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Our office team

  • Our Office Angels

    Meet Ruth (left) and Sarah (right). These ladies are our Office Angels, and keep everything working like clockwork for us.

    They are both Puddle Ducks customers of course, Ruth has a daughter called Katie who has been with us since she was a baby and is now in our Development class and manages all of the financial elements in our franchise, you may speak to her in the office as she is not adverse to answering your calls. Ruth loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.

    Sarah manages everything else pretty much, and no doubt you will probably have spoken to her on the phone at some point, bubbly, friendly, extremely helpful and efficient, we could not manage without her. Sarah also has a daughter called Ameila who is in our little dippers class and has been swimming with us since she was a baby. Sarah is admittedly very girlie, loves to spend time with her girlfriends whether that be Ameila or her other friends and is the organiser too,  We never know what colour her hair will be when she goes for a trim.


    And here we have our marketing expert Louisa - Louisa has worked in our office previously as our customer service administrator. She has also been a customer, initially with Bailey pretty much from Splashers all the way into our Swim Academy Intermediate level. She then she left us as she was expecting her 2nd baby boy, Harrison - he started in our Splashers class too and we are thrilled to have Louisa back. Her degree is in Marketing, so Louisa works in the office 2 days per week managing social media, marketing and advertising for us. You may find yourself chatting to her too if you call the office for some help.


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