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Read our 'Star of the term - Autumn 2016' nominations

Winner will be announced on Monday 19th December


Each term at Puddle Ducks Bristol and Bath we ask our teachers to nominate a child they would like to win Star of the term. This isn't an easy task with over 1000 fantastic children swimming with us each week!

We have received 8 nominations this term for children that have all stood out. Well done to Freya W, Jamie F, Freddie B-B, Olive J, Teal C, Eathan T, Kaelan D and Thomas P.

Here are the children's nominations from their teacher:


 Ella has nominated Freya:

  • My star of the term is Freya. Its always incredibly difficult to choose as there are so many deserving winners at SMR but this term Freya really stands out for me due to her determination. Last term Freya seemed to be really struggling with her confidence, having achieved her 25m badge with ease in Intermediate the move to Development appeared to a big jump for Freya, as it can be for a lot of our swimmers due to the teacher no longer being in the pool and the deeper water. Often she would become teary and need a big cuddle from me and her mum but with lots of reassurance and the huge support of her parents, she kept persevering and coming along each week. Within a short time that strength and determination shown by the smiley 6yr old that greets me every Sunday is clear to see, demonstrated by her beautiful strokework and ever amazing side breathing. Well done Freya.

Sophie has nominated Jamie: 

  • I would like to nominate Jaime F, who is a Dipper at Redhill on Saturday mornings.

            Jaime is on the autistic spectrum and has various sensory issues, so learning to swim hasn't been an easy
            journey for him. He isn't keen on being touched and has difficulties listening to and following instructions.
            His previous Puddleducks teacher, Helen, worked really hard with Jaime and, as he began to trust her,
            he made some really significant progress. In September I took over the classes at Redhill and Jaime
            had to learn to work with a new teacher who he didn't know, and to place his trust in me. Initially he
            would not come to me for swims, so we adapted activities accordingly,nor would he let me help
            him up into the float for jumping activities (preferring to climb up with help from Mum or Grandad at the side).

            I am so proud of the progress Jaime has made and it was when watching him in his lesson on Saturday I
            decided that he is definitely my Star of the Term. He is now coming to me for swims, allowing me to help
            him climb up on the float and participating well in nearly all activities. His lesson on Saturday was his best yet.
            There is now rarely any sign of discontent and Jaime is a happy little chap in the pool. He is turning into a fab
            little swimmer - he was amazing at back push and glides followed by a tuck and swim back to the side!
            I was so impressed!

            Mention must also made of both Mum and Grandad, both of whom regularly bring Jaime to his lessons. They work so
            hard with him and are brilliant at adapting activities where needed, ensuring that Jaime stays happy in the pool.
            It can't always be easy, so I would love Jaime to win Star of the Term, not only because he has done so incredibly
            well, but also so Mum and Grandad get some recognition for the amazing job they do too!

 Jen has nominated Freddie:

  • Freddie B-Bis a Kicker at DW, he has spent many a couple of terms very clingy and unhappy in the water. Dad has been incredibly patient with Freddie, we have gone at Freddie's pace and not forced him to do anything until he was ready and it has paid off as we recently turned a corner. Freddie is now much happier in the water and a lot less clingy meaning he can join in with more activities, he swam independently on his woggles and even gave me some smiles! It really does make this job so rewarding and I can't wait to see what he can achieve next term as a Little Dipper

 Diana has nominated Olive:

  • I have many children that I teach who have overcome anxieties and achieved some special moments
    in the pool, from the very first bubbles to head down independent swims. However this term I wanted
    to recognise one special little girl who joined us as a Splasher and has grown into a very confident
    Kicker soon to be Little Dipper.

            From moment she entered the pool as a Splasher she has been a natural in the water, always
            listening and progressing in each activity she tries. Her determination and confidence is a credit to
            her mum and she is an absolute pleasure to teach, she even sings every word of the Three Puddle
            Ducks song upstaging me most weeks!

           My star of the term is Olive J, who swims at Larkrise on a Friday. Olive is a natural in the water and I
           look forward to watching her progression continue as I am sure she will be a swimming star of the future.

 Laura has nominated Teal:

  • I nominate Teal C 
    I look forward to Fridays to get to see Teals (always) smiley face! Teal is a pleasure to teach each week and despite Teals excitement she always listens to instructions. Teal's enthusiasm is infectious and she displays such confidence in and out of the Pool.
    Teal deserves star of the term and I hope that she wins.

 Jenna has nominated Ethan:

  • I would like to nominate Ethan T for Star of the Term.
    Ethan is one of my Kickers. For the first part of the term Ethan wasn't very keen on the water and spent most of the lessons holding onto daddy.
    I have watched Ethan grow in confidence and now begin to enjoy the water.
    It is wonderful to see Ethan's beautiful smile throughout the lessons now.
    Ethan now enjoys surface swims and will even come to me, which is a real breakthrough for some aeroplanes. This is a super step forward.
    I would also like to say a big well done to Dad for his continuous relaxed support with Ethan.

 Beth has nominated Kaelan:

  • For Star of the Term I nominate Kaelan D. Every Kickers lesson Kaelan comes with a big smile on his face and works hard to blow bubbles and kick his legs. He even joins in with all the songs and actions as well as starting us off for the 5 Puddle Ducks final song. Well done Kaelan

 Wendy has nominated Thomas:

  • My star of the term is Thomas P.

            Whilst Thomas enjoys his lessons he's never been keen to put his face in the water.  I've watched
            Thomas try his hardest in all the activities but some of them have been really tough for him as he's
            not got an inbuilt confidence when it comes to the water.  However, over the past few weeks, Thomas
            has suddenly blossomed.  He blows lovely bubbles, he's happy to let go of me and do his lion arms to his Mummy
            and, most impressively, when we played with sinking rings a few weeks ago he put his face right under. 
            Not just once, but 3 times.  He and his Mum were so proud and it was wonderful to see. I know Thomas
            will go from strength to strength now - well done!

Well done!! 

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