving in and
            swimming underwater.
            Amanda and Tasha have been her teachers since she started at Puddle Ducks, and I am so grateful for them and
            how their teachings have affected Siena. I have also seen them with the children during the class, and they
            are incredibly encouraging and caring towards the children, all whilst teaching them how to actually swim and be safe.
            I am really, really happy with Siena's progress, and really grateful for the teachers for this.

           Fiona & Siena


  • Polly isn't just a teacher, she is so much more and she knows just how. To her every child is like her own and teaches them at their pace with a bit of encouragement too.
    She is nothing less than amazing!  This is why she deserves to win.

            Merryn & Carter


  • We would like to nominate Beth Van Eker.  Beth is a fantastic teacher and keeps Dexter engaged throughout the whole of his lesson. She is enthusiastic, engaging and absolutely brilliant at what she does. She is a huge credit to Puddle Ducks and the lesson is the highlight of Dexter’s week.

            Michelle & Dexter



  •  I would like to nominate Polly Goodman.  She is a brilliant teacher! She made us feel really welcome right from the start. She knows all the babies really well and learnt all their names so quickly. She is really a fantastic teacher and her enthusiasm means that our son (and us!) thoroughly enjoy every lesson.

            Emily & Noah


  • Polly is an amazing teacher! She has the perfect mix of enthusiasm and tenderness. Cheering them on when they do well and encouraging them kindly when a bit of fear sets in. Ava really looks forward to her swimming class and sings "Polly Polly I am coming" all morning long when we tell her it's swimming day. Ava hasn't been on top form for the past few weeks with a nasty cough that won't budge and lots of sleepless night with her wisdom teeth cutting through but Polly still manages to get the best out of her, most of the time ;)

           Arnaud & Ava






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