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Meet The Team

We are a friendly bunch at Puddle Ducks Oxfordshire and we wanted you to know a little bit more about us and why we do what we do.

  • Beccy



    I became passionate about baby swimming after taking my eldest daughter, Isabella, to classes when she was four months old.  I have always been a keen swimmer and Isabella’s lessons quickly became the highlight of my week.  She is still a keen swimmer and loves spending time at the pool. My youngest, Amelia, started swimming at seven weeks old and is equally at ease in the water.

    I enjoyed baby swimming classes so much that I decided not to go back to my original HR career and starting teaching baby, toddler and pre-school swimming lessons instead and I can honestly say that I have never looked back!

    Beccy teaches at Hoburne Cotswolds, South Cerney.

  • Flis


    Senior Teacher

    My job is so rewarding. I love kids enjoying and being safe in the water, and having lots of fun.

    Flis teaches at Eynsham Hall and Oxford Witney Hotel.

  • Kat


    Senior Teacher

    I came to join the team after having my eldest two children and wanting to share my passion for swimming with others. I teach our baby and preschool and swim academy classes. I will bring fun and enthusiasm to your class.

    Kat teaches at East Hanney, Summer Fields School, Lincoln Farm Park and Radley College Sports Centre.

  • Sam



    A Little Bit About Me

    I'm originally from Stafford and moved to this area with my husband and son, Reece, in 2016.  I've always loved swimming and used to swim competitively breaststroke and freestyle for the Staffordshire county APEX team.
    I served 5 years in the RAF but wanted a change of career. I chose to work for Puddle Ducks because of how I believe and love the way their programmes are structured. 

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Going on family adventures with Reece and our dog Ziggie
    • Eating cake
    • Running or going to the gym
    • Watching my swimmers progress and build in confidence.

    Sam teaches at Hoburne Cotswolds & Radley College Sports Centre.

  • Emily



    A Little Bit About Me

    I'm Emily and I have 2 children. I joined Puddle Ducks as a teacher in 2014 when I decided to give up my full time job and have loved every lesson since!

    My favourite thing to do is have a picnic in the sunshine with my children.

    My most memorable moment is helping a child achieve their 5m who I had taught since they were tiny!

    Emily teaches at Radley College Sports Centre, Summer Fields School, Lincoln Farm Park and East Hanney.

  • Jade



    A Little Bit About Me

    I was looking for a new challenge and a change from my previous role in customer services. I have a background in instructing so felt that was something I could go back to. I've known Kat for many years and she suggested that I look at Puddle Ducks and I haven't looked back since. I started as a poolside assistant, as I didn't quite have the confidence to jump straight into teaching, however it quickly became apparent that this is what I was supposed to do. Within a few months I was booked and ready to go on my journey to be a qualified Puddle Ducks teacher. I honestly believe I have the best job and most rewarding job in the world and I look forward to going to work every day.

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Chocolate
    • Baking with my son
    • Running (so I can eat the chocolate and baked goods!)
    • Exploring new places with my family
    • Reading
    • Spending quality time with my family.

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • Flis telling me I’d passed my assessment
    • Becoming a mummy to my monkey, Finley

    Jade teaches at Oxford Thames Hotel, Radley College Sports Centre & Summer Fields School.

  • Tash



    A Little Bit About Me

    After having Max I quickly realised I didn’t want to go back to my full time office job.  I was looking for swimming lessons for Max and thought that teaching children to swim is something I would love to do.  I contacted the Puddle Ducks Oxfordshire office and the rest is history…

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Playing with my little boy, Max
    • Swimming
    • Reading
    • Food

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • Having Max
    • Getting married
    • Buying my first house

    Tash teaches at Shilton Pool and Summer Fields School.

  • Beth


    Swim Academy Teacher

    A Little Bit About Me

    I joined Puddle Ducks as I really like the fun and variety in the lessons. Having swam competitively for 10 years I want to pass on my love of swimming to others. I really enjoy teaching as I can watch children progress and share milestones with them.

    A Few of my Favourite Things:

    • Travelling around Europe
    • Eating chocolate cake
    • Watching sport
    • Spending time with families and friends

    My Most Memorable Moments?

    • Getting into university to study physiotherapy
    • Going to Disneyworld and meeting Mickey Mouse!
    • Competing in National swimming and Biathlon events

    Beth teaches at Radley College Sports Centre and Summer Fields School.

  • Camilla



    After qualifying in childcare and subsequently teaching 5-9 year olds to swim, I then joined Puddle Ducks to pursue my love of sport through babies and toddlers - I love guiding my ducklings. 

    I have a fun but empathic teaching style which I hope inspires confidence in both the new swimmers and their parents.

