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Our Foundations

Puddle Ducks is built on a very simple premise, summed up in our Mission Statement:

‘We want all children to love swimming, respect the water and swim beautifully. That’s why our standards are the highest and our approach is unique.’

The business was founded on a unique ethos of bonding and confidence for the parent and the child combined with a clear understanding of child development from birth.

Puddle Ducks has built a national programme of baby swimming that leads naturally to graceful and efficient swimming. We are committed to ensuring this programme remains relevant, innovative and fun. To this end, our programmes are continually developed supported by experts in child psychology, child development and midwifery.

  • The numbers

    Each programme consists of between 14-16 lesson plans which are then repeated. The lesson plans are full of fun activities, some done individually and some as a group but all with a purpose.

    Our classes are 30 minutes long, the optimum amount of time that children of all ages able to concentrate and can handle the physical workout.

    Our Baby & Pre-school classes are usually a ratio of 1 teacher:8 child/parent pairings - larger pools have been known to accommodate 10 child/parent pairings. Whilst in our Swim Academy classes we have a strict ratio of 1 teacher:4 children and we always have 2 teachers in the water so can accommodate a maximum of 8 children.

    The Puddle Ducks difference

    • We work with child psychologists to understand how children best learn. The result is that our classes are packed with songs, rhymes and fun
    • Every activity has an end goal, whether that be progression towards swimming independently or a life-saving/water-safety skill
    • The songs and rhymes you will hear in your lessons, whilst some of them sound familiar, are all unique to Puddle Ducks, either original compositions or tweaked versions of a classic. We had them composed by a professional musician and they are addictive! You will find yourselves singing them in the car, in the bath, in fact anywhere - we even produced a CD for you to purchase!
  • At Puddle Ducks we are super keen on keeping everyone safe and happy in our classes – this goes for customers, teachers, and anyone else who happens to be around; we take our commitment to Health and Safety very seriously.

    For our customers this can be seen in basic things like our strict adherence to our double nappy policy at all pools; ensuring that ALL the pools that we operate in always meet with the rigorous standards set by industry leaders; keeping pools clean through simple steps like encouraging good pre-swim hygiene practices for all and simple things like having wet wipes poolside.

    Behind the scenes there is so much more that goes on to ensure that all of our customers are in the safest, cleanest environment they can be to enjoy their Puddle Ducks classes, with all our working practices being in line with industry best practices concerning H&S, swimming pool water treatment, teacher qualifications and code of practices.

    • All of our practices, documentation and procedures are in line with Code of Practices provided by the Swimming Teacher’s Association and industry guidance providers PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group
    • We adhere to all relevant health and safety legislation including the Health and Safety Executives Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools guidance document (HS179)
    • We comply with British Standards PAS 520 Baby Swimming guidance document (currently under review), amongst various other recommended industry guidance.

    Furthermore, all Puddle Ducks team members are trained in all matters concerning safeguarding children, as well as current DBS checks for all.

Our Teachers

Our Technical Team and all our teaching staff are the best qualified in the industry. Meet the experts who will teach your child to swim beautifully.

About Us

In 2001, Tracy and Jo had a vision to teach independent swimming from birth. Puddle Ducks was born and now 20,000 children across the UK benefit from that vision.

Our Programmes

Aquanatal classes, Baby & Pre-school 0-4 years, Swim Academy 4-10 years; Your child's swimming journey with Puddle Ducks can start before they are born and continue until they are 10 years old.

What our customers think