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Our Teachers

  • Ann-Marie McMillan

    Ann-Marie McMillan

    Baby & Pre-school and Swim Academy Teacher

    Meet Ann-Marie, this lady has been teaching with us since 2010, and she was our 1st teacher in the franchise after Cate. Ann-Marie teaches baby and pre-school and swim academy classes for Puddle Ducks Derbyshire. Ann-Marie's classes are lots of fun, her passion for her role is evident and it is clear that her customers love her as they nominate her to win the teacher of the term award every term.

  • Jane Leyland

    Head of teaching

    Jane has two roles within Puddle Ducks Derbyshire, her Head of teaching role, which is all about ensuring our team are teaching to the very high standards we expect in Puddle Ducks, delivering training sessions, mentoring new trainee's and ensuring our teachers paperwork and health and safety requisites are all up to scratch.

    Oh and on top of this, teaches 31 classes each week, Baby and pre-school, Swim Academy and Elite, it is fair to say that this lady is loved by all, customers and colleagues, dedicated, passionate, totally committed to her role in every way. I think this is one of the reasons she is voted for teacher of the term every single term by her customers. If you are lucky to have Jane as your teacher you are truly fortunate

  • Tina Bagshaw

    Tina Bagshaw

    Baby & Pre-school and Swim Academy Teacher/Senior Teacher

    Tina is also a Puddle Ducks customer, the best teachers usually are, Tina joined us in Splashers with Archie who is now in our Swim Academy, it was abundantly clear that she loved her classes and made it clear from the outset how much she would love to teach. She wowed us at her interview when she sung our welcome song to us as part of her presentation.

    Tina is a bundle of enthusiasm, passion and energy and her customers adore her, Tina's approach is tailored accordingly and she has continued to train to become a Swim Academy teacher too. You cannot fail to fall in love with this bubbly lady.

    Tina was promoted to the role of senior teacher in November 2016, proving that the right attitude can reap rewards. Tina will be back from Maternity leave after having her beautiful baby girl Isla in Jan 2018, from January 2019 !

  • Louise Buxton

    Louise Buxton

    Baby & Pre-school Teacher

    Louise was also a Puddle Ducks customer who joined us with her baby Jasmine in our Floaties class at Woodlands school, Jasmine is all grown up now & moved on from Swim Academy. Louise initially worked for us in a Poolside Assistant role at The Royal Derby Hospital. Louise then went onto qualify to teach Baby and preschool in the Autumn of 2014.

    Louise has become an excellent teacher whose ability to interpret and understand both her children and parents needs is second to none, she loves teaching and this shows in a big way, you are truly blessed if Louise is your teacher, you could not wish to meet a kinder person. Or a better teacher, we kid you not !

  • Rebecca Pridmore

    Rebecca Pridmore

    Baby & pre-school and Swim Academy Teacher

    Meet the lovely Rebecca, who qualified in October 2014 after, you guessed it being inspired by attending classes with her baby daughter Alanis in our Floaties class, Alanis is now a Dipper, Rebecca is a much loved teacher who has great presence in the pool, technical knowledge of our programme, an amazing smile and a warm welcome will await anyone who is lucky enough to have Rebecca as their teacher.

    Rebecca also has an amazing singing voice and sings in a Motown band when she is not in the pool or spending time with her family, so as music plays such an important part of our classes the delivery of the songs will be top notch (no pressure Rebecca!) 

    As if this wasn't enough, Rebecca has won the national teacher of the term not once but twice, will she get the hat trick in 2018 !

  • Fay Bird

    Fay Bird

    Baby & pre school & Swim Academy Teacher

    Fay came to Puddle Ducks as she had already made the decision to teach swimming and had started her training with the ASA. She is a bit of a rarity, as she wasn’t already a Puddle Ducks mummy, but Fay worked really hard to gain an understanding of all of our programme levels and activities, as well as learning our huge list of songs too. Fay is mum to 3 lovely boys aged 7, 2 & 1, so she has her hands pretty full when she isn’t in the pool. Fay passed her assessments in November 2017 and is always ready to greet you in her classes with her huge smile!

    Fay has also qualified to teach Swim Academy in Sep 2018 too !


  • Caroline Sanders

    Caroline Sanders

    Baby & Pre-school Teacher

    Caroline is quite the clever young lady, she has a degree in Psychology with Counselling. She is also Mummy to 2 gorgeous Puddle Duck girlies, Ava-Poppy & Beatrix. Caroline started to bring Ava-Poppy when she was a tiny baby and it was clear from the huge smile on Mum’s face that she loved our classes. Skip forward 2 and a bit years and Caroline is back to do it all over again with Beatrix. Caroline has completely wowed us through the whole recruitment and training process with her drive, passion, commitment & grasp of the many technical aspects of our programme. If Caroline is your teacher, you are very lucky indeed, her smile will warm the cockles of your heart.

  • Kayleigh Holt

    Kayleigh Holt

    Kayleigh has been a Puddle Ducks customer with her 2 girls, Harriet who is a Swim Academy swimmer & Piper who is a Splasher. Not only this, Kayleigh worked as a Poolside Assistant for us at Butterley Grange from Nov 2014 to July 2015. She had the most wonderful lilac coloured hair and even then Kayleigh was really keen to train to become a Puddle Ducks teacher but the timing just wasn’t right for her and her family.

    She has a keen interest in swimming and has swum competitively. Kayleigh started to teach Swim Academy in December 2018 and her passion for swimming and sharing her extensive knowledge is evident in spades. She is also embarking on her journey to train to become a Baby & Pre-school teacher shortly & will be launching classes at a new pool from June. How very exciting!

  • Janis McAlister

    Janis McAlister

    Poolside Assistant

    Meet Janis, our lovely poolside assistant. Janis became aware of Puddle Ducks through her grandchildren & her daughter who have been swimming with us for quite a while. She is a retired Health professional and we knew she would make a great poolside with her lovely bubbly personality, professionalism and her background in caring for others. She will welcome you to the pool with a lovely friendly smile. Janis is a keen gardener in her spare time and likes to swim regularly too so she really gets how important our lessons are too. 

  • Michele Clerc

    Michele Clerc

    BPS teacher

    Michele had worked in the public, community and voluntary sector all her working life up to present day and has worked with individuals of all ages and abilities and communities to improve well-being, happiness, health and community cohesion through creative and leisure activity.  After ten years in the NHS she recently made a rather dramatic career change to allow her to work more flexibly and follow her passions. One of which is swimming, we are thrilled to say as it means we get to have this wonderful lady on our team, full of personality & drive, Michele likes to do her heart & soul into everything she undertakes, she has performed on stage so you can expect lots of fun in Michele’s classes. When she is not in the pool or supporting communities in her Live & Local role, she goes on adventures in her camper van & loves wild & open swimming in water that is a lot colder than our pools….brrrr

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