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At Puddle Ducks we love our swimming, but just as much, love promoting water safety skills!

PJ week is a great opportunity to really focus on water safety and all of our swimmers, from the youngest to the oldest participate three times a year by coming to lessons in their pyjamas.

In each of our weekly lessons we invest a substantial amount of class time to not just helping you and your child to increase your levels of water confidence and to introduce and develop basic swimming skills in your child but also to teach great water safety skills, leading to personal survival skills and ultimately life-saving skills.

Our Pyjama Week gives all our swimmers a regular session where they are exposed to what it might feel like to be in the water with their clothes on. We do not encourage our swimmers to jump into the water whenever they can fully clothed – quite the opposite – but we can provide them with the opportunity to see how it would feel to be in the water, following an accidental submersion/fall into water, showing them that they can still swim, practice turning etc.

So....lots of wonderful water safety elements, combined with a heap of fun!

The Spring 2020 PJ week is running 9th to 15th March

Click here for more info about what to wear during PJ week.