    Camilla teaches at Radley College Sports Centre.

  • Lynn



    A Little Bit About Me

    I have 3 children of my own who have always enjoyed their swimming lessons.

    Once my twins started school I very quickly realised I needed something to keep me busy...I’m not used to being home alone in a quiet house! I knew a few of the Puddle Ducks ladies and made some enquiries and started as a poolside assistant. I really enjoyed watching the lessons and chatting to the mums and little ones and decided to take the plunge and commence my teacher training. I’m so glad I did as I love my job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Spending time with my family
    • Tapas......yum!
    • keeps me sane.....almost!

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • Finding out I was pregnant.....with twins!
    • Going to Buckingham Palace with my husband for an awards ceremony
    • Bringing each of my children home from the hospital after they born

    Lynn teaches at Hoburne Cotswolds, Lincoln Farm Park, RAF Brize Norton & Shilton Pool.

  • Sarah



    A Little Bit About Me

    I started my Puddle Ducks adventure as a poolside assistant, however I quickly realised that I wanted to be in the water teaching!
    I love using the skills in the water that I gained as a children's Physiotherapist to help my teaching, such as child development and movement patterns. Learning to swim is such an essential life skill that really can save lives, and I feel proud to be involved in your child's swimming journey.

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Playing at home with my family
    • Skiing
    • Wales!
    • Swimming in the sea

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • My Winter wedding
    • Watching my little girls meet Father Christmas in Lapland
    • Meeting a US President!

    Sarah teaches at Blunsdon House Hotel and Minster Lovell.

  • Keri


    Teacher & Poolside Assistant

    A Little Bit About Me

    I used to teach for Puddle Ducks Oxfordshire before going on an adventure to Italy for 2 years with my family. After coming back to the UK, I wanted to start teaching again and Puddle Ducks is the only one for me!

    A Few of my favourite things

    • swimming and snorkelling
    • baking and cooking
    • taking my chocolate lab (Zazu) for a walk

    My most memorable moments

    • When my husband and daughter fell into a lake near the Diana Memorial playground
    • Living in Italy

    Keri teaches at Hoburne Cotswolds & Whelford.

  • Ruth



    A Little Bit About Me

    My daughter swam with Puddle Ducks and I was impressed with the way the teachers get to know each child and what they need to feel happy and confident in the water. When looking for rewarding work, I could fit around her school hours, it seemed an obvious choice.

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Pulling faces at my 6 year old while practising our "funky" underwater dance routines
    • Sculpture
    • Mangoes

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • Walking down the aisle to my husband
    • Our daughter's birth
    • Splashing about in a natural spring in a desert oasis with my best friend

    Ruth teaches at Whelford.

  • Satu


    Poolside Assistant

    A Little Bit About Me

    After changing swimming companies a couple of times with my little swimmer, we tried Puddle Ducks lessons, and loved them straightaway. My little swimmer has made tremendous progress in just a few months and I wanted to get involved in supporting other swimmers.

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Travelling
    • Beautiful sunsets
    • Sushi
    • Swimming with my girls

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • Coming across a turtle when snorkelling just as a family of three and following it for a long while
    • Enjoying beautiful South East Asian sunsets whilst living on Borneo
  • Rebecca


    Office Administrator

    A Little Bit About Me

    I met Beccy at the swimming club where our children swim together and we both volunteer. Having left my career after having my third child I spent some time at home, then Beccy mentioned she needed someone to work in the office. As a family who eat, sleep and drink swimming it's the perfect job for me!

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Spend time with my children (and husband!)
    • Drink tea and eat cake
    • Read in the sunshine
    • Travel the world

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • Appearing on Supermarket Sweep (we didn't win)
    • The birth of my children
    • Prince Philip telling me my skirt was too short!
  • Nicki


    Marketing Advisor and Office Administrator

    A Little Bit About Me

    I joined Puddle Ducks Oxfordshire after having my 3rd child and needing a bit more flexibility with my job.  I work in the office and travel around the county attending events, baby groups and letting as many parents as possible know how brilliant our lessons are.

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Days out with my children
    • Going to the cinema
    • Spending time with family and friends
    • Sleep!

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • Having my children
    • Getting married
    • Shaving my head for charity
    • Walking the Great Wall of China
  • Georgie


    Office Administrator

    A Little Bit About Me
    I moved back to Gloucestershire from London after I had my first daughter.  I now live in Kemble with my husband and two girls.
    Both my girls have loved learning to swim with Puddle Ducks, so I was thrilled to become part of the team!

    A Few of my Favourite Things

    • Going to the cinema
    • A good glass of wine
    • Spending time with my children and husband

    My Most Memorable Moments

    • Having my children
    • My wedding day
    • Getting my Masters degree