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My daughter has been going to swimming lessons with Rebecca since she was 6 weeks old. All she would do when she got into the pool was fall asleep. She is quit stubborn my daughter, never wanting to do what ever everyone else is doing and hates submersions. Plus going through separation anxiety is never easy in a pool. 

As a parent, seeing other children moving on in leaps and bounds can be quite disheartening. 
However Rebecca just lets Lily be Lily in every lesson and I would just like to say thank you.

As I may not of been able to see any improvement in Lily in 7 months of lessons. However on our annual holiday this year it was very clear to see that actual Lily is leaps and bounds ahead in her swimming compared to other children years above her. Loads of kids, parents a lifeguard commenting on her saying to their family “look at that baby”. 
On top of that my husband could see it too and he hasn’t seen Lily in a pool and said “it was his best part of his holiday”. 

Looking forward to the new term and what her achievements may be over the next year. I would just like to say if any parents feel disheartened with their children achievements. To keep going because it is a life skill that your children will thank you for.

Hayley & Lily

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