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From bath-time splasher to swim-time dazzler

If you were to make a New Year’s resolution for your baby or child, what would it be?

We’re pretty sure that their health and happiness would be top of your list. What activity captures both and gives your child a skill for life?

January is the perfect time to introduce your child to swimming. It gives you a head start in building water confidence before a Summer holiday, and our warm and inviting pool is perfect in keeping your little one snug on winter days.

Newborns don’t even need to wait for their first immunisations before their first swim. That’s the advice from the NHS who recognise the importance of getting your little ones to feel comfortable in the water from the earliest age. 


At Puddle Ducks, we’re on a mission to develop a confidence and lifelong passion for swimming and water in every one of our little swimmers.

It starts with the bath!

Bathing your baby or child is a great way in which to get them used to the water. Here’s a few tips to help build their confidence:

  • Trickle water over their head for an immersive experience.
  • Maintain eye contact and sing to them. The repetition of a nursery rhyme will help to reassure them.
  • Encourage them to blow bubbles so they’re used to experiencing the water at face level.
  • Pick a time when they’re likely to be relaxed, not hungry or overly tired.


These early experiences are the best preparation for the ‘big bath’ at Puddle Ducks where the fun continues through rhyme, song and movement. Fancy trying us out in the new year?

What to bring for your first swim

  • Swim nappy plus reusable cotton swim nappy with a disposable liner
  • Your own swimwear – after all, the experience is as much for you!
  • Soft, snuggly towels
  • Warm bottle for after the swim if you’re bottle-feeding


Older children

If you’re introducing an older child to swimming, you certainly haven’t missed the boat! Puddle Ducks teaches children up to the age of 10.  Read our FAQs on how it’s never too late to learn.


Find out more

Let the New Year be the time your bath-time splasher becomes a swim-time dazzler!

Read more about our baby and toddler swimming classes. If you would like to secure your spot or find out about our classes closest to you, please give our lovely team a call on 01905 888 346 or email [email protected]

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