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Swimming Activity Sheets and Videos

We have lots of videos for you to watch with your little ones too!

Baby & Pre-school and Swim Academy Swimming Activities

  • Baby & Pre-school: Relax, Play & Learn at Bath Time

    Baby & Pre-school: Relax, Play & Learn at Bath Time

    A lovely set of activities to boost water confidence and learn how to have a relaxing and playful bath time with your little one.

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  • Baby & Pre-school: Little Harbour

    Baby & Pre-school: Little Harbour

    This lovely activity helps to develop kicking skills and helps your child to remember signals used in our classes.

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  • Baby & Pre-school: Mummy Loves You

    Baby & Pre-school: Mummy Loves You

    This is a wonderful bonding activity and of course, you can swap out Mummy for any family member or name. Here is a gorgeous video of baby Max and his mummy Sara singing this song.

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  • Baby & Pre-school: Row Your Boat

    Baby & Pre-school: Row Your Boat

    A classic but one that is perfect in or out of the water! You will find the song sheet with the version we use at Puddle Ducks here.

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  • Baby & Pre-school: Sleeping Froggies

    Baby & Pre-school: Sleeping Froggies

    One to get them jumping about and listening carefully for signals! Lots of fun and energy in this one!

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  • Baby & Pre-school: Turning

    Baby & Pre-school: Turning

    One of our basic transferable skills; essential in the pool for turning to swim back to the side, to the float or to your parent/carer and essential at home for eventually being able to get down safely from beds, sofas, chairs etc.

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  • Swim Academy: Changing Floating Positions

    Swim Academy: Changing Floating Positions

    We work lots on this in class - learning to float is an essential personal survival skill and we have lots of fun changing position!

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  • Swim Academy: Frontcrawl Arms

    Swim Academy: Frontcrawl Arms

    Let's see those lion arms, 'reach, reach, reach'! This is great for stamina and technique. See if you can reach further every time!

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  • Swim Academy: Simon Says

    Swim Academy: Simon Says

    Who doesn't love a game of Simon Says? You can make this as hard or easy as you like and of course parents and carers can join in - let your little one be Simon!

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