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Super Features of your 'My Puddle Ducks' account

We developed the My Puddle Ducks account with you, the customer, in mind. It’s packed full of features to make managing your swimming lesson easier including:

  • Checking your current class time & the class level (we know you sometimes forget)
  • You can see your pool term dates, by clicking on the "Pool Holidays" button, the dates shown are when we are not swimming. These may vary slightly, as we have different school holidays for some pools 
  • Being able to monitor your child’s progress through the criteria for their given class level – you can see how well your child is doing and where they might need some support.
  • You can book holidays if you know you aren’t going to be around for a particular lesson e.g. if you are on holiday. This not only generates you a catch-up lesson voucher, valid for 6 months as long as you are a within a paid for block of lessons, it also free's up your space so someone else can do a catch-up lesson, this does need to be done a minimum of 48 hours before the lesson you want to cancel or book  a holiday takes place, You can read more here
  • You can see which class level your child will move to when they have completed their criteria in their current level and a space becomes available – this next class is selected based on the time and place of your current class, but it may not always be on the same day or pool, this is called your auto-move class, if this class isn't suitable for you we can remove this from your record & add your child to a waiting list for an alternative class
  • You can check your payment schedule, update or change your card details in time for your next payment, which is taken on the 5th of the month, any class cancellation credits will also be shown, which will reduce your monthly payment accordingly
  • You can easily edit your own personal details, those of your child(ren) and emergency contact details
  • Order your child’s awards with one click. On the right hand side of the My Puddle Ducks account web pages, you will see the latest awards and achievements of your child for which you can order the badges and certificates by simply adding them to your Basket


